Interested in Casual Russian Dating Site? Here’s How to Know If It’s for You

So you’ve probably heard about the term “casual dating” a lot from either friends or one of those top online dating sites where you can find people with the same goal. Meet Russian ladies on a Russian dating site may seem exciting for you. But what exactly is “casual dating” anyway? And is it something for you?

If you’re interested in this activity, here are a few tips to know if it’s for you.

What Is Casual Dating?

Meet Russian ladiesYou must first know what it is. In the traditional dating scene, you have an end goal. Your end goal is to know whether or not a woman you’re dating is girlfriend material or even marriage material. Let’s say you’re into blonde Russian women, but you don’t know whether or not you can have a serious relationship with one. Traditional dating helps you find that out.

Casual dating is a whole different thing.

With casual dating, there really is no end goal. There’s no testing whether or not your date is suitable as a wife or not. Your purpose is to simply enjoy yourself in the company of another person of the opposite sex. So going back to the previous example, instead of dating hot Russian girls to know if you can be in a relationship with one of them, you’re simply dating to have fun.

Is Casual Dating for Me?

Now that you know what casual dating is in a nutshell, you probably have a small idea about whether it is for you or not. In the event, it’s really good to have a checklist to know if casual dating suits your own emotional needs. You can use this checklist:

  • Honesty

First, you have to be honest with the women you’re dating. You have to tell them in advance that you just want something casual so that they also don’t think that you’re seriously considering a relationship. That’s why dating websites are really helpful when wanting to hook up. Take Russian women dating sites for instance. If you want to meet women who are gorgeous in Russian dating websites, you need to be upfront about what you are looking for in a woman. You can even see real Russian ladies photos to know if you want to get to know them or not. You can skip all the games and get right to the business. In any case, you also have to be honest about what you want since these women also don’t want to play games.

  • No Emotional Attachment

Another thing that you have to know is whether or not you can avoid creating emotional attachments. With casual dating, you just want to have fun to stimulate your mental and physical needs. It’s okay to have some sort of an emotional bond with the woman you’re dating, but emotional attachments will make you not want to date anyone else– and that’s no longer casual dating. So if you want to just stick to casual dating, ask yourself if you can take not having emotional attachments.

  • No Exclusivity

With casual dating, there is no exclusivity for both you and your date. Unless otherwise specified, you two are not exclusive and are free to date whoever you want. Now, this is a rather sensitive issue as it doesn’t only evolve the two of you but even other people you two may want to date. You must ask yourself if you’re the type to get jealous if you know your date is happy with someone else. If you are, then you may want to reconsider casual dating. If you’re okay with that setup, then try it out.

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  • Boundaries

Lastly, you have to know whether you can list some boundaries with your date or not. With casual dating, you need those boundaries so that you and your date won’t have any disagreements. It’s better that you set those at the onset, especially if you’re using a dating website. Let’s say you’re looking for dates in polish dating websites. It’s best to already set the boundaries during the first DM if you and your potential date are interested in each other.

Why Online Dating Works Great for Casual Dating?

We’ve mentioned using dating apps quite a number of times while going through the checklist. This is because online dating apps and websites are very helpful making sure that a casual date goes well. It matches you with someone you’re compatible with and with someone who has the same purpose as you. It’s like getting a Russian mail order bride but strictly for casual dating.


For those considering casual dating through online dating websites or dating apps, these are the things you need to ask yourself. If you can tick Yes for everything in the checklist, then you’re ready. If not, then you best stick to traditional dating instead.

As long as you’re clear in your purpose of casual dating and if you can take it, then you should have no problems at all.

Enjoy getting back in the playing field!