How to Keep the Spark When Dating Russian Ladies

russian online dating When men meet Russian ladies, and there is one of them that they like in particular, they tend to think that they will worship and be obsessed with that woman for that rest of their lives. Unfortunately, as time goes by, that “spark” and passion fade away, and the routine takes over.

Why is that? Do men lose interest in their girlfriends and wives over time? Is it long-term relationship plus time equals lack of interest toward your partner? Not really. It’s much more complicated than that. In reality, when you’re in a long-term relationship with a Russian beauty, the amount of energy and effort that you need to devote to maintain the same passion and keep that spark becomes much larger.

Throw everyday stressors and routine into the mix, and it’s just a matter of time before you lose the connection you once had with your Russian bride. The lack of interest is one of the top reasons why people cheat.

Fact: Up to 60 percent of married individuals in the U.S. will cheat on their spouse at some point in their marriage, according to infidelity statistics provided by Truth About Deception website.

Moreover, a study cited by USA Today in 2017 discovered that women are more likely to lose interest while in a long-term relationship. But cheating on your partner is hardly the solution when dating Russian girls online.

There are ways to make your relationship more interesting to reignite that spark that once made you want to worship your girlfriend.

dating russian women Find New Experiences

As Lisa Firestone Ph.D., a Psychology Today author once put it, people in long-term relationships tend to “value routine over spontaneity and safety over passion.” Although it might seem like a good thing to become an item with your partner, fusing your identity with your significant other causes you to “lose the respect and attraction” that you once held for that person.

All those shared hobbies, habits, and interests become routine and too trivial for both you and your partner, which is why it may be a good idea to find new experiences to make your relationship more exciting and less boring.

Remember those sleepless nights that you spent in a Russian live chat with a girl who went on to become your girlfriend? She told you about her dreams, and you told you about yours. Try to recall the plans that she once told you about. Was it skydiving, attending a film festival, traveling to Thailand, or anything else?

It would be a good idea to break you and your partner out of your routine and introduce something fresh and exciting. sign up Show Interest in Your Partner

Remember how you wanted to talk to your partner non-stop and ask her millions of questions early into your relationship? But now you probably know her better than she knows herself, so you rarely even talk now. You don’t ask her questions anymore because you think you know her.

Well, guess what… It’s been months or years since you asked her questions to get to know her – things might have changed. Do you really know what’s going on in her mind? Instead of chatting with some pretty Russian women on dating sites to get something “interesting” going on in your life, focus on your relationship.

Go Out Together More Often

When was the last time you and your partner went on a date night? I’m not talking about those “dates” where each of you sits back, remain glued to your phones, and don’t even look at each other. I’m talking about the date nights where talk intimately, kiss, touch each other, and all that.

Sure, since many Russian military women seem to be too busy all the time, it’s important to schedule for the date and time that works for both of you.

Going out on a date night forces both you and your partner out of the routine and comfort zone. It’s important to find time for those intimate date nights in order to reconnect with your partner on both emotional and sexual levels.

Surprise Your Partner

When was the last time you surprised your partner like you used to early into your romance when the two of you met on a Russian online dating site? It’s been months or years, right?

I’m not talking about those “expected” surprises on her birthday or anniversary. I’m talking about spontaneous and unexpected surprises without a reason. When you are online dating women living in another country, showing up outside her door with flowers in your hands would certainly be the sweetest memory. These gestures let her know that you think about her all the time. Surprising your partner is a practical way to keep your relationship interesting.