How To Be An Alpha Male To A Romanian Bride in 2022

It’s never as easy as they make it sound to win the heart of the person you want, that includes getting your own Romanian bride. If you want to attract the girl of your dreams, then you need to become the man you need and have always wanted to be.

This means becoming an alpha male. Now, there is some toxicity regarding the reputation of the alpha male. When people think of one, they usually think of guys who are brutish, loud, dominant, and glorified bullies.

However, they are far from what an alpha male embodies. It is less about your interactions with others and more about you governing your own life and taking control of your own destiny.

Let’s take a deeper look into what an alpha male really is and how you can become one.

Understanding The Alpha Male

Unfortunately, the term ‘alpha male’ brings all sorts of toxicity. A lot of people throw the word around to play on the insecurities and inadequacies of young men. Didn’t get the Romanian bride? Miserable at your new job? It’s probably because you’re not an alpha male but a beta-male loser.

There are also unqualified self-help gurus who capitalize on this image and reduce being a man to skills you have to master or different items to purchase.

If you mimic the image of an alpha male provided by obnoxious guys and unqualified gurus, then you’ll have no chance of attracting the typical Romanian woman, or any woman, for that matter.

So, what exactly is an alpha male? The term comes from the animal kingdom and is given to men who are said to dominate the social hierarchy.

However, that’s not entirely what being an alpha male is about. Instead, it refers to someone who has mastery over their own life.

For example, a beta male would be someone who goes with the flow and is content to settle where life takes them. On the other hand, alpha males see each day as an opportunity for improvement and are constantly taking charge of their own life, dictating their own destinies.

Traits Of An Alpha Male

Alpha males generally have traits that they share, regardless of their background or culture. These are the traits that allow them to make the most out of life and constantly reshape their destiny.


Even when they don’t feel in control of their life at the moment, alpha males still have that certain confidence about them. They approach every scenario and subject confidently, even when it means choosing to leave a situation to someone with more expertise. Any Romanian bride can’t resist the charm of confident men.

This is the exact opposite of the stereotype that alpha males try to control everything even when they don’t know what they’re doing.


Alpha males will work hard toward their goals. But they’ll still make sure that the people around them are protected and cared for.


A true alpha male understands the risk a certain decision might have but still pushes regardless, which is a stark contrast to those brash and foolhardy wannabe alpha males who make incredibly poor decisions.

Alpha males accept the potential downsides to the risk or the negative parts of their life, understanding that it’s better to try and fail than to do nothing at all. So be brave when you want to pursue a Romanian bride.


You can’t be an alpha male if you’re constantly wavering over your decisions. If you know that your choice is correct, then you need to commit to it with full confidence.

Romanian women take Romanian culture marriage seriously, which means you can expect them to be fully committed to their decision of spending their life with you, and you should be the same too.

What You Can Do To Become An Alpha Male

Here are the things you can do to become a fulfilled alpha male and attract the Romanian woman of your dreams.

Don’t engage in pointless fighting

Whether you’re arguing with your Romanian bride or encountering someone who has wronged you, fighting does more harm than good. It will almost always lead to injuries and unnecessary escalation and retaliation, whether against you or the people you love.

If you want to be a ‘real man,’ then you’ll know when to talk it out with them or simply walk away. You can also find a healthy outlet for your pent-up anger.

Know your purpose and don’t sway from it

You cannot be a true alpha male if you choose to wander around aimlessly, with no direction in your life. You need to have clear goals and objectives that will guide you and you need to make sure to stick to them.

If you’ve decided to date a Romania girl for marriage then stick to that goal. Otherwise, you might end up leading her on.

Learn to stand up

This doesn’t just mean for yourself, but for others too. Call out any harmful acts that you see people around you do. This can include ‘casual’ sexism or racism, racist remarks, homophobic or gendered insults, or any unnecessary comments on a woman’s appearance.

It’s difficult to be the one ‘ruining’ the vibe but you need to say it anyway. Just a simple, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t say that,’ can be enough. Whether it’s against a friend, family or colleague, you shouldn’t hesitate to stand up for what you know is right.

Be friendly

Smile. Say hello, introduce yourself, crack a joke, or do anything to break the ice. It can be embarrassing, especially if they don’t respond back. But there’s never any harm in being friendly and making the people around you feel comfortable.

Take care of yourself

A true alpha male knows how to keep his body healthy. This also includes learning to manage your stress and mental health as well. Don’t let any negative emotions, especially anger, consume and control you.

Be flexible and adaptable

Bruce Lee said it best, the stiffest tree is one that cracks easily the most, while the willow or bamboo learns to survive by bending and going along with the wind. Strong men are only strong up until they break. If you want to be resilient, you need to be less rigid. Don’t be afraid to go where the wind takes you sometimes and don’t be afraid to occasionally give in to your emotions.

Be considerate of others

Life is more than just about you. It’s about your relationship with other people and learning to understand and respect their own wants and needs. A real man isn’t heartless but instead wholeheartedly opens their heart to other people.

For instance, you might not be too close with your family but women Romania are very attached to theirs. This is something you should learn to acknowledge and respect.

Learn to communicate

Whether it’s your own partner or a friend, you need to learn to communicate with them. Ask them about their day or talk about things they like. Also, more often than not, you’ll learn more from non-verbal cues. If you can tell that they’ve had a bad day or that they’re worried about something, then be ready to offer a sympathetic ear and not a smart mouth.

When dating a Romanian, you’ll notice that she’s not really the demanding type. They’ll rarely ask for gifts or demand special treatment from you. However, you need to properly communicate and clarify this with her otherwise you might end up offering something that she doesn’t want.

Check your privilege

Acknowledge the privilege that you have. If a problem doesn’t affect you because of your privilege, then don’t downplay or ridicule the feelings of those who are affected.

Work for genuine equality

When dating Romanian women, you should learn to do your fair share of traditionally gendered roles such as childcare, remembering birthdays, planning holidays and chores without expecting any reward in return.

Women don’t need a hero swooping in to occasionally do all the heavy lifting in the household for them. What they need is someone who supports them and someone they can lean on.

Be appreciative of what you have

It’s always good to have ambitions in life but you shouldn’t become greedy. The alpha male myth may condition you to always be envious of what the next guy has, which shouldn’t be encouraged. The second you give in to jealousy and envy, you’ll never be satisfied no matter how many possessions or professional success you have.

The real achievement in life is learning to be comfortable in your own skin and being happy with what you do have.

Learn to step back

There are times when a true sign of an alpha male is not someone who’s always stepping up over someone but is instead someone who knows when to step back. If you’re confident and secure with who you are, then you have enough self-assurance to know when to let someone else take the lead.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

No one can laugh at you if you learn to laugh at yourself, too. Any Romanian woman you meet, whether it be on the streets or from a Romanian marriage agency, will always want to be around someone who knows how to have fun.