Dating Russian Brides: Basic Guidlines to Follow When Finding Russian Muslim Girl for Marriage

dating a russian girl

It is the goal of many men from western countries using Russian brides dating sites to find a Russian Muslim girl for marriage. This is because Russian ladies always prioritize their husband and family.

International dating sites have become a common practice for Russian Muslim women who are looking for life partners. This article will guide you on how to find a Russian girl and the do’s and don’ts you need to know about when dating them.  

Reasons For Choosing Russian Brides

  • They Are Beautiful – Muslim women from Russia have nice physical features. They have long hair and a long slim body which men admire. You may find some hot Russian brides among them.
  • They Follow Traditions and Culture – They are keen on following traditions. If you are a Muslim guy, this can be an advantage to you. Part of their traditional means being obedient and caring for your needs first.
  • They Are Caring and Honest – Women from Russia will always ensure that your emotional and physical needs are being taken care of. In addition, they will always be honest with you about their emotions.
  • They Are Great Cooks And Housekeepers– With a Russian, you will always enjoy delicious home-cooked meals. What’s more, your home will be clean and fresh, smelling all the time since they are clean and orderly.
  • They Are Religious– If you are a religious person, then you will find this feature attractive. From a young age, they are taught on various religious matters hence are grounded in the knowledge.
  • They Are Submissive And Loyal Russian brides will remain faithful to you during the dating process and in your marriage. Also, they don’t like to argue a lot on any issues. Instead, they calmly handle the situation.

What Russian Girls Need

hot russian brides

Russian women like their men to provide them with emotional support. This means talking about her feelings and responding in the right way.

In addition, they like to be included in all decisions, whether personal or financial issues. It shows her that you trust her and include her as part of your family.

Help her out around the house or with the kids sometimes. It can be hard to clean the house every day while taking care of the children.

She may want to stay at home and raise the kids and do house chores while you work. You should fully support her, making sure that she is not tired. Moreover, be kind to her and show her that you always care.

Also, before dating a Russian girl, know that they believe in a higher power, angels, and prophets. Lastly, keep in mind that the family will be involved from an early stage of your relationship. This is considered as the right way to date in Muslim culture.

Customs To Follow When Dating Russian Brides

Several do’s, and don’ts keep in mind when dating a Russian Muslim girl for marriage. It is best to go through them to determine what to avoid and what to prioritize:


  • Be Yourself– Faking a certain lifestyle, such as being rich, is a turn off for Russian girls. Present the real you so she will accept you for who you are.
  • Compliment Her Often– Russian ladies like to be complimented. Assure her of your love and her importance in your life.
  • Give Her Enough Attention– when in a relationship with her, try to focus on her needs, and fulfill them. You can bring her small gifts, talk to her often, and be welcoming.
  • Respect Her Faith –These women are very religious. So, to keep your relationship warm and happy, be willing to accept her faith and give her the freedom to worship.
  • Keep In Mind That They Are Like Other Women – Whether you meet on Russian dating sites, they are still interested in mutual relationships that lead to marriage. Furthermore, they do have their concerns about marriage.
  • Respect Her Family – Russian women value their families. Always respect and show concern for her family members, especially her parents. This is because they will play a great role in your marriage life.


  • Avoid Putting Pressure On Her – Keep in mind that they are not desperate to find a husband. Therefore let feelings build up naturally. If they think you are a good person, they will marry you.
  • Do Not Underestimate Yourself – Russian girlslook for inner beauty. Be confident in yourself, and you will achieve positive results.
  • Do Not Try Winning Her Over With Expensive Gifts– Russian women are not materialistic. They will love you for who you are.
  • Do Not Pay Attention To Stereotypes –Russian stereotypes are over-exaggerated; this is probably due to cultural differences.
  • Do Not Focus Only On Her Beauty –Appreciate her other features that go together with her beauty. If your date finds out that you are with her for her beauty only, she may leave you. Women from Russia are self-conscious about this trait.
  • Do Not Taunt Her Beliefs –  Russian womencan be superstitious or deeply religious. Therefore, try to understand her and accept her for who she is.
  • Don’t Speak Negatively About Her Country– avoid sensitive topics that may lead to hurt feelings. Disrespecting their country can ruin your chances of marrying a Russian Muslim lady.


Traditionally, it was the task of Muslim parents to find them a suitable partner. In modern society, young Muslims are now able to choose their own partners. Sometimes they do so through online dating sites.

A Harvard research shows that relationships that start online have better chances of lasting than those that start offline. Hence, you can meet Russian women on many online sites.

There are plenty of Russian women dating sites to choose from. It has Russian women from all over the world, including Muslims. Hopefully, now you are well equipped to start your dating journey with Russian women.