Can Fraysexual Russian Brides Form A Lasting Relationship

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A lot of people find that their attraction toward their Russian brides grows over time. This is what often happens with most Russian Brides too. Getting to know more about the nuances of their personalities and their different quirks makes the interest and admiration grow. But, of course, just like almost every other experience under the sun, it’s not something that is shared by everyone.

With this type of people, it works the other way around. Over time, they find that their attraction slowly starts to fade. Of course, this can cause some problems when it comes to long-lasting relationships.

An example would be if you see Russian beautiful women and instantly feel a strong physical attraction toward them but over time this attraction starts to fade. People like this fall under the ‘fraysexual’ label.

What Is Fraysexuality

Do you notice yourself feeling sexually attracted to Russian brides when you first meet them on Russian girls dating sites?, but once the novelty wears off, you start losing interest? Does being intimate with your partner result in your sexual attraction fading?

With fraysexual people, most of the time their sexual attraction is towards new acquaintances or strangers. What is attractive to fraysexual individuals is the newness and the freshness of those experiences. They end up finding themselves losing sexual interest once they’ve formed a deeper emotional bond with their partner. In the case of having a mailorder Russian bride, it might be a little different because you technically have yet to meet each other. However, it’s important to make the distinction that fraysexual people only lose sexual interest, not necessarily the romantic interest in their partner.

A helpful way of defining fraysexuality is by thinking of them as the opposite of demisexuals, who only experience sexual attraction once they’ve formed an emotional bond.

Sex educator Lateef Taylor also mentions that fraysexuality “falls under the asexuality umbrella, because it names an experience of sexual attraction that falls outside of the ‘standard way’.” A fraysexual person can also use multiple labels as fraysexuality is something that can span genders, romantic orientations, and sexualities. For example, a fraysexual person can consider themselves a gay fraysexual, or a non-binary fraysexual, etc.

There’s no need to think “there are no Russian girls for me” because of the sexuality you identify with, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t mind.

How To Know If You’re Fraysexual

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to call yourself fraysexual even if the things we will be listing out resonate with you, as some people feel that labels are too restrictive. On the other hand, some people feel that having a label for their experience helps them understand themselves better.

With that said, here is a list of things that might help you determine if you fall under the fraysexuality label:

  • Your sexual interest in your partner fades over time.

If your sexual interest in your partner doesn’t ever bounce back the more your romantic and emotional bond intensifies, then there’s a good chance you might be fraysexual.

  • You prefer fewer emotions in your sexual experiences.

Fraysexual people often prefer to focus on the physical sensations of the experience instead of the emotional bond forged. The idea of forming a deeply emotional connection lessening your desire for your partner is often a strong indicator of fraysexuality.

  • You experience a strong attraction to new acquaintances of Russian brides or strangers.

With fraysexuality, you often experience sexual attraction strongest toward strangers or people you’ve just met. Looking at hot Russian brides photos and feeling a strong attraction to them is one example. If you find it easier and more fun to hook up with strangers, then fraysexuality might appeal to you.

Is It Possible For Fraysexual People To Last Long In A Relationship?

It might seem impossible for someone who is fraysexual to maintain a long steady relationship, but it can definitely happen. Granted, it would be a challenge and it can present a lot of potential difficulties, but several experts have agreed that there are ways to make it work. For instance, you can see a lot of Russians and Australians dating sites. Several fraysexual Russian brides Australia have relationships that do indeed last long.

It’s usually easier for fraysexual people to date other fraysexual people with the mutual understanding that the loss of sexual interest does not necessarily mean the loss of romantic interest. Some partners of fraysexual people find that their emotional and romantic bonds are more than enough to sustain their relationship.

It’s also possible to be in a consensually non-monogamous relationship with your long-term partner. Relationships structured like this allow fraysexual people to explore their physical attraction to strangers and recent acquaintances, while still maintaining that stability and emotional connection that only their long-term partner can provide.

In the case of a monogamous relationship, it only requires adjusting expectations and making sure you and your partner are of mutual understanding of what these expectations are. When you look for Russian women for marriage, it’s highly likely that you’ll find one who does not mind being with a fraysexual person and enters the relationship already knowing what to expect.

At the end of the day, communication is key. Regardless of how you want to navigate your fraysexuality or your partner’s fraysexuality in long-term relationships, it’s important to be open with your partner. Communicate what your needs and wants are. Be honest with each other about how you feel and make sure to listen and respect what the other has to say.

Final Thoughts

The short answer is ‘yes’. It is possible for fraysexual people to form lasting relationships with Russian brides. Fraysexuality is a completely valid experience to relate to. Another distinction to make is that fraysexuality is not the same as having a fear of commitment. While commitment phobia is something that a person can eventually overcome through therapy or other means, fraysexuality is simply outside of your control. It is not something you can ‘recover’ from and there’s definitely no need to recover from it either.

So, if you think there is no chance of a good long-term relationship for you because you identify as fraysexual or if your relationship with someone who is fraysexual won’t last long, then you’re thinking wrong. There are definitely a lot of people who fall under the fraysexual people out there and end up having a relationship that lasts long term. So don’t be scared to whip out those free Russian dating sites and start looking for a romantic experience that lasts a lifetime.