Curvy Russian Brides: That’s Why Men Fall For Them

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When you see Russian brides on tv or the internet, they are mostly presented as skinny, tall blondes. The truth is that not all Russian ladies are like that. The media has been setting beauty standards for decades and the skinny, model-like girls are not really as desired by men as it may seem. In fact, many men have reported that they prefer curvy girls. The standards have been changing a lot lately, though. We can see many ladies that don’t follow the typical body “dimensions” and they are very confident about it, which makes them even more charming.

There are many reasons why men are attracted by curvy women. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Curvy Russian Brides Are Nicer to Touch

Touching hot Russian girls with curves feels much nicer than touching skinny girls. For men, it is extremely attractive to feel all the body curves, which include larger breast and butt. Those zones don’t feel as attractive with thin girls. For that reason, men notice and feel attracted by curvy girls immediately. In fact, even women notice these attributes in other ladies; some compliment them and some are envious. In any case, a body with nice curves will catch the attention of everyone exactly because it looks desirable to the eye and nice to touch.

Thick Russian Girls Enjoy Life

Women that are watching over every ounce of their weight are usually preoccupied with numbers and looks that they don’t enjoy life properly. If you are dating a Russian girl that takes extra care of her body at all times, you will miss out on a few nice things that you could do with a curvy girl. For example, if you are having a movie night, she won’t have any snacks or drinks and she will always think of what she eats, which may start to frustrate you. With a thick girl, however, you won’t have to be so aware of this matter. She will eat with you, enjoy life with you, and share some moments with you without always putting her weight on the first plan. If you are having a barbeque together, she will not be the one to say “I won’t eat anything, I am on a diet”, every time.

Russian Brides with Curves are Kind and Relaxed

When you meet Russian girls with healthy figures rather than model-like skinny, you will notice how nice, kind, and approachable they are. Although they are attractive already, overweight women don’t consider the physical appearance as the main attribute. They do not rely on it completely when it comes to meeting people. Instead, they focus more on the personality. That being said, you will have a good time getting to know Russian girls with curves. They won’t make you feel like you need to do crazy things to impress them immediately or make you feel like you are not worth their time. Instead, these ladies will prefer to get to know you slowly and let you get to know them. The whole process is much simpler, yet more relaxed and comfortable than it is with model-type skinny girls.

How to Approach Russian Babes?

After you confirm that gorgeous Russian women with curves are the ladies you should be looking for on a dating site, you need to learn how to approach them. There are many men all around the world want to meet thick beautiful girls from Russia; which means that you will have some competition. However, if you know how to talk to ladies properly, you won’t have any problems finding your match!

Be Attentive sign up

Being attentive works with any woman. Whether the Russian bride you meet is overweight, skinny, or anything in between, she will love your attention. You need to pay attention to the amount of attention you are giving, though. Going through her profile and seeing some interesting things that you mention in the conversation is a good start. On the other hand, messaging her too many times and annoying her with questions like “why don’t you reply?” is not recommended. Balance your attentiveness. Give her enough to see you are interested and you like her but not too much, to the point of making yourself look obsessed.

Make Her Feel Special

Curvy girls are much more confident today than they were a few years ago. However, they have their moments of insecurity sometimes. Seeing all the women with “perfect bodies” on social media and television might make them feel less confident. It doesn’t necessarily last but making a girl feel special and compliment her looks will give you a good advantage over other members on a dating website. Russian women looking for love are interested in men that make them feel good. Again, do not exaggerate. Don’t spend all the time only complimenting her appearance because it will seem like that’s all you care about. Also, compliment her personality and the little things you notice about her.

Don’t Compare Russian Brides with Other Women

Women don’t like to be compared with others. Even if you compare so you could compliment your lady, she will not appreciate it. Avoid any kind of comparisons. The woman you meet through a Russian marriage agency wants to feel unique and special by your side. That being said, she doesn’t want to see that you are thinking of other girls and comparing her with them. Whether you are talking about your ex or a celebrity, you shouldn’t compare them with your woman.