Your Chinese Girl Is Flirting with Other Guys? This is What You Should Do

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Being in a relationship with a Chinese girl can be challenging because of the beauty and charm of these ladies. People often misinterpret the angelic faces and kind behavior of Chinese pretty women as flirting. In many cases, they are only being kind and considerate. In other cases, however, they could really be flirty. Before you start thinking about what to do to stop her from doing it, consider a few reasons why your lady may be flirting with other men.

Possible Reasons Why Your Chinese Girl Flirts with Others

– She’s having fun

Dating a Chinese girl is very exciting because these wonderful ladies love to have fun. Surely, you started dating after flirting for a while as well. She may miss that fun in her life now so she doesn’t miss a chance to flirt with others.

– She wants your attention

Your woman might flirt with other guys to get your attention. She will seek it everywhere; including chatting with other users on Chinese dating sites. If that’s the reason, she will flirt in front of you; leave her phone unlocked, hoping you will see the messages others send her; tell you that some man flirted with her, etc. She will say anything to make you a little bit jealous at least and try to get your attention.

– Insecurities

Chinese girls can also flirt with guys because they feel insecure. Getting a good reaction from men boosts the confidence of these pretty ladies.

– You are not flirting with her enough

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If the girl you are dating really likes to flirt and you are not flirting enough with her, she may look for that thrill elsewhere. Do not stop being playful and flirty once you start dating. It should be a part of your relationship.

What You Should do If Your Hot Chinese Girl Flirts with Other Men

1. Make sure you are right

Before doing something about your girl being flirty, make sure she really is first. China girls are kind and loving by nature. She may be just polite to others and you could misinterpret it. Observe her behavior with everyone, not only guys. If she acts the same with girls, the elderly, kids, and most other men, then she’s not flirting; that’s her usual behavior! On the other hand, if you notice that she acts a certain way only around guys (or specific guys), then she is flirting with them, indeed!

2. Don’t lose your confidence

China dating sites are full of gorgeous women that would be happy to meet you, even if your current relationship doesn’t work. Do not get desperate and lose confidence because she is flirting with other people. She is not the last girl you will ever meet! If she keeps doing something that you don’t like, you may find someone that won’t do it. Remember your value and don’t forget it.

3. Are you flirting with other Chinese girls?

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Before you complain about your girl flirting with others, take a look at yourself. Are you flirting with other women? Do you use China dating sites to meet other beautiful ladies, apart from your partner? If you do, that may be one of the reasons why she is doing it as well. To call her out, you need to stop doing it first. The same things that bother you are surely bothering your lady as well. Perhaps you didn’t find it serious until you saw how it looks like from a different perspective. If you want both of you to only flirt with each other, be an example of what you preach! Likewise, if you want to keep flirting with other women and you don’t mind if your girl flirts with other people, then you don’t have to take any action. As long as you both have fun and don’t cross the limits (that you set) with others, keep doing what makes you both happy!

4. Talk about the issue

After you questioned yourself, observed her behavior and everything is still indicating that she is flirting with others and you don’t like it, you need to talk to her. Chinese wives are good listeners and great communicators. When she flirts with someone openly, ask her why she is doing that. Tell her about some of the times when you noticed it. She may not be aware of it until you point it out. Stay calm during the conversation, without any heated reactions, and try to find a solution together.

5. Talk about the future of your relationship

If you intend to have a Chinese marriage, this would be a good chance to talk about your future. From the way she responds to your complaints, you will see whether she cares about your feelings or not. If your girl is denying your feelings (telling you that she’s not hurting you, although you know she does) it means that she isn’t understanding. If she wants the future with you, she will do her best to find a way around the issue. She won’t simply reject what you said and keep doing the same.

Wait Patiently

After you try your best to make her understand the problem, give her some time. Don’t expect her to stop doing everything that bothers you immediately. When you meet in Chinese environment, she may get especially excited around people. Thus, she could get “too kind” again and you won’t like it. Don’t react too quickly! Tell her quietly that she is doing something you dislike and that you already talked about before. In most cases, she will start paying more attention, and gradually stop doing what bothers you.

Of course, to do all that, your girl needs to care about you. As long as you feel she does and the reason she’s flirting is not that she wants to break up with you, you can fight to make things right. However, if she is into other guys because she’s not into you, you will have two solutions: try to make your Chinese girl fall in love with you truly or let her go.