Colombian Singles: Keep the Online Conversation Going

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Colombian singles are usually easygoing and talkative. Chatting to them is spontaneous and interesting so you will always find some topic to talk about. However, there could be some moments of awkwardness at the beginning. Since you still won’t know your lady too well; keeping her interested might take some skills. For example, if you stopped chatting a few days ago and you are looking for a way to restart the conversation now, you could use some useful tips to do it effectively.

Find Favorite Topics with Latina Women

Talking about favorite hobbies, activities, movies, food, etc. will do two great things: keep the conversation going effortlessly and help you get to know each other better. Latina women are very passionate about the things they like. Talking about music, dancing or other passions will make her happy! The happier she is while talking to you, the more she will want to continue chatting. Apart from asking about her favorite topics, you can also talk about yours. In fact, it’s more natural if you share things you like and she relates to them than bombing her with endless questions. If you have similar interests, your experiences will spontaneously keep the conversation alive and make you enjoy each other’s company.

Talk and Listen

Communicating with Latina girls is all about talking and listening simultaneously. If you do any of these alone, you will fail. Nobody wants to listen nor talk all the time. Both sides should do it equally or at least close to equal. Therefore, start some topics that your partner will find interesting and then ask her about similar experiences. Perhaps she will say them without you asking. In any case, the same way you talk about yourself, listen to her carefully when she does her part. Only if your girl notices that you care about what she’s saying, she will keep talking. To make your lady see that you care, you should make insightful observations and, of course, you need to actually listen. When you get good at both of those aspects, you will become successful at Latin dating. The more attention you pay to the conversation, the more you will know about the person you are talking to. Consequently, chatting will become less awkward.

Use Random Stories with Colombian Singles

Random stories are very useful to restart conversations with sexy Latin women. You can send a message saying, “Hey! Something really strange (exciting, funny, interesting) happened and made me think of you”. The girl you send that text to will surely want to know what is it about. Apart from keeping her curious, you will also hint that you thought of her. The story, however, should be somewhat interesting. If nothing new happened, you can talk about something from the past; a memory that you related to a certain topic from your previous conversation.

Share Favorite Music, Movies, and Shows with Latina Girls

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Music, movies, and TV shows connect people on a whole different level. If you have a similar music taste, it will automatically show that you are similar in many ways. Dating Columbian women includes a lot of music and a warm spirit! Most of these girls have a great sense of rhythm and they love to dance. Therefore, music is one of the essential parts of their lives! If you share your favorite songs (some could be romantic with a secret “I like you” message) she will know how to understand them. In return, she will share her favorites with you! If any of you is a shy person, link sharing could be a way to express your feelings. Similarly, through movies and shows, you can get new topics to talk about. Lead characters, favorite scenes, etc. Saying your observations will also help you see the way you both perceive situations and events from the movies. It will help you get an idea of how she would react to certain occurrences in her life, as well as what she likes and dislikes.

Relax. Not Everything You Say Has to be “Perfect”


If you keep trying to reach perfection, it will make you look like a tryhard. That is, you won’t look natural and you may get unexpected reactions from Colombian mail order wives. When someone looks like they are trying too hard, they become less attractive. You need to be natural and spontaneous! Do not measure every word you say; do not put additional pressure on your shoulders. Talk to your lady the same way you talk to a good friend, just flirt more. Thinking about what she will think about you, rather than speaking your mind, will make you seem like a different person. You can never know what the other person will think about you but you can’t influence it too much either. The best thing you can do is be yourself. You will meet Colombians that will love you exactly for who you are so don’t try to be someone else.  

Talk About Daily Things with Colombian Singles

On dating sites, you will find many Colombian women seeking men to simply share their daily events with. To get closer to someone, you need to make yourself a part of their daily routine. For example, if you talk three days in a row and you tell the girl you like that you are going to work every day at the same time, the fourth day she will already know it. That way, she will feel like a part of your life. Similarly, you can notify her about anything you do during the day. The more things you share, the more connected you will become. Soon enough, you will feel like essential parts of each other’s lives.