Impress Russian Brides with Spooky Halloween Ideas

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Spending a fun Halloween night with Russian brides is an experience that you won’t forget. Considering that Halloween is not celebrated in Russia, it will also be a one-of-a-kind experience for the Russian brides you share this event with. Even if you live far away from each other, there are still many ways to have a good time together. You just need to be creative and make the night memorable.

Make Food Together with Russian Brides

Food is an essential part of a date. To feel like you are indeed together in person, you and your girl should make the same food. There are many recipes online that you can use. Of course, one of the main ingredients should be the pumpkin! Foreign brides will love to see a little bit more of your culture; making pies, patch bites and other food in the spirit of Halloween will make this event more exciting. Don’t forget the decorations. The food should follow the Halloween theme! Share the recipes and enjoy them together with Russian brides.

Watch Horror Movies with Russian Brides

Some Russian girls are too afraid of watching horror movies. They don’t like jump scares and they would prefer to watch other types of films. If your lady is like that, you can still suggest watching a horror movie. Choose some that are not too scary in that case. On the other hand, your girl might love horror films so you can do a marathon – watch as many as you can on Halloween.

If you are not sure which movies to watch, here are some suggestions:

Very Scary

  • The Conjuring
  • Hereditary (2018)
  • The Exorcist (1973)

Not Too Scary

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)
  • Carrie (1976)
  • The Little Stranger (2018)

Take Russian Brides to a Virtual Haunted House

You can visit a virtual haunted house with Russian beauties and have a realistic, scary experience together. Some haunted houses and mansions will make you feel as if you were really going through rooms of terror. Some of these platforms are created for teams so you will need to cooperate to “get out” of the haunted place. For example, the virtual room will have hidden clues, puzzles, and crack codes that can lead you to the exit. You must collect them to finish the mission successfully.

Virtual monster hunting is another virtual experience that you can try. Hunt monsters together and feel like a real duo fighting for the humankind!

Of course, the whole experience will matter more than the solution itself because you will get scared, excited, but happy to share this event with your girl. After you finish the virtual tour, you can talk about impressions and even book other visits soon (if you liked it a lot)!

Carve Pumpkins with Russian Brides

Hot Russian women are fun-loving and they enjoy trying new things. Since carving a pumpkin is a Halloween tradition, you can do it together! Your Russian girl probably won’t have experience in craving pumpkins so you can show her how to do it. The whole process takes some time so it could be the top activity of your date. In fact, there are numerous pumpkin carving templates online. You can download them and crave the same pumpkins! Also, she may surprise you with her skills and end up craving a better-looking pumpkin than yours.

Make Halloween Costumes for Russian Brides

A Halloween costume will show your creativity and bravery. When you are dating Russia woman, those traits are important; these ladies like imaginative men that can impress them with crazy ideas. If you like, you can even plan a costume with your woman. You can be Batman and Catwoman, Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Princess Peach and Super Mario, or you could have any other matching costume. Planning and creating will bring you closer. Afterward, you and your lady can have a camera date for Halloween to show the matching costumes to another.

Read Scary Stories to Russian Brides

When you meet Russian girls, you probably won’t think that they are scared of anything. These “ice queens” seem very brave but they are gentler than you could imagine. A thrilling story about a Halloween night could scare your girl immensely! If she is okay with the idea, you could read scary stories to one another. Whether you find a story online or you make it up, it should be exciting, engaging and, of course… frightening! When you are telling a story, make sure to do it the right way. Sometimes the way you are telling something is more important than the content itself. Don’t read in a rush, make pauses, and make the story sound as real as possible.

Where to Meet Russian Girls This Halloween?

Even if you don’t have a partner to spend this Halloween with yet, it’s not too late to find one! You can join the biggest Russian dating site and talk to beautiful Slavic girls. Halloween is a good occasion to start a relationship in a unique way. You can use all the ideas listed above to impress a lady and make her want to continue having a nice time. Russian pretty women are open to adventures and they like having fun. By showing a Slavic woman the excitement of Halloween, you will get her attention and make her want to celebrate more events with you.