Is Your Polish Bride Needy or You Just Aren’t Ready for Love?

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It’s widely known that men like and expect to receive more affection from their Polish bride than they are willing to give. Women in Poland are generally attentive and supportive to their partners, which attracts men from other nations, looking for gentle princesses and queens willing to make them feel like kings. However, affectionate women are frequently called “needy” for all the wrong reasons.

There is an enormous difference between a Polish bride who likes to express her feelings to the person she cares about and someone who is too clingy to the point of not respecting the boundaries of her partner. Just like in most relationships matters, balance is crucial. Partners need to find the common ground and understand each other for a relationship to work out. Calling women “needy” for the simple fact they like to enjoy the love they feel and give is unfair and can lead to several consequences, including a breakup.

What stands behind the approach of men and women to the way they express feelings?

From a young age, parents tend to teach their boys to be tough and not show vulnerability, while they frequently are okay with girls doing so. Hence, we can often hear “don’t cry like a little girl”. “boys don’t cry”, “toughen up” and similar words of “encouragement” that stick with boys and affect the way they approach vulnerability. Growing up with those words makes them think that expressing feelings, especially if they show any sort of “weakness” is something negative. For that reason, Polish beautiful women sometimes have difficulty breaking through the masks of men that want to appear tough at all times.

On the other hand, one of the Polish features female that makes them so attractive is the openness and vulnerability they show, and make men want to protect them from the world and take care of them. The problem occurs when a Polish wife wants to see the vulnerable side of her partner as well. In order to get to know him truly, she wants to dig deep into his secrets, dark side, and weaknesses; it doesn’t mean that she will love him any less or think of him a different way but quite the opposite.

Another problem that the “be a tough man” script causes is that men sometimes restrict even showing good feelings because they think it might make them look vulnerable as well. In their minds, showing love means giving power to someone over them and they don’t like that idea. The truth is, they are not only missing out on a chance to make their partners feel loved and appreciated but they are also not letting themselves feel the joy of being in love.

Polish brides love all sorts of love expressions

There are many ways of showing love and Polish ladies looking for marriage like all of them! Whether their men send them long texts full of love, notice little things about them, or like to snuggle all the time, they will enjoy every part of it and they will give the same (or more) in return.

Marrying a Polish woman is a new beginning, a new approach to love where showing feelings is the total opposite of appearing weak. Even men that had those mind barriers before, mostly overcome them with the support of their ladies.

However, although girls on a Poland dating site are considerate, kind and patient, they don’t like to be the only ones trying to make the relationship function. Men need to be extremely careful because if ladies feel that their partners consider them “needy” because of the affection and attention they require, they could get tired and make a switch and in their case, the switch could be definite. Do not expect women to shower you with love and pretend you don’t like it just to appear tough; you will only cause a contra effect.

Finding balance

No two humans are the same, even if you and your Polish bride are soulmates! It’s okay to not be about the skinship and love expression all the time if that’s in your nature. However, it is not okay to restrict your Polish bride from it completely if it’s an important part of a relationship for her. Polish mail order brides are straightforward, open-minded, and understanding; if your lady asks for more than you can give at times, you should tell her in a nice, polite way. Finding balance in your relationship is crucial if you are planning to stay together. She will also tell you how she feels about the topic and you can both focus on reducing or increasing certain behaviors depending on each other’s needs.

Showing vulnerability and love is widely accepted by people that indeed want to be in a relationship with Polish bride. If you find yourself wondering if you even want to date someone and the reason your girl appears “needy” is because you simply don’t want love or a stable relationship, you should be honest and fair to yourself and her. Forcing affection never works out; you won’t feel good forcing it and she won’t feel loved because it’s forced; either way, none of you are getting anything good out of it if you are not on the same page. Communication is always the key to most problems. Choose a way you’d like to follow: let yourself love and be loved or let your lady be loved by someone else who is willing to give her what you cannot.