Ideal Places Where to Meet Girls and Not Look Creepy

Having no idea where to meet girls is probably the reason why you are here. Do not worry because we got you covered. A lot of men also ask the best place to meet girls.

There is no single best place where you can reach them. Some places work out for others; some do not. If you are a man who is ready to meet nice girls, you better continue reading because we listed down the ideal places to meet and interact with them.

Online Dating Websites


This is one of the most convenient and most accessible places to meet women. According to the Pew Research center, over a million people use dating sites to meet people  This is the best and simplest method to meet a lot of interesting and gorgeous women.

Even if you are not tech-savvy, setting up a profile is easy. Most dating sites ask you your preferences, such as age, so that your choices are filtered. Therefore, you save time, scouring a lot of profiles.

Also, when you meet new people online, you can start chatting since these sites have that feature. Then, you can give out personal contact numbers if you hit it off.  Especially during the time of COVID-19, more singles choose online dating as a safe way to meet new people and date, without keeping love life on hold because of quarantine and lockdown.

Clubs and Bars

meet girls at bars

Bars and clubs are great places to meet girls. These places have a lot of girls who are mostly looking forward to meeting and talking with men. Therefore, it is helpful if you have some knowledge of how to approach a girl. You can meet someone who shares the same hobbies or interests as you. If you find it too noisy to start a conversation with a girl here, there are many other good places.


meet girls on cafes

Cafes are great to meet and talk with women if going to clubs or bars is not your thing or working remotely. Every day, you can see a lot of people chilling or using their laptops in coffee shops. You probably stay for hours here to do your work, so you have probably seen girls that caught your eye.

There are subtle ways on how to flirt with a girl in a coffee shop. The next time you see a cute girl, you can sit at a table next to hers. You can ask her a question that only needs a short answer like the Wifi password. If she does not look busy or stressed, you start talking with her. You can ask her if she is studying, working, reading, or waiting for someone.

Grocery Stores

meet girls on grocery stores

You might be wondering how to get a girlfriend at this kind of place. Although there is an excellent chance to meet a nice woman here, it can be tricky since you may seem creepy if unsuccessful. In case you want to try your luck here, avoid cracking jokes about food or making food puns.

Grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods usually have a lot of young women customers. You can strike a conversation here while both of you wait for your steak or salmon to be cut or stand in-line at the check-out counter.

If you are waiting for your fish or meat, you can ask how she usually likes to cook it or if she enjoys cooking in general. You can also share your recipes so that you will not seem creepy. She will see that you enjoy cooking, which is one effective way to get a girl to like you.

When you start talking in-line at the counter and continue until it is your turn to pay, you can ask for her if it is okay to continue talking through any messaging app. If she is okay with it, you must know how to text a girl properly to keep the conversation going.


meet girls on gyms

This is another challenging place to meet great women. In general, women do not want to be approached while they are exercising. They are focused on what they are doing, and they do not look their best on sweat and gross feelings. Nevertheless, there are ways on how to flirt with women here.

You can see and meet many girls from joining a class at the gym. They enjoy doing exercises in groups. You do not need to attend pilates or yoga classes since there are usually no men who join these. You can ask your trainer for the recommended gym classes.

If you see a beautiful woman after going to the class for several weeks, you can have a short chit chat before or after your class. You can give her compliments for women or make comments on how tiring the class is and how she can attend it all the time. Because her confidence is boosted, she could start showing interest in talking with you.

Book Shops

meet girls on book shops

Book stores are one of the perfect spots where to meet single women. You do not have to think hard about what to ask because you can easily ask about books. Once you approach someone, you can ask about book recommendations or genres of books she likes. Women enjoy sharing about themselves, so do not worry that she will find you creepy or not interesting.


meet girls on holiday

Every city holds a special event such as art nights, usually on Friday nights or weekends. Many women go here alone or with their friends. It does not matter whether they are alone or not because they are open to meet men. Meeting a lot of interesting women is the best way to meet women on your day off.

Final Word

Now that you know where the best places to meet women are, the next thing you have to do is create a dating profile and figure out is how to get a girl to like you.  Meeting women is both fun and exciting. It is also the first step in starting a blossoming relationship in the future.