How Your Relationship Can Pass The Viral “Bird Test”

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Many TikTok accounts, including ones that talk about Colombian brides, have lately been talking about the same topic: the Bird Test. At first glance, it may seem like a fast-changing trend. But if you look closer, you’ll see that this thing has a strong grip on the relationship world!

Understanding the Bird Test

TikTok user @alyssacardib showed that she was surprised when she found out people didn’t know about the so-called “bird test.” This test can help guess if a couple will stay together or break up in the future. So far, the hashtag #birdtest has got millions of looks on the platform.

She went on to say that the test doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships in a Colombian dating app and she does this with people she knows as well. In the video, she tells the story of when she was enjoying a drink at a Starbucks with a friend and ended up having an exchange about a woodpecker, leading to them remaining close ever since.

So, what is the “bird test” all about, especially when it comes to meeting women in Colombia? It is based on a study by John Gottman, a renowned relationship expert. It centers around the theory of connection bids and explains that couples who react positively to connection bids typically have significantly greater chances of preserving a lasting, happy connection.

Before we go further, you must understand that these bids are essential to interpersonal communication, particularly if you want to avoid problems marrying a Colombian woman. They take place when one partner desires attention, or any other beneficial exchange, and the other partner’s reaction may promote closeness or make distance. This test, therefore, serves as an indicator for such bids.

The test, without a doubt, does not talk about birds or merely social media engagement. Instead, it reflects the basic human need for association and assurance in romantic relationships, including with hot Colombian women. With an emphasis on the reaction to one’s bid, the exercise offers an overview of communication patterns between the two parties.

Users have been experimenting with the bird test. One with username @maddieb1414, for example, uploaded a video showing how when she said that she noticed a cardinal, her partner answered by Googling if there could be any particular meaning to spotting a cardinal. People in the comments section then say that he passed with excellent marks.

What These Bids Are and How They Are Very Important

A lasting and healthy connection with Colombian brides, according to the Gottman research, entails a great deal of bids that are received with gratitude and repaid often. On top of that, you should see these bids as tiny exchanges that allow lovers to become more connected to one another. Also, they can take various forms, so you should try to be more aware of them.

Speaking of forms, these bids can be both verbal and non-verbal in a relationship. Even just a quick wink that indicates you are feeling joyful can be one. Another non-verbal example is sighing after reading an email message, which is done as a signal that you need the other person to ask what is not right.

Verbal bids, on the other hand, include invitations to sit down and have a cup of tea together or to talk about something insignificant, like what you see in the bird test videos. Nevertheless, getting a positive response for a bid will help people feel heard and valuable, leaving a very positive impact on the relationship.

These bids build up emotional deposits, which can be helpful during hard times. These investments within the psychological bank account can help minimize the risk of fights taking place, especially when it comes to having doubts about the relationship.  Not making positive responses to the bids, however, can make the other person feel very upset.

It is also important for you to note that reacting negatively to a bid in Colombia women dating still gives you a chance to fix things in the future. Unfortunately, there is one worse thing you can do as a partner: entirely missing your partner’s bid. Doing this might end up in fewer bids being made, which is unfavorable for a relationship.

Your relationship does not always end due to serious blowups. Instead, thousands of negative responses to these bids can leave someone feeling psychologically impoverished. That’s why satisfying someone’s bids for affection, no matter how insignificant, is so important for wholesome relationships.

Putting down your phone and making eye contact when you meet Colombian Woman is one great way to start satisfying her bids. Next, no matter how insignificant the bid is, you should try responding to it enthusiastically. Also, ask questions to show that you are interested in the topic they are sharing.

Another great tip to help you satisfy your woman from dating sites Colombia is by validating their emotions. Saying something like “It makes so much sense that you feel that way” can make them feel validated and earn their trust in you. Finally, you should always remember to apologize immediately when you miss a bid.

The Takeaway

In the end, the viral TikTok test is a lot more than just a passing fad. It’s a contemporary take on the proverb that says small things matter. It confirms that even in today’s fast-paced society, the fundamental values of relationships and respect for one another remain the building blocks of an enduring partnership, especially when you are pursuing a Colombian mail order bride.