How to Start a Pet-proof Relationship with Russian Singles

Some Russian singles love staying single because this way, they get to avoid all the things being in relationship tags along— from time demands to complex emotions to mutual decisions.  For example, Russian women, especially those who love having pets, need their partners to respect how they make pets a part of the relationship.

So, how will you know if your relationship can handle having a pet?

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  1. It’s a mutual decision.

This means that getting a pet is not just something that one of you wants.  This especially applies to married or soon-to-be-married couples. You don’t want your Russian bride to just be agreeing with you only for the sake of having no argument. That will only result in more arguments in the future.

  1. You are both responsible.

Taking care of a pet is not just some random and light commitment that you can have in top online dating sites or Russian online chat where you can apply and quit whenever you like. You have to be sure that both of you are up for the responsibility of taking care of a pet; otherwise, it just wouldn’t work out.

  1. You want a pet because you want a PET.

People get pets for various reasons, but what shouldn’t be a reason is getting one to substitute a child. Yes, both require enormous care and love, but they are completely different. It’s important that you both are sure that it’s really a pet that you want.

  1. You have the time.

Although taking care of pets is not as time-demanding as taking care of children, you still need to spend your time on them and their needs. Feeding them and bathing them are two of the most basic needs of pets that you and your partner will need to attend to. If neither of you has the time to do even the basic level of care, then maybe getting a pet should come later when your schedules are freer.  When you meet single girls who have a pet, you should think if you really like her pet or pets. Because it doesn’t seem a big deal at the beginning but it will be something big when you get closer.

  1. You can manage your time well.

This is a bit different from actually having the time. If you’re busy, but you still want to have a pet, it would require that you both have good time management skills. This will help you work out a schedule between the two of you for your new pet.

  1. You got energy and patience.

So we already established that taking care of a pet is not easy. Aside from time, energy and patience are also needed. Think of it like dating Russian ladies or men. For it to work, you need the effort to take care of them and patience for their shortcomings. Pets need the same thing.

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  1. You’re up for some changes.

Having a pet will surely make a lot of changes in your life and home. Both of you need to be amenable to these changes because your new pet will surely need them. You will need to put up a corner for them, have their own bed, secure their food tray, and so on. These changes are to be expected, and if you’re not up for them, reconsider getting a pet now.

  1. You have a budget.

Yes, this is one of the most important factors to consider. Getting a pet will require money, so you and your partner will need to discuss if your budget can still cover pet food and its other needs.

  1. You are both willing to sacrifice a little.

When you have a pet, it won’t be entirely about what you want anymore. It won’t be playing video games or spending all your time to video chat Russian friends. Their needs would have to come first at times, and you have to be willing to turn down some fun opportunities in order to attend to them.

  1. You are willing to split the work.

Of course, getting a pet as a couple means that you will split the responsibilities. You have to figure out which one of you can do specific tasks for your pet. You can then split the responsibilities in a way that would be beneficial to the three of you.

  1. You communicate well.

This means good communication between the two of you as a couple. It’s not like the kind of communication in Russian online dating, but the deep kind. You have to know how to convey your needs and complaints and address issues through proper communication. Doing so will also have a good impact on how well you communicate with your pet.

  1. You are both emotionally secured.

Yes, this means that you can handle not being the apple of the eye of your partner. Pretty Russian women have the tendency to indulge their pets with attention, and you need to be man enough to take it. The same goes for our hot Russian ladies, your man might be into having a lot of special bonding with your pet to the point that they spend more time with them than with you, and you should be able to understand that.

  1. You are stable.

You have to make sure that your relationship is stable enough. You can’t just get a pet, and then dump it on someone else when the two of you decide to go your separate ways. Know that it can be hard for your pets, too.


Both of you need to understand that pets are responsibilities. You don’t get them just because they’re cute, and then leave them alone whenever you want. Read about them, talk it over, and decide whether you’re really up for it.

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