Exclusive Ideas for Your First Virtual Date on Spanish Dating Sites

Spanish dating sites are offering a lot of tools that make online relationships interesting and exciting. The fact that most of the world is still in quarantine does not mean that people cannot have quality dates. In fact, online dates are extremely increasing. After meeting someone on a dating platform, it is important to leave a good impression on the first date. With enough creativity and will, users of dating sites can create a perfect first virtual date.

Ideas for the First Online Date

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Pretty Spanish girls are very fun and easy to talk to. They appreciate partners’ efforts and know-how to enjoy every moment. For a nice date with a girl from Spain, it is necessary to be relaxed, outgoing, spontaneous, and funny! Video chatting is essential for the first virtual date. It is the communication method closest to reality, which makes bonding easier and more natural. To make the first date special, you should schedule the video call beforehand. That way, the meeting will feel more official and more exciting. However, to make the first date different from any other day, you need good ideas!

1. Dress nicely

Forget the fact that you are both staying at home and you spend the whole day in your pajamas. If you intend to date Spanish women, you need to go the extra mile. Ask your date to wear the same clothes she would wear in a nice restaurant and do the same. Wear an elegant suit or a nice shirt, keep the light in the room low, and act as if you were actually together in person.

2. Play games

You can play 20 questions, never have I ever, truth or dare, or just anything that comes to your mind. One of the advantages of dating a Spanish girl is that she likes to play games and try new things. If you play any of the mentioned games, you could get to know each other well. However, you should not go too far. For the first date, you could peak into her life and privacy but not too much. Stay respectful and do not make her feel uncomfortable by asking intimate things that she is not ready to answer.

3. Cook together

Suggest your date to cook together before the actual date! To get a little closer, you can cook the same dish. If you want to really impress her, you should make a paella, tortilla or any Spanish dish that she likes. That way, she will feel like she is dating a Spanish man!

4. Have dinner at the same time

If you prepare food together, you should also eat it at the same time, on camera! It will feel as if you were in the same house and it will strengthen your bond significantly. Do not forget to act all the time as if you were together in person. If you need to leave the table, apologize for it, ask her if she wants something to drink, tell her she looks beautiful and so on. With the first date, she will get an idea of how you will be when you two meet. If you don’t pass the test, the chances that you will ever meet your potential wife in Spanish are very low.

5. Play music in the background

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Make a playlist of smooth songs and play it in the background during the whole video call. Spanish women love good rhythm; it is in their blood. Preferably, choose sensual Latin songs or nice ballads that will fulfill your night and make it even more special.

6. Set up your camera

It’s very important to have a good camera setup. Find good angles, good light, and nice background before you even start the video call. If you don’t do it timely, you will waste time adjusting the camera while she is watching you.

7. Learn some Spanish

There is no better way to impress someone from a different country than learning the basics of their language. In this case, you should learn essential phrases for dating in Spanish. Those include some compliments, essential questions like “how are you tonight?”, and of course, greeting her in Spanish! Therefore, your date should begin with “Buenos Dias” (Good morning/Good afternoon) or “Buenas Noches” (Good evening)!

8. Don’t initiate negative topics

If you are dating a Spanish girl, you should avoid negative topics as much as you can. Generally, these ladies are very positive and lighthearted. A negative topic could transform your first date into a complaining session and you surely don’t want that. Even if you are talking about the current situation with the Coronavirus, try to stay positive. Do not complain or express your discomfort too much. Instead, keep the spirits up!

9. Don’t panic if it gets awkward

Every conversation gets awkward at one point. If that happens during your video call, do not panic. Just stay spontaneous, ask a new question to start a new topic, or simply apologize and leave the call for a minute to get some water. Spanish women are very interesting and talkative so after brief awkwardness, you will surely become comfortable again.

10. Watch a movie

To complete the night, you can watch a movie together until you fall asleep. Spanish brides love romantic men so choose some of the classic romantic movies that she will love. It is a perfect way to end your first date online in harmony.

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