Christian Russian Brides Look For These Traits in Men

date a russian girl

Christian Russian brides are distinct from other women all over the world in that they are more family oriented and are more serious about having a relationship that is founded on respect and understanding. Russian ladies want genuine and honest men who show great care for them and their families.

In addition, most of these Russian brides do not seek out for rich and well-known men, but instead they search for ordinary men who are willing to carry on a reputable married life along with having enough means to financially support them. So, if you are planning to date a Russian girl, here are some of the information you need to know before dating one.

What do Russian brides seek out in men? 

  1. Responsible men.

    Russian brides are known to be serious about their relationships and in return they expect their men to do the same. If someone wants to date a Russian girl, he must take this idea in mind.

  2. Men who compliment.

    Russian girls love being appreciated. Therefore, men who are planning to date Russian women should learn to spit our genuine compliments to their Russian ladies.

  3. Men with values.

    Russian women seek out love, respect, concern, and attention from their men. As a result, they most likely will stay loyal to their men for the rest of their lives if they have good values as a foundation.

  4. They do not seek out much for Russian men.

    Russian women tend to search for love in non-Russian men due to their belief that most Russian men do not take marriage seriously. Hence, Russian girls dating Russian men is actually not the norm.

  5. Family-oriented men.

    This is the true Russian beautythat Russian women have– they hold their families close to their hearts. Thus, every man who is willing to date a Russian woman should be aware of this reality. A man showing love and respect for the elderly is a strength a Russian woman cannot ignore.

What are Russian Brides Traditions?

If you are planning to get yourself into serious dating with Russian women, knowing their traditions and practices is of utter importance. Russians hold their traditions more seriously than their laws.  

1. Social Interaction with Russian brides 

Russians usually stay close when conversing, and they speak to each other in a soft manner. Russian chat involves human contact while conversing and sees it as a sign of friendship. Kissing is a common practice usually seen between friends, towards both the opposite and the same gender. Plus, Russians are also known to be stubborn and emotional in their conversations with friends, lovers, and even business associates.

2. Religion 

Religion in Russia has a very powerful influence on their people. Presently, Russian Orthodoxy is the most common religious group dominating the country. They believe in the Trinity, Jesus Christ, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Saints. Moreover, Their saints are known to have different miracle-related abilities, though they still depend on their worshippers.

Attending one of their church services is a mirror to their culture. So, If your date takes you to one of their church services, keep these things in mind:

  • Do not hold hands or hide your hands inside your pocket
  • Do not take pictures or videos
  • Wear a formal attire
  • Do not wear a cap inside

Tips for finding Russian Brides 

Knowing all the information mentioned above is a good start to a great dating experience. Here are some other tips to keep in mind when dating a Russian woman:

  1. Be bold!

    These women look up to men who appear to be strong and confident in both their actions and intentions.   

  • Asking your date if she has a boyfriend signifies that you are interested in her.
  • Show your manly self through body language by having the right posture, maintaining eye contact, and speaking with masculine voice.
  • Be straight to the point with your intentions  

  1. Lead the conversation.

    Russian babesare attracted to men who show leadership, as this makes them feel womanly. Russian women are most willing to yield to the authority of their men.

  2. Don’t let Russian brides pay for your date.

    To a Russian girl, not paying simply for wine or dinner shows something of the man’s personality. But remember, if the woman offers to pay for your date, she is clearly not interested in having a romantic relationship with you.  

  3. Take Russian brides to a proper accommodation.

    In Russian dating,privacy is important. When your date has to travel just to see you somewhere in the city, secure her with the right private place to stay and enjoy your time together.

  4. Study Russian culture and history.

    These beautiful Russian girlsare not just outwardly attractive, they are also very good readers and are well knowledgeable about their classics. Generally, these girls grew up knowing how to play musical instruments and even write poetry. So, try to read on Russia’s interesting history and earn a deeper connection with your date.

  5. Learn their language.

    By learning their language, you will have a stronger connection as these women are fond of showing what they feel and what they think to the men they are conversing with. They somehow get discouraged when they cannot fully express themselves in English.

Russian brides are complex women but they are certainly one of the most beautiful women in the world. Their beauty is exotic and cannot be compared. Moreover, most of these women are powerfully influenced by their culture and history, especially economically. They are truly different and distinguishable from most women from the western countries. Therefore, It is not easy to pursue a Russian woman, but it will be worth your while when you put all your effort into it. You should know that these women are not for the weak-hearted men.