2021 Internet Slang Terms You Must Learn with Russian Brides

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If you want to meet Russian brides on the internet, you need to get familiar with internet slang terms related to dating. Russian members on online dating sites mostly speak English fluently. If you live in a country where English is the first language, some of them might even know popular terms better than you! For that reason, when you decide to open the door to internet dating, you should know the slang terms if you don’t want to look clueless. Every year the internet makes us learn a few new words at least. It’s time to update the slang dictionary for 2021.

Netflix and Chill

One of the most famous slang terms on the list! It means inviting someone over to watch a movie or a show on Netflix, which is actually a date leading to having sex. If you need some tips on dating a Russian woman, one of the first ones is to be romantic and attentive. Having a Netflix and chill night is a good start! While people mostly stop watching Netflix to make love, having a few movie nights without any sexual activity at the beginning is preferred by Russian brides.

Casual Relationship

Having a casual relationship with a hot Russian chick means not being fully committed or official but getting some of the relationship benefits. Therefore, people in casual relationships have sex and hang out from time to time. However, they don’t necessarily meet each other’s friends and family or show off the relationship publicly.  


This is a mainstream term that refers to people pretending to be someone else online. Someone that is telling people a different name, age, gender, or anything else identity-related, is catfishing. On the other hand, if a person on the internet is telling you false information and you believe it, you are being catfished! Russian mature women are very sincere and they expect honesty in return. To make sure nobody is catfishing you, video call that person in the early stages of the relationship and find out the most you can about her life.


A simp is a person that tries too hard to impress or please someone, without being valued or appreciated enough. Also, a simp puts the person they like/love first and cares less about everything and everyone else. If you care about your Russian babe only and you cut your old friends just to be available for her all the time and you do everything for her just to make her like you… you are a simp! Let this term be the wake-up call to stop being one.


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Ghosting means disappearing from someone’s life without saying goodbye. It’s when you start ignoring your chat buddy because you don’t feel like talking to them anymore. It doesn’t have to be because you are upset with them or anything similar; you simply lost interest in that person.

That Ain’t It

“That ain’t it” is a self-explanatory phrase. It means that something is just not what you expected or wanted it to be. It’s not something you’ve been looking for. For example, you could meet a hot Russian girl with great personality traits but you still won’t feel fulfilled. That ain’t it – not what you need, not what makes you happy. You can use the term for anything! Food, friendship, photo, song, anything that just ain’t it.

Slide into DMs

You are saying hello to Russian girls for the first time so you are sliding into their Direct Messages! The function is available on most social media and dating sites. Therefore, when you like someone and you want to start communicating with them, you can do the DM slide.


This word is not entirely new but it gained more popularity in 2021. It refers to people that don’t experience sexual attraction. It does not mean that they cannot have sex but they don’t need it a way most other people do. When you are dating Russian women, you could come across this term when your partner tells you that something/someone doesn’t seem interested in sex at all (it could be her as well). Rather than not understanding what she means, you will be able to comment on the topic. If she is talking about someone else, you can ask her why she has that opinion. In case she is talking about herself, this subject will require further discussion. You will need to learn more about her asexuality and how to deal with it.


When a person is possessive over someone but they don’t want to date them, yet they don’t want to let go either, they are “benching” them. This term derives from sports. There are always players on the bench, waiting to come into the game but the coach just doesn’t ever pick them up. Thus, all they can do is watch and hope to get picked one day. Women in Russian language do not have a word that specifies this occurrence. Since they are very active on dating sites, they use the English term. If your lady feels that you are keeping her on hold for too long, without making your relationship official, she may ask if you are benching her. The case could also be the other way around, where you will be the one avoiding being benched.