How to Tell If a Woman Likes You Based On Her Zodiac Sign

If you are learning how to tell if a woman likes you, a quick look at the characteristics of her horoscope sign could be very helpful. Those features are very useful and revealing; you will be able to differentiate types of women on dating websites based on their zodiac signs. There will be talkative, quiet, mysterious, open-minded girls and so on. If you couldn’t understand the difference in behaviors between ladies, the descriptions of their zodiac signs may help you! All signs have different ways of showing they like someone. Make sure you find out the zodiac sign of your crush so you can conclude whether she likes you or not by analyzing her behavior. If you meet women online, you can simply see if she has her birth date in her profile. In that case, look up the sign for that date and will know who you are dealing with even before starting a conversation!

how to tell if a woman likes you

How to Tell If an Aries Woman Likes You?

She will openly show it

You won’t have to spend too much time finding signs a woman likes you if she is Aries. This sign is very direct and up-front. If an Aries girl likes you, she will simply tell you! They are extremely straightforward so you will always know how she feels about you. Don’t be surprised if she tells you she likes you when you least expect it or sends you a late-night text expressing her feelings.

How to Tell If a Taurus Woman Likes You?

Joking with you and sending you subtle signals

Taurus is ruled by Venus and it is a fixed earth sign. Fixed signs have a tendency to stay in place so a Taurus woman will not make it too obvious that she likes you. Her most frequent signs of affection are signals that you need to notice, especially jokes. Through jokes, she will give you hints and show you that she enjoys your company.

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How to Tell If a Gemini Woman Likes You?

Push and pull

Some of the signs a woman likes you are the mood and behavior changes that will confuse you. Gemini is naturally dualistic. When a lady of this sign starts to like you, she will be very affectionate one moment and very cold the next. If you are talking to her online, she may be very chatty one day and then silent the next. That is because one part of her will want you and the other will still analyze you. You need to be patient through that period if you want to be with a Gemini; eventually, both of her sides will end up liking you!

How to Tell If a Cancer Woman Likes You?

Being very shy around you

As a water sign, Cancer tends to get very shy and sensitive. You won’t need to wonder for too long: “does she like me?” because a Cancer girl will blush and mumble around you, shower you with gifts, and make you feel very comfortable. On dating platforms, a Cancer woman will be kind to you, very attentive and a good listener; always trying to make you feel good. They are not too brave when making the first move though. You will need to understand that a Cancer woman likes you and make the first official step alone!

How to Tell If a Leo Woman Likes You?

Trying to impress you

Leo loves to be the center of attention. When a Leo girl likes you, she will show off around you a little more than usual. By talking about her achievements, friends, or just anything good, this lady will try to cover her nervousness. Behind all that confidence, there is an attentive, loyal person that just wants you to like her back.

How to Tell If a Virgo Woman Likes You?

Doing favors and being extra kind

Virgo is an analytical sign. Your lady will take some time to study you and she won’t show that she likes you too quickly. Once she starts doing you small favors, helping you sort problems, or simply assisting you in any way, it will mean that she is growing her feelings for you!

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How to Tell If a Libra Woman Likes You?

Complimenting you

Libra is a flirtatious sign that knows how to make someone feel loved. If a Libra girl likes you, she will compliment you and talk to others about you superlatively. If you are in the same group of friends, you will surely hear that your Libra lady said the greatest things about you to everyone. They are not shy about expressing their feelings publicly.

How to Tell If a Scorpio Woman Likes You?

Staring at you

It may sound weird but “the stare” is actually the way Scorpios show someone they like them; intentionally and unintentionally. This sign likes to be mysterious and play games but also likes to analyze people. By staring at you while you are doing something or simply talking, a Gemini girl will try to get through you and make a connection. On dating sites, a Scorpio woman is usually very honest, passionate, and looking for a committed relationship. She will always check up on you and try to keep the conversation going for hours.

How to Tell If a Sagittarius Woman Likes You?

charmdate login Not being able to hide it

When a Sagittarius girl starts liking you, she won’t be able to hide the signs a woman likes you. Her body language, tone of voice, conversations… everything will show that she likes you. A girl of this sign will be clumsier, more talkative, and more energetic in your presence. If you notice that your Sagittarius is acting differently around you than she does around anyone else, it will surely mean that she likes you. A Sagittarius woman will try to keep her feelings aside until you give her motives to believe you like her too. Then, she will want to stay connected to you all the time and be her true self around you.

How to Tell If a Capricorn Woman Likes You?

Showing good manners and politeness

Capricorns are typically very disciplined and reserved. When a Capricorn girl likes you, she will be very polite around you make you a priority. Capricorn women are notably sophisticated and they prefer the old-fashioned dating ways. She won’t make it too obvious that she likes you by saying it too quickly. However, she will expect you to notice it from her kindness and do something about it.

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How to Tell If an Aquarius Woman Likes You?

Getting nervous around you

Aquarius is usually very chill, friendly, and outgoing. Aquarius typically have large circles of friends so they are used to daily interactions with many people. If an Aquarius girl starts getting nervous around you and being less chill than usual, it will mean that she likes you! Also, she will start making you a part of her world that not everybody can see.

How to Tell If a Pisces Woman Likes You?

Making you feel good

Pisces is a romantic sign that loves making people happy and comfortable. You will notice that a Pisces girl likes you when she begins to make little sacrifices for you. She could make some extra time to spend it with you or talk to you all night after a tiring day. It is all about putting maximum effort and being affectionate for this zodiac sign.