Is the Accent the Most Attractive Feature of Dating French Women?

What is it about French women that foreign men love so much? If you have answered, “the accent,” you may be right. However, the French accent is not the sexiest accent of all, or at least that’s according to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll.

The poll, which surveyed 5,000 men and women, showed that the Irish accent stood at the number one spot. The French accent, surprisingly or not, came in fourth, just behind the Italian (#2) and Scottish (#3).

The top 10 sexiest accents also included the Australian, English, Swedish, Spanish, Welsh, and American accents, in this particular order.

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What Makes French Women So Special (Aside From the Accent)?

Yes, the French accent is one of the reasons why foreign men get so excited about dating a French woman. But what are the other reasons that make French girls the crème de la crème of girls?

The impeccable sense of style. If you have ever been to Paris or any other French city, you may have noticed that French ladies have an excellent sense of style. Having an outstanding wardrobe is what makes French girls confident. And the best thing is that French women aren’t doing this to show off, as most of them wear clothes that are affordable yet stylish (despite looking super expensive).

Exceptional smelland hygiene. For any French girl, it would be unacceptable to go out looking like she’s just rolled out of bed and didn’t even bother to take a shower. If you’ve ever been dating a French girl, you probably know that these ladies invest a lot of time and effort to look good and smell good. Yes, they know a thing or two about perfumes, so you better listen to her if she recommends you a cologne that would suit you.

Phenomenal politeness. Politeness is one of the most outstanding features of single French women. Even a simple “excuse me” from a French girl can turn a foreign man’s world upside down. There is something about the way they say it – the French accent, probably – that makes it sound so sexy.

Remarkable kissing skills. Yes, yes, we’ve all have heard the stereotype that all French women are good kissers (though the stereotype doesn’t make it less true). In fact, there is a reason why the French Kiss is called “French.” Anyone dating French women should know by now that these sensual and passionate ladies are excellent kissers. And they can certainly teach you a thing or two!

Why Do Foreign Men Love the French Accent?

Ask any foreigner who has signed up on a French dating site looking for a single girl, and he’ll mention something about the French accent in the first two sentences when asked about why he’s into France dating.

But why are foreign men so attracted to girls with the French accent?

  • The accent makes her exotic. The way she pronounces certain words is different from what a foreign man is used to hearing. Even the way she says the man’s name is different (unless she’s not the first girl with the French accent in his life), which makes it seem like the French lady is from another world (though she’s not).
  • The fact that she knows multiple languages makes her super smart. Yes, knowing multiple languages is a clear sign of high intellect. Although she may not be very fluent in the English language, the fact that she can speak multiple languages makes her very intelligent. And you know what they say: Always look for a woman who’s intelligent, and you won’t regret it.

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  • The man can feel more confident conversationally. If you’re using your first language when communicating with a French lady, whose native language is French, then you definitely get the upper hand in terms of leading the conversation. That can make you feel more confident, while, in her eyes, you will look like a leader and language guru if you know how to construct sentences and use your conversational skills to the best of your advantage.
  • Her accent makes her stand out from the crowd. If you sit in a room full of women and there’s just one of them with the French accent, guess which one of them will stand out from the crowd? The French accent makes her memorable. Moreover, you will never be bored when communicating with a French lady because every word she uses fascinates and charms you.
  • She is intriguing to talk to. Every word a woman with the French accent says sounds like an entirely new word. As humans, we are naturally curious about the things that seem unexplored or foreign to us, which is why men are attracted to foreign women they don’t fully understand.
  • The French accent is super hot. There is no denying the fact that a French woman can make any phrase sound sexy just by using the French accent. A French girl can add a dash of beauty and sophistication when articulating even the dullest phrase.

If you’re wondering how to date a French girl, it doesn’t really matter if your desire to meet a Parisian woman is triggered by the French accent. Sure, the accent may be a prominent attribute of French women, but it’s not the only reason why you should be dating these beautiful, polite, intelligent, and stylish ladies.