Are Belarusian Women Cold-hearted?

Are you easily irked with dating people who are very loud or get bothered by the kind of people who are very emotional? If that’s the case, then dating Belarusian women would give you the break you deserve.

Belarusian women

According to the most recent survey from Gallup, one of the most prominent advisories and analytics companies, Belarusians are one of the least emotional people in the world. Along with Singapore, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, they had an overall score of 36% to 38%.

This means that less than four in ten respondents answered “yes” when asked if they had experienced either negative or positive emotions on a daily basis. The positive emotions include but are not limited to, experiencing joy, feeling rested, feeling respected, or smiling or laughing a lot. Meanwhile, negative emotions include sadness, anxiety, anger, or stress.

Why are Belarusians Inexpressive?

Several people might assume that it’s because of their unfortunate history with World War II (WWII) or their 70 years in the USSR. Some speculate it might even be due to the Chernobyl incident. Some might even say it’s a national trait they have.

Well, some of those reasons have studies to support them – but they’re not all proven. The reason behind this very baffling question is simpler than you might think – it’s because of their WEATHER.

The climate in Belarus is continental which is mostly cold winters and relatively warm summers, with two very short intermediate seasons. Therefore, most of their year is mostly rainy and gloomy, thus affecting the emotional state of people there. However, this doesn’t mean that Belarusians are inexpressive people.

You can view this gallery as proof that Belarusians can express emotions more than you think they can. So the next time you visit Belarus, you might want to smile at them very warmly and you might just get the warmest one back, especially from Belarusian women.

5 Facts about Belarus Women

Belarus brides

First, a disclaimer – all women have their distinct personalities and uniqueness. However, the following facts would show why Belarus ladies are one of the best:

1. 5.1 Million and Counting

As of early 2018, women are dominating their country’s population at 53.4%. For men, that means more chances of winning a woman’s heart, right?

2. Beauty and Brains

Aside from the women mostly having blue eyes and being tall, most of them have long hair – in short, most of them are very beautiful and also very smart. One survey found out that in the country, every 3rd female who’s engaged in economic activity has higher education. It’s always nice to have intelligent conversations on a first date.

3. Long Lives

Belarus has over 400 women who are centenarians, meaning they are a hundred years old or over. Their average life expectancy for women is up to 77 years old. Now it’s not shocking to know that 4 of those 400 women are actually over 115 years old!

4. Very Tall

The average height of a Belarusian woman is at 166cm, placing them at the top 10 countries with the tallest women according to research by the Imperial College of London.

5. Internet Savvy

As of 2017, 73.3% of women who are 16-72 years old are internet users, of which 74% are daily users. Therefore, finding a Belarus woman on a mobile dating site has become a lot easier.

Belarusian Women vs. Russian Women

Belarusian Women vs. Russian Women

Most European women have a lot in common, and the most commonly compared are the Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians. However, there will always be differences to be taken note of. And now we will focus on the differences between Russian girls and Belarusian girls.

1. Upbringing

The majority of Russian women grew up in a patriarchal family that considers a man to have more rights and responsibilities than women. While in Belarus, women are considered as a man’s equal, thus they have more contribution to the family’s dynamics.

2. Goals

Belarusian women are known for being strong and with great ambitions. Therefore, while you can chat with Russian ladies about anything, you might want to rethink more intelligent conversations for Belarusians.

3. Family-Oriented

Most of the women in Belarus are very motivated to get married, have a family, and settle down compared to Russian women.

You can also look at a Russian women gallery or a gallery of photos of Belarusian women so you can compare them for yourself.

Where to Meet Belarusian or Russian Women?

In theory, it is best for you to meet Russian women online. The same applies to Belarusian women.

For one thing, most Belarusian women are not fans of talking to random men on the streets. Also, if you’re a tourist or a foreigner, they might not be ready to leave the country or be interested in moving with you abroad.

Another thing nowadays is that it’s very common to find a Russian girl online dating because, in a dating website, you can take time to create a conversation without any pressure. Moreover, when you feel like you’ve known each other long enough, you can choose to have a chat video Russian then you can move on to whatever the next level you want to be.


Belarus is not the country of cold-hearted people. In fact, they are one of the nicest people on Earth – you just have to get to know them better. You can either go to their country personally or choose to utilize these growing numbers of mobile dating apps and sites, and maybe one of these days you’ll get to meet the girl of your dreams!

P.S. Not sure about Belarusian women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other European countries. For example, a girl from Russia or a woman from Ukraine or even Moldova.