Brazilian Brides, Watch Out For Future Faking

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Brazilian brides, as well as ladies from any other country, could be victims of future faking if they don’t notice the red flags on time. Future faking is a technique used by manipulators to build connections; they share a vision of a future with someone without any certainty that it will happen. By giving hope or telling their partners what they want to hear, they manage to manipulate them into relationships, which can lead to disappointments and a range of other consequences.  

Why Are Manipulators Future Faking?

In order to get the attention of a Brazil girl, a future faker could come up with any lie. Instead of focusing on building a real connection based on honesty and similarities, future fakers see this technique as a better and faster way to make someone grow feelings for them. Frequently, future fakers that are trying to impress Brazilian babes are narcissists that do not think whether they will hurt the ladies they are telling those stories to; all they care about is whether these beautiful girls will fall in love with those ideas so the manipulators can get all the benefits of relationships that they are looking for.

How Can Brazilian Brides Spot Future Faking?

Making plans for the future is normal in long relationships. However, when someone shares a set of plans and promises on some of the first dates, it is an immediate red flag for Brazil ladies. Logically, future fakers do not know enough about their dates and they still make plans and promise an amazing future, which itself is worrisome and thought-triggering. Thus, the first sign of future faking is early plan-making and exaggeration. Following that is the inability of future fakers to remember their promises shortly after they made them. If a hot Brazilian girl falls for this technique, she will expect those plans to take place but they never will. Since the future faker cannot stop this type of manipulation until getting to desired results, they will continue to promise and talk about the future but if none of it comes true, the girl that believed it will, sadly, be one of the victims of future faking.

Future fakers say things a Brazilian wife wants to hear

When they meet women in Brazil, future fakers will analyze their personalities so they could come up with things those ladies want to hear. If they meet women on a Brazil dating site, the manipulators will carefully go through the profiles of their potential dates and learn as many details as possible. Following that, future fakers will listen to their girls talk about their wishes and dreams at the beginning and they will start promising them all those things they wish they could have or experience.

Examples of future faking:

“I will love you like no one ever has.”

“You won’t have to work once you marry me. You will have a great and wealthy life.”

“I will have a great relationship with your family.”

“We will travel the world together.”

“We will have many pets since you like them so much.”

“We will buy a house of your dreams.”

While all the promises might realistic, future fakers usually use “someday” when they make them. They will not say specifically when those plans will occur or how they will achieve them and that is another red flag that a hot Brazilian girl must detect.

Dealing with Future Faking

One of the things to know when dating a Brazilian woman is that they don’t like to wait around and listen to unrealistic stories, which is an amazingly beneficial feature against future fakers. Since manipulators and narcissists make promises but never execute them, ladies must be direct and confront them.

If the partner keeps promising new things each day, a Brazil girl must ask about details on how he plans to make that certain plan happen. If he promises to take her on a memorable vacation, she should ask where he plans to take her, how, and when; rather than just smiling through it. Also, if the relationship progresses, she should continue to ask him about everything he promised and get updates. If he is a future faker indeed, a Brazilian lady will notice shortly because he will never have anything specific to say but will just continue making empty promises that she wants to hear. Ultimately, if it is proven that all the man does is future fake and he does not truly intend to do any of the things he envisioned, it is recommended to confront the partner or end the relationship eventually.