Latin Brides and Interracial Marriage: Facts and Trends

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Before talking about interracial relationship trending on Latin brides dating sites. Did you know that an interracial marriage was legalized in 1967 by the US Supreme Court? The latter approved the couple across racial lines all over the country by giving the case Loving v. Virginia a much-celebrated win.

Since then, the number of people getting into an interracial relationship has dramatically increased. As of 2015, research shows that about 11 million or 10 percent of the couples are people of different races. Before the case in 1967, the percentage was at around 3 percent.

This is something encouraging for people who are hopeful they’d find love on online dating sites like Latin American Cupid and LatamDate. The platform allows you to meet people from different countries and all walks of life.

You cannot choose whom you will eventually fall for. It feels reassuring that the law rules favorably toward the couple of people of different races.

Interesting Facts about Interracial Marriage

Here are some interesting facts about inter-ethnic and interracial marriage from the Pew Research Center:

In 2015, 14 percent of infants in the US were multiracial.

Multiracial babies include young individuals below one year of age who live with two parents of different races; or babies with at least one parent categorized as multiracial.

The most common ethnic or racial combo of parents among these infants is one Hispanic and one non-Hispanic white, like a white man who has a Latin wife, comprising 42 percent of the total. Following the figure is 22 percent, with the infants having at least one parent categorized as multiracial. The next one in the data is 14 percent with one Asian and one white parent and 10 percent with one black and one white parent.

Black men twice as likely to bein an interracial marriage compared to newlywed black women.

Data from 2015 found that only 12 percent of black women have a partner of a different race. This makes the figures of black men twice as much with about 24 percent.

On the other hand, Asian newlyweds showed notable gender differences. Only 21 percent of newlywed Asian men had partners of different races, compared to the 36 percent of Asian women counterparts.

Meanwhile, the interracial marriage rates were close for women and men of Hispanic and white descent. Latin women with men of other races is not a rare scene.

More people are beginning to believe that America would benefit from the interracial marriage.

In 2010, only around 24 percent of adults in the US believed that a couple with someone of a different race is beneficial to society. A beautiful Latina may be the reason for a white American to learn more about Latin culture.

It jumped to 39 percent in 2015, with more people convinced that interracial marriage would do the country well. Most of the respondents were people with at least a bachelor’s degree, not more than 30 years old, and identified themselves as a lean Democratic or Democrat.

The number of people opposed to interracial marriage also experienced a huge drop in the numbers. Back in 2000, about 31 percent of Americans said they would oppose the couple of a relative to someone dating a Latina or of a different ethnicity or race. The percentage is now down to 10.

The biggest decline in the percentage came from non-black people, 14 percent of which are still opposed to this kind of couple. It was hugely different from the numbers back in 1990, with a whopping 63 percent.

 It was observed that an education gap in an interracialmarriage has started to show since 1980.

Back in 1980, the marriage between people of different races did not differ prominently by the educational attainment of those involved. The pattern has changed by 2015. Around 19 percent with a bachelor’s degree and higher educational attainment and 18 percent with a college experience are in interracial relationship. On the other hand, lesser numbers, or around 14 percent of those whose partners are from different races, have a high school diploma or less.

The Hispanic and Latin dating showed the most striking figures regarding the educational gap. Almost half of the newlyweds of this descent, or 46 percent, have a bachelor’s degree and are in a relationship with someone of different ethnicity or race. Many Latin brides who want to marry American men are educated and working women.

Most people in the US who date people of different races are Hispanics or Asians.

Most of the numbers come from people born in the US – 46 percent of US-born Asians and 39 percent of US-born Hispanics had partners of different races in 2015. No wonder many American men found love on Latin mail order brides sites.

Love Wins with Latin Brides

The facts only prove that no matter what your race is, you can be happy and start a family. Marrying Latin women or an interracial relationship offers benefits as well, including the following:

  • You get to promote your culture while learning something new about your partner’s culture.
  • You get to travel to different places or countries, especially when you make it a couple’s goal to reach out to both sides’ family members.
  • You become more appreciative of people’s unique traits and differences.
  • You get to share the different parenting styles with your children based on the races you and your partner came from.
  • This is a nice practice of acceptance and an excellent way to prove to the world that it is never right to judge people based on their race.

Final Thoughts

As you go through your online dating venture with Latin brides, you have to focus on making yourself happy. Never force yourself to like or love anyone of a different race just because the trends look bright. There are times when the one you may be looking for was beside you all along.

On the other hand, you must also keep your prospects open. You never know, but the one person you may likely commit to when the time is right, speaks a different language, has a different skin tone, but feels the same way you do.