9 Tips on Spotting a Narcissist in Belarus Dating

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While online dating has made the dating scene so much easier for shy and introverted guys, it doesn’t come without its fair share of dangers. When you try those awesome Belarus dating sites, it’s not uncommon that you’ll run into a narcissist.

Okay, you may think that narcissists only comprise a small percentage of all the beautiful Belarusian girls on these dating websites. And you may be right, but just think– what if you were unlucky enough to end up with a covert narcissist?

That’s why you need to brush up on your psychology lessons. We’ve got 9 tips that can help you spot narcissists. That way, you can avoid them and go with the Belarusian women who are really after true love. Don’t worry though, because not everyone in online dating is toxic. You just need to filter out the ones that are– like you would do in regular dating.

9 Useful Tips for Narcissist Spotting

1. Know Your Enemy

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Half the battle is won if you already know your enemy. So, the first thing that you must do is know what narcissists are in general. Here is a quick narcissist definition that you can use as your reference:

According to Mayoclinic, a narcissist is a person with a mental disorder that encourages an over-inflated sense of self-worth with a need for constant attention and admiration. A narcissist is someone who likes the world to be centered upon him or her but is deep down fragile to criticisms and not being accepted.

So this is the general definition of a narcissist. Knowing this definition is the first step to spotting and handling one. In the next tips, we’ll give more red flags and tips– just make sure you hold on to this definition.

2. Always Looking Good

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When spotting a narcissist among Belarus women in the online dating scene, the first stop is the profile. Notice the little details in the profile of a seemingly hot woman. First of all, look at the photos that she posts. While it is normal for women to take a lot of selfies and to look good for the camera, it’s another story if she looks like she came from the salon all the time.

3. Production Value

Did you know that narcissists have the equipment of an actual picture studio? This is no joke! One of the guys from our team can attest to that. He dated a girl that had a whole studio in her house– complete with tripods, camera lights, and all other things you’ll see in a mini influencer type studio.

He actually thought that she was an influencer or maybe had an affinity for photography which was really cool. But he later found out that all this equipment was used for taking selfies on social media. She would then PM her friends to like, comment, and share her photos.

4. A Profile That Aims to Please Charmdate

Narcissists thrive on being the center of attention. That’s why their profiles are aimed at pleasing. In fact, a journal article from Elsevier entitled Personality and Individual Differences attests to that. The study found that common factors among narcissists’ profiles include the constant use of the word “I” or “Me” as well as sexy or provocative images (not necessarily revealing).

5. Sexual Language

Also, look for provocative language. Since their profile aims to please, it’s not uncommon for narcissists to use sexual language that’s a bit more suggestive than the average dating profile. It’s all a part of their short term mating strategy.

6. Status Updates Every Second

When you find a girl in an online dating site, we highly recommend you view her social media profiles and look for consistent status updates (or Tweets). Narcissists need validation all the time which is why they always post stuff to get people to engage. They need to know what people think. That’s definitely a red flag to watch out for.

7. Content

While quantity is a good factor to look at, quality is another one. You need to see what the woman posts in order to know if she is a narcissist. If her profile, pictures, statuses, and videos are all about her (like if her profile shouts “LOOK AT ME!”), then see it as a red flag. If you see constant selfies in the gym, selfies in travels, selfies in achievements, think twice.

8. Constant I Love You’s at the First Date

Now, there are some narcissists that can hide their true nature. But don’t worry, it’s not too late! Even if you’ve already reached the first or second date, you can still spot them. One sign is if they keep on using the word “love” on the first date. Of course, this raises the question, “can a narcissist fall in love?”

They actually can, but their love is a self-serving kind, wherein they lose interest quickly once they win the “game”.

9. Humble Bragging

Finally, look for little signs of humble bragging and self-centered conversations. One of the ways on how to deal with a narcissist is to steer the spotlight from her. If you do this and you notice that she is pissed, you’re dealing with a narcissist.


And there you have it! You now know how to spot a narcissist. Even though online dating is actually a great place to find love, you still can’t prevent toxic people from entering the sanctuary where you can find beautiful Belarus brides. Just like in face-to-face dating, you must avoid these toxic people.

The beauty of online dating is that it’s easier to spot narcissists because you have profiles and pictures to give you your red flags. As long as you know how to spot them, you should be totally fine.