Do Latin Brides Date Short Men?

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If your height is not your most attractive feature and you think that it may prevent Latin brides from liking you, you are very wrong! Latin wives generally do not care about the height of their partners. In fact, the average height of a Latin woman is not too tall either. Even if she is taller than you, she won’t mind at all. For that reason, if being a short man was a source of insecurity, you will find your confidence with women from Latin America! They will make you feel like the real king that you are.

How Much Latin Brides Truly Care About Height?

According to Men’s Health, a survey found that 68% of women said they are attracted by short men, while 82% of female participants in the research said that they would date men of the same height as them. 40% of surveyed women reported that they prefer to date men over 6ft tall. The results of the study tell us that women, including sexy Latina girls, don’t care too much about their height.

The reason why women generally prefer tall men is that they appear strong, reliable, and dominant. Some ladies even go the extra mile by promoting their desire publicly. You could even see female users of dating sites using “Tall guys only.” or “Swipe left if you are under 6 feet.” in their profiles. Those members may discourage shorter guys and make them think that they won’t find their significant others just because of their height. The truth is, the height is not going to stop them from finding their ideal women but the insecurities and quitting caused by those comments might!

What do Latin Brides Find Attractive in Men?

Gentlemen-like manners

Hot Latina chicks dream of marrying “caballeros” (gentlemen) all their lives! They love when men are attentive, caring, and have good manners. If you open the door of your car to your girl, surprise her with a rose or a nice gift, and she will appreciate you from the very start. These pretty ladies love gifts! It’s not because they are materialistic; it’s because they love to be taken care of.

Pay special attention to your manners when you are dating a Latina. She will notice every detail – the good and the bad. Don’t use bad language, talk clearly, always be on time and make sure she feels good around you.


If you are thinking of marrying a Latina, keep in mind that respect will be one of the top priorities for your significant one. Showing respect has many layers to it. The way you talk to her, how often you call her, give her time and space for other activities and people, if you are a good listener, how you behave around your woman, and (very important!) how much you respect her family.

Latin babes are known as “spicy”. People often associate that with getting angry easily but in the case of Latinas, they are just very passionate about everything they do! However, they stay respectful even if you argue so you should always stay respectful as well. All the disagreements can be solved nicely. When it comes to her family, never forget how close she is to them. Showing them respect and valuation will put you high in her eyes.


When you join a Hispanic dating site, all the girls you talk to will expect you to have serious intentions. These women care about stability greatly. If you show her that you are a stable man that she can rely on, you can be sure that she won’t care about your height! Just being a strong partner that makes her feel stable and safe will make you attractive and not only attractive in short term. She will be drawn into you!

Showing interest in her traditions

A Latina wife typically loves her traditions. Whether she marries a local man or a foreigner, she will want to continue practicing old family customs. Considering that you probably won’t share the same habits or you will have different beliefs as you come from different places, you should show as much interest in her culture as you can. Don’t do it only to gain some credit; genuinely look into the traditions of her people and you will surely find many things that you will like! When your girl sees that you care about that aspect of her life, she will start seeing you as a keeper.


Many Latina babes come from economically insecure families. For that reason, Latin brides work hard to succeed and don’t appreciate lazy people. If you are not in the greatest economic situation, your Latina won’t leave you. Instead, she will encourage you to succeed and support you on your way to achieving all your goals. However, if she notices that you are not an ambitious person and you don’t really mind not having a good life, it may be a deal breaker. These hardworking women need partners that they can rely on. Whether you are short or tall, she wants you to be the head of the house, an ambitious man that is pushing forward to provide a good life for his family!