Dating Russian Ladies for Marriage: Should You Spend Your Holidays Together or Is it Too Soon?

russian women The world knows that Russian ladies for marriage are the definition of beauty, sexiness, and refinement. They have so many qualities that make them very special. They are so abundantly blessed by mother nature. Most Western women don’t have what they have!

The good news is that there are many Russian ladies who want to settle down very young. Yes, most Russian girls do not desire to engage in a short-lived relationship; they seek a true, long-lasting relationship. A family. This is because they are family-oriented and they appreciate family life.

I have many Russian female friends, and I kid you not, most of them share the same vision when it comes to dating. I had Russian university friends who wished to get married and we were only 22 at that time!

So let me tell you some secrets on how to deal with Russian ladies so that you avoid misunderstandings.

First of all, it’s not that difficult to meet Russian ladies. You can easily meet Russian singles on online dating sites, which are numerous.

To Attract a Russian girl, you better take care of your appearance, especially your shoes! They don’t like dirty, dull-looking shoes. It is important for them that you look neat and well-groomed. Trust me on this one. One day I was with my very sexy Russian friend Xenia and a guy approached us and started a friendly conversation with us. He, then, gave her his number. When he left, I asked her if she liked him and she told me “Nah, didn’t you see his shoes!”. Dear Lord, I didn’t even notice them. I was busy looking at his smile.

russian dating Now let’s say that after an attempt to find Russian women for dating, you finally found the right one. She is gorgeous and seems to have the qualities that you have been looking for. What should you do to win her heart?

Russian girls are very romantic and very simple. You should not try to attempt to win her heart simply by telling her how beautiful she is all the time because she is used to this sort of compliments from a young age. Rather, try to impress her with gestures. Yes, actions speak louder than words. But this does not mean that you have to get her expensive diamonds or buy her an island. Russian ladies love surprises. Giving her a rose when she doesn’t expect it makes her day. Invite her to dinner and make her feel like a princess. Do that and your Russian girlfriend will appreciate your attention and will surround you with love.

You are both very interested in each other. That single Russian woman you met is no longer single. You are enjoying your relationship and wish to spend your free time together. The holidays are coming soon and you’re wondering if you should spend them together. Is it too early? ‘Holidays’ means family, food, gifts, and family discussions and photos. Your potential future Russian wife will join you and your family.

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before jumping into this step:

Are you comfortable enough around each other?

Have you been dating for a month, two? In fact, it’s not the number of months that matters. It’s the quality time that you spend together and how much you think you know about each other. There is a difference between two people who have been dating for 4 months but they see each other once a month and two people who have been dating for two months but see each other once a week. The second couple might have a stronger relationship than the first one.

Have you met each other’s families?

This would make the situation less awkward. Spending the holidays with your partner’s family means that you will be meeting the extended family, which is stressful for the first time. It is definitely easier to handle the situation if you have previously met each others’ families. It undoubtedly helps.

Do you celebrate the same holidays?

russian beautiful girls

This is a very important point that you should not ignore. Dating a Russian lady means that she has a cultural background that differs from mainstream Western culture. This is one of the challenges of Russian women dating, but it can be easily overcome. It is necessary to learn about each other’s cultural differences to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassment. Talk about your traditions and beliefs. This will bring you closer.

Are you ready for the event?

Did you tell her about your family’s traditions during the specific event? Does she know about your family’s expectations? Are you familiar with hers?

Does your uncle tend to drink a lot and get wasted? Tell her! Is your grandmother short-tempered and gets verbally aggressive? Tell her.

Your Russian darling needs to know in order to avoid any expectations and to be aware of the fact that things might not be perfect and to be ready for any unexpected situations. This will prevent any negative feelings that might unfold due to unexpected happenings which might affect your relationship in a negative way.

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