All the Reasons Why Eastern European Brides Like Average-Looking Men

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Believe it or not, Eastern European Brides prefer to meet average-looking men online than model-type guys! If you were hitting the gym or sucking in your belly just to appear fit and hot on your photos, it’s time to quit that! There is nothing better and more attractive to girls than a man being confident about himself; even more confident than fitness freaks.

According to a recent study, women will more likely message a man that rates himself as 5/10 looks-wise than a man who rates himself as 9/10 or 10/10. Why?

Reasons why Eastern European Brides Like Average-Looking Men

They Are Real

Women mostly believe that men that look too good don’t need dating sites to find their matches. Well, that is wrong. Just like hot Eastern European women, some men simply cannot find “the one”, no matter how good they look. In any case, when a man that looks average appears on a dating platform, girls don’t have doubts about him.

If you upload professional photos where you look extremely handsome, women on dating sites might think that you are using someone else’s photos. When they see photos that are “too good”, they instantly qualify the profile as “fake”; they don’t send a message to the profile owner and they don’t reply to messages either. Taking that into account, you should take average photos and upload them to dating apps. You will have a better chance for Eastern Europe dating because nobody will doubt your identity.

They are Not Looking at The Mirror Non-Stop

People that train every day and have six-packs typically like to look at the mirror for a long time and admire the results of their work. Gradually, they tend to become self-centered with extremely high egos. If you date European women, you will realize that they truly don’t appreciate self-centered people.

A gym enthusiast makes everyone around him feel like they should hit the gym as well. In some cases, however, girls don’t want to be pressured to work out or eat healthily; they just want to be happy about themselves. An average-looking man is not so preoccupied with physical appearance. Thus, he doesn’t make others feel bad about a poor form or unhealthy meals.

Lower Risk of Cheating

East European wife might be less jealous and possessive if you don’t look spectacularly good physically. In fact, many women intentionally look for men that look average so they don’t have to worry about other girls so much. A man with average looks doesn’t get too much attention from women so he isn’t tempted to cheat often. Although your girl should trust you regardless of the appearance, she will feel slightly more at peace if she knows girls are not writing to you frequently or expressing their feelings.

Eastern Europe Girls Like Traditional Men

Dating Eastern European ladies will be a life-changing experience that you will never forget. It will not only bring a special woman into your life; it may also change your views in some fields. For example, Russian girls like men that look strong and traditional, without following all today’s trends.

Traditional-looking men don’t necessarily have pretty facial features. Their charm is in the tough style and behavior that make them real protectors. It is not a secret that girls in Russia love to date men that make them feel safe and sound. There is a major difference between American women vs European women. While Americans appreciate uniqueness and innovation, Slavic girls stick to the same old styles. Therefore, if your looks are not your most highlighted feature but you have other virtues, stay free of worries. You will do great on a dating site!

Feeling Comfortable sign up now

Even the most beautiful woman in Europe needs someone to feel comfortable with. Many men approach girls that look nice. However, these ladies don’t reply to everyone; only to the ones that seem interesting.

If you are an average-looking guy, your girl will feel comfortable to share her struggles with you. Typically, fitness enthusiasts keep their bodies and everything else in their lives under control all the time. They eat, sleep, and do everything else at specific times. They also talk about personal achievements often and show off their well-built bodies. While there is nothing wrong with those characteristics, it could make girls feel uncomfortable. This point may affect ladies that have been “starting the gym from the next Monday” for a long time… It could make them feel unaccomplished and bad about themselves.

Authenticity is the Key

Eastern European brides are more attracted to authenticity than beauty. They would choose an authentic, interesting man with average looks over a handsome, bored model anytime. The only thing that average-looking men are missing sometimes is confidence.

When you register to a dating website, make sure to create a profile that will highlight your authenticity; it will attract more ladies than any professional photo!