GoDateNow Review: Is it worth exploring?

If you are not new to the online dating world, you may have heard a lot about the advantages of Russian wives. However, Ukrainian ladies are rare and this is a major oversight because these girls are as kind, caring and beautiful as you have always wanted your future wife to be. Not many websites can connect you to Ukrainian women, which is why sites like GoDateNow.com already have advantages. Here are the details of the design and features of GoDateNow.


Registration and Ladies

To make you more comfortable as a new user, GoDateNow allows browsing of their site before creating an account, but if you plan to create an account anyway, you can do so at this point too. Fortunately, this process takes only a few minutes. All you need to do is provide your name and email, and specify the kind of woman you are looking for. The registration process can be made even quicker if you sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

GoDateNow ‘s homepage contains other useful information, such as reviews from men who have found love on the site.

In addition, you will see a gallery of women who are presently online and ready to chat. You can tell immediately that all photos of women are professionally produced, which may indicate that some profiles may be phony.

If a woman gets your attention, you should immediately take the time to meet her. Open up the woman’s full profile to see more photos and learn everything she chooses to share about herself, including age, height, weight, occupation, hobbies, children, and other details. There is also a short summary, presumably written by the lady herself, and a description of the kind of man she hopes to meet on GoDateNow.

If you like what you see and you can imagine a woman as your future wife, GoDateNow offers a variety of contact options. From showing interest and adding to favorites to video chats and requesting contact information, there is a contact method for everyone, even for the timidest. Also, if you want to stand out from other rivals, you can choose to buy her gifts or flowers.

Profile Searching

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Most men choose GoDateNow for their famous database of Ukrainian women. However, it is not limited to just women from Ukraine; you can search for girls from other Slavic countries.

There are several ways to discover the girl of your dreams on GoDateNow. The easiest way is to access the user library, and every time you open the library, you will see a different bunch of women to choose from. These members are chosen completely randomly, which is why it is very unlikely that even one of them will match your requirements.

In this library, you can also choose to view members who are presently online, members who have recently added new photos or videos to their profile, or new members to the site. If these users get your attention, do give them a warm welcome.

If you don’t want to count on pure chance in such a serious matter of finding your true love and lifelong partner, you can opt for the GoDateNow search function. This is one of the simplest searches we’ve seen on an online dating site, but it does allow you to specify some particulars about your potential match, including her eye and hair color, height, weight, education, and marital status.

The search results will be displayed in a gallery, which only contains a name, online status and photo, and no more other information about the woman. You will need to open each profile individually if you want to see more details about a lady.


The main goal of all international dating platforms is to unite lonely minds, but they also need to make money and each site chooses different ways of doing so. Most offer a paid membership or credit system, and GoDateNow has decided on the latter.

With GoDateNow’s credit system, the only thing you can do for free is read mail from other members. Everything else, including replying and watching video introductions on a lady’s profile are payable with credits.

The selling price of credits ranges from $12 for 20 credits to $299 for 750. The number of credits seems a lot, but if you plan on becoming an active Go Date Now user, you may be out of credits faster than expected.


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Despite the high cost of using the site, GoDateNow looks like a website that can be used safely. However, during the investigation, we found that some of the profiles of the women were just too polished and too good to be true. Because GoDateNow does not provide verification measures, it is impossible to know whether the ladies’ profiles are real or not.


GoDateNow doesn’t have many rivals in the Slavic dating industry, but despite this, we still don’t recommend finding your wife there. At first glance, GoDateNow impresses with a wide range of women, but it’s hard to believe that all women are real and actually spend time talking to the male members of the site. In addition, the credit system, although clearly explained, is too complex and makes you spend more than with a paid membership. All things considered, we believe there are better options in the market.