Cookie Jarring: A Dating Trend to Watch Out by Ukraine Ladies

Ukraine ladies are known to be attractive and possess a friendly and warm personality. To think that one could experience being cookie jarred is way out of the blue. What should Ukrainian women do if she became a victim of cookie jarring?

Cookie jarring is a new trend of dating where a person can date one or more person at a time. It also means that anyone could be a victim of cookie jarring. That said, when one is being cookie jarred, exclusive dating could just mean nothing.

Dating in A Modern World

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In this modern era, online dating has become a trend among people looking for partners. Fortunately, there are still dating sites for serious relationships. However, along with these online dating sites, the trends of dating are evolving. This is when cookie jarring comes in. Cookie jarring is a 2019 online dating trend that potentially victimizes not just a single person. If you have been chatting with someone for a long time, you tend to ask yourself if everything that is happening between the two of you is exclusive. Anything can come to your head. Then, one day, he stopped talking with you. A common friend told you he just had a date with someone else. In the end, you realize you were just an option.

The coping of being a victim of cookie jarring is difficult as it first affects the behavioral, emotional, and psychological aspect of a person. In the modern world of dating, commitment is becoming an uncommon word and the experience is unpleasant.

Although the common victims of cookie jarring are those of younger age, there are also mature Ukrainian women who experience the same thing. Cookie jarring does not choose what age to victimize, so to meet Ukrainian ladies regardless of age is not excluded. According to an interview with Dr. Steven Rosenberg from PHL17 Morning news, this not-so-lovely trend of cookie jarring could mean having a significant person while dating another person as a backup when things aren’t going well. That said, anyone, including those mature women, can also experience this.

Why Does It Happen?

Ukriane ladies While some people choose to be serious and stay committed when dating, others simply pretend to be faithful while having another affair with someone. Much like having a cookie in a jar, the other person can be picked up as an option as soon as the other relationship goes out of control or ends in failure.

The truth is that more and more people are beginning to practice the idea of “collect and select” – but in a rather unhealthy way. In an ethical point of view, the concept of cookie jarring could simply be viewed as infidelity. However, this context has its psychological background, with people practicing it having insecurities and the fear of commitment.

Where Does It Usually Start?

Most people today are engaged in the internet. There is also a legion of men and women who are using social dating websites. So, it’s no surprise to see and meet Ukrainian women online looking for a serious relationship.

Cookie jarring usually happens in online dating platforms since the other person does not fully know the background of the person she is dating. Because there are many Ukraine brides looking for a husband through mail-ordered activity, there are many ladies to choose from, and they could be a victim of cookie jarring.

seeking for Ukriane women How to Know If You Are a Victim of Cookie Jarring

The only thing that makes it clear if you’re a victim of cookie jarring is when the dating is neither exclusive nor consistent. Here are some of the situations that show you’re simply being used as an option:

  • You get to know the person in days, weeks, or months without having a label. The person you’ve been dating with is sweet and caring, yet formal commitment is not present.
  • You tend to say indirect words about becoming official in a relationship, but nothing is happening.
  • You don’t know where your relationship is heading, yet the person treats you like you’re official.
  • Everything will go pretty well without you noticing it that the one you’re dating is seeing someone else.
  • You receive a vague response about being exclusive.
  • Your so-called partner does not make any effort at all to keep you.
  • You do not want to talk about the future.
  • You have an uncertain status.
  • The person stopped talking with you without you even knowing the reason why.

If you think you are a victim of cookie jarring, confronting the person should be the first thing to do. It may be a risk for you since it’s already creeping on your ego, but doing it could also give you relief.


Getting involved in dating an Ukraine pretty girl is indeed a lovely sight, more so when you get to have a relationship that is real and pure. However, if you get caught in the situation where you become the victim of cookie jarring, it could mean a potential loss of trust and confidence. It is always best to trust your instinct if you feel that something is wrong in your relationship. That said, coping after it is difficult, so make sure you redirect yourself from thinking more about it. Traveling to other places, watching movies, or simply reading a book is already a good way of moving on.

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