Here’s How You Should Date Belarus Women: Alessandra Ambrosio Shares Dating Tips for Men

Belarus beauty If you want to date Belarus women but aren’t sure if you really have what it takes to approach a beautiful girl and tell her, “Hi! I’m [insert your name here], what’s your name?” without stuttering and blushing like an immature boy who has never dated a woman, you have come to the right place.

Why? Do you know Alessandra Ambrosio? Yes, that supermodel whom you watch with both your eyes and mouth wide open every time she’s strutting down the world’s most renowned runways. Alessandra sat down and talked to Sharon Feiereisen, a writer at AskMen. Among many other things, the Brazilian supermodel shared dating tips for men.

If you really want to impress that lady from Belarus whose online dating profile caught your eye the other day, take a pen and write down the dating tips from one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world.

Here’s a little fun fact for you: Alessandra, who turned 38 earlier this year, has walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a staggering 17 times and counting.

How to Talk to a Woman if You’re Too Shy?

Belarus women Remember how we mentioned the scenario in which you are too shy to approach a Belarus beauty because you think you will end up looking like a complete idiot? Well, Alessandra Ambrosio has a piece of advice for you.

When asked by Feiereisen what advice she would give to men who cannot muster up the courage to approach gorgeous women, Ambrosio wasn’t very eloquent when she said, “You have to find your inner strength and go for it!” That sounds like a plan, but easier said than done!

First and foremost, if this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. After all, The Telegraph once published a study that found that “men lose their minds when speaking to pretty women.”

To give you more practical advice, before actually going into the streets to approach Belarus girls, it would be a good idea to practice dialogue with a beautiful woman in front of a mirror. Yes, you might feel stupid doing this, but going over some very basic phrases over and over again will make you sound more confident over time.

Relationship experts also advise men who are too shy to approach women to have a face-to-face conversation to try online dating. The more Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine brides you can talk to on dating sites, the more confident you become even though these conversations are virtual.

Communicating with a woman in any way – virtually, via a webcam, in the chatroom via writing, or during a real-life interaction – is known to boost a man’s self-esteem and strengthen his verbal skills over time. Besides, some dating sites have the option to communicate with women via a webcam, so it would make sense to start with the chatroom and then gradually transition to a webcam chat.

What Women Find the Most Attractive in Men?

charmdate login Speaking of confident men, Alessandra said during the interview that men with high self-esteem are her type. So if you want to date someone like Alessandra Ambrosio, you should definitely implement the tips we’ve mentioned above into your Belarus dating life!

Answering the question, “Which qualities do you find most attractive in men?” Alessandra named “confidence,” “kindness,” and “a sense of humor.” Speaking of sense of humor… Did you know that men and women process humor differently? There was a study back in 2012, published on ScienceDirect, that discovered gender differences in brain activities when processing humor. For example, the study found that women tend to dislike sexual and aggressive jokes, while men tend to like this particular type of humor.

So, if you’re trying to break the ice when chatting with Belarusian or Latvian women on dating sites or are just trying to make the girl laugh, rely on non-sexual and friendlier jokes.

What Are the First-Date Deal Breakers for Women?

chat with Belarus girls If you’re planning to go on a first date with Belarus brides, you should definitely prepare in advance. If you’re wondering what kind of underwear you should wear and whether you should go with a beard vs. clean-shaven face, Alessandra Ambrosio can help you make that choice!

When asked about the first-date deal breakers, Alessandra said that the lack of connection between her and the man would be a red flag. Another thing that would prompt Alessandra to never call her date again or answer his calls is him being rude during the date. Also, a man who cannot maintain a conversation wouldn’t get a second date from Alessandra.

Men’s Underwear, Cologne, and Facial Hair: What Does Alessandra Ambrosio Like?

If you’re debating which kind of men’s underwear to wear on your first date – boxers or briefs – Alessandra says, “I actually don’t care!” If you have a beard, but conventional wisdom tells you to go with a clean-shaven face on your first date, Alessandra thinks you should aim for something “in between” because that’s what she likes to see on a man’s face.

If you’re just about to leave your house to go on a first date, don’t forget to apply the perfume! Although Alessandra doesn’t have a personal preference for men’s cologne, she says she doesn’t like when the perfume is too strong. Oh, yeah, and don’t forget the flowers while you’re on your way!

Alessandra Ambrosio says her favorite romantic gestures are flowers and breakfast in bed. In case you were wondering, the supermodel’s favorite breakfast is blueberry pancakes. You might want to write it down, as you might end up dating Alessandra Ambrosio one day. You never know!