Getting Past Belarus Brides Coldness: Signs That It’s Just RBF

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Eastern European ladies, especially Belarus brides, are some of the most sought-after women worldwide because of their exceptional beauty, amazing intelligence, and incredible personalities.

However, these women are often misjudged as being mean or unapproachable because they often have what we call “resting bitch face”. This can make them seem unfriendly, intimidating, and sometimes even hostile.

Yet, nothing is further from the truth; most of them are actually kind, open-hearted, and gentle. Once you get past that initial impression and tough exterior, you’ll discover just how fantastic these women are.

Still, how do you know if it’s just their RBF and not genuinely mean? Here are the top 7 signs that Belarus beautiful woman is just suffering from a “resting bitch face.”

Signs That It’s Just Her Resting Bitch Face

If you’re looking for Belarus women dating men like you but are intimidated to approach them, here are some of the signs you can consider to see if she’s being mean or just has a resting bitch face.

Her Expression Changes When She Talks

A resting bitch face is actually just a neutral or blank expression, which can appear unfriendly or mean to some. It’s called as such because it’s what a person’s default expression looks like when they’re not interacting with others or engaging in conversation.

So, you’ll know that one of those Belarus women you’re looking at only has a resting bitch face if her expression changes when she’s interacting with other people.

You Can See Her Smile

Another way you can tell if she’s actually being mean or intimidating or it’s just her RBF is that if you see her smile. As mentioned, Belarusian women are warm and kind-hearted individuals, and they’re also friendly people.

However, even though they’re friendly, they’re not the type to smile at strangers and usually adopt neutral and blank expressions, which many misinterpret as signs of meanness and hostility.

So, if you see her smile while observing her, this just means that her mean expression is just a result of her resting bitch face.

She Returns Your Greetings Warmly

Again, Belarus girls aren’t the type to smile at strangers and initiate social interactions, no matter how friendly they are. This fact, combined with their often neutral expressions, can make them seem more intimidating and unapproachable.

However, you’ll know it’s just her resting bitch face and not actual meanness when she actually returns any greetings given to her warmly. So, why not try to wave and say hi and see if she responds accordingly?

Her Face Seems Relaxed

Like with any other individual, the facial expressions of Belarus brides can reflect what she actually feels, even if she tries to adopt a blank expression. There are small but noticeable signs that can tell you whether she’s actually displeased or she’s just not smiling.

In this case, you’ll know it’s just her resting bitch face if her face seems relaxed. You can confirm this by observing her lips and eyebrows. If she’s not frowning or has furrowed brows, these can indicate that she just has a neutral expression.

She Has a Relaxed Body Language

Aside from her facial expression, another way you can tell if the Belarus girl you’re looking at only has a resting bitch face is by observing her other body language.

If she’s being genuinely hostile or mean, her body language will be tense and alert, showing that she’s not comfortable. However, if her demeanor seems calm or at ease, it might just mean that her sour expression is just her default expression when relaxed.

She’s Polite When Talking to You

Belarusian women are widely considered kind, friendly, and well-mannered individuals. However, this may not always be apparent at first glance.

So, one of the ways you can determine if she’s actually mean or just have a neutral expression is by observing how she responds when talking to you. You’ll know it’s just RBF if she remains polite and civil while talking to you.

She’s Concentrating Deeply

Another sign that she’s just suffering from a resting bitch face is that she seems in deep thought or concentration while alone. Some people adopt a blank expression while concentrating or in deep thought because they’re so engrossed in what they’re thinking.

So, if you see her alone and it seems like she’s focusing on something, such as a book or just staring off to space, her mean expression might just be RBF.

Why Do You Need to Know the Signs of RBF?

Belarus mail order brides make for excellent wives, and their outstanding personalities and warm natures are often overlooked because other people are intimidated by their neutral expressions.

It’s vital to know what the signs of a resting bitch face are so that you can get past that initial impression and get to know the wonderful person underneath the intimidating appearance.

After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on dating an amazing woman who might become your Belarus wife just because her expression was discouraging.

Bottom Line of Dating Belarus Brides

Exploring the Belarus dating scene can be daunting, especially when you see the often-intimidating expressions Belarusian women have. However, they might just have what’s called a “resting bitch face” and are actually friendly and accommodating once you get to know them.

With that said, hopefully, this list of signs can help you better identify whether or not someone’s mean or it’s just their RBF so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to get to know potential Belarus brides.