I Have Feelings for Multiple Ukrainian Brides. What Should I Do?

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Ukrainian brides are notably attractive and charming so it’s not uncommon for men to like more than one at the time. However, “liking” can transform into something bigger like falling in love with multiple women. When that happens, it’s a big red alarm for everyone involved. The person that is confused about feelings goes through a hard time deciding who does he/she care about more; people that he/she likes also are at risk of being hurt.

Learning how to meet women online is easy. You just need to register to a reliable website and connect to people. However, learning to handle your feelings when they get messy can be more difficult.

Can You Have Feelings for Multiple Ukrainian Brides at Once?

According to the statement of a dating coach Connell Barrett, it’s absolutely possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time. He said that you can fall in love with different people because of the different things that they make you feel.

When you meet girls on international dating sites, you will notice that they are all bringing something new to the table. One of them may compliment you and boost your self-confidence while the other makes you feel less valuable because she ignores your messages. In the first case, you will like the company of the comforting girl because she makes you feel good. In the second case, you will want to get the “uninterested” girl to like you; you will want her attention and recognition. Those feelings are completely different, yet they all keep you engaged.

Similar situations can happen when feelings strengthen. For example, one Ukraine girl will give you all the love and attention that you need; she will be there when you have a hard time and you will have the best friend in her. On the other side, you will also have feelings for a hot Ukraine girl that may not be so supportive but she will make you feel excited and bring out your passionate side to the surface.

Those are only some of the possible scenarios. The point is: you can grow feelings for multiple people because you mostly like different things about them. What one person gives you, the other doesn’t, and vice versa.

Falling in Love with Someone Else While Being in A Relationship

russian brides Long relationships tend to get monotonous over time if couples don’t know how to keep them alive. This could happen with Ukrainian women dating too. Although these ladies are very committed and dedicated to their relationships, sometimes crises happen. At that point, people are prone to infidelity. You could have a healthy, stable relationship but still fall in love with someone else. The reason is, as mentioned above, the monotony. Often, partners become more like friends or even siblings after some time. When someone new comes along and reignites the forgotten excitement and passion, someone can fall in love  with a different person even while being in a relationship.

The best way to prevent that is to cherish the Ukraine girl dating at all times. Even if you have been dating for years, do not take it for granted. Try to refresh the relationship frequently and do new things together. That way, you won’t feel tempted when you get to know someone new because you will have everything that you need in your relationship.

What to Do if You Are in Love with Multiple Ukrainian Brides

Meeting people through a Ukraine dating service can be tricky for your feelings. You will talk to many nice women so developing feelings for more than one could happen. You cannot control your feelings but you can control your reactions. Therefore, once you realize that you have multiple people on your mind, it’s time to think about what to do next to avoid hurting yourself and/or other people.

Take Your Time

All the confusion comes from you, from your mind and your heart. Therefore, you are the only one who can resolve it. When you get involved in Ukraine girl dating with several women and you don’t know which one you want more than others, take a deep breath and stop for a second. You don’t have to make any quick decisions. You don’t need to break up your long-term relationship or start a new one. What you need to do is process your feelings. Perhaps you can see a therapist that will help you clear your mind. While all of this is happening, you don’t need to date anyone. You can ask for some time alone and not talk to any of the women you have feelings for. Not talking to them may help you come to terms with your feelings and thoughts.

Make a Decision When You Are Ready

In order not to mess anything up, only make a definitive decision when you are ready for it. Ukrainian mail order brides are understanding. If you need time for yourself, they will give it to you without interruptions. However, when you are ready to date again, make sure you know what you want. Don’t give them mixed signals and date more than one person at a time. That will hurt you and every other person involved.