Skills That Women Love in Vietnamese Dating

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There are skills that some women in Vietnamese dating find impressive, and attractive. Even though many say that skills are not masculine or feminine, certain skills bring out the best features of each gender.

In fact, you do not need to spend a lot of money in the Vietnamese dating scene. With that said, continue reading to know the skills that can make Vietnamese brides say, you are Mr. Right.

Repairing Things for Vietnamese Girls

Even though most women know how to fix their cars, deal with plumbing problems, and change tires, hot Vietnamese girls can still be impressed if they know you know how to fix things.

In fact, they even find men attractive when they see them working around the house. That is why you should not feel awkward when doing housework.

You don’t even need to have fancy equipment; you just need the proper tools for basic repairs. For example, you can invest in essential tools such as pliers, utility knives, wrench, flashlight, and a screwdriver set.


When it comes to driving, this doesn’t mean racing around town and going at a speed of 90 miles per hour. Instead, the driving skill that impresses many ladies is knowing how to drive both automatic and manual cars. In Vietnamese dating, driving is a skill that man must have.

Aside from this, another impressive skill is when your driving doesn’t make them feel scared. Many men think that women find it attractive when they drive like the actors in the Fast and the Furious movies. However, this is actually the opposite.

In fact, women like men who can always make them feel safe, including while riding in their cars.

Playing An Instrument sign up now

While playing an instrument won’t result in women chasing after you, this will help you show your creative side, which piques the interest of many Vietnamese women.

You can also express your sensibility through music, which can impress women. Moreover, it also has the added benefit of developing your brain, improving your alertness and long-term memory.


While it’s not recommended that you get into fights just to show this skill off, it can impress women when they see men who can defend themselves against those who cause troubles.

Not only can this skill impress women, but it can also be instrumental in dangerous situations. Moreover, you don’t have to have fancy moves, too.

You can just take basic self-defense classes to learn the fundamental skills. However, remember to use these skills for good, as your Vietnamese girlfriend will be more impressed if you do.

Speaking Another Language in Vietnamese Dating

Studying another language is incredibly challenging but rewarding. For example, when meeting someone from a Viet dating online app, you can impress them when they hear you speaking in another language when ordering.

Aside from this, knowing how to speak another language also shows them how sophisticated and well-traveled you are. This can be impressive to your dates, mainly if they have never visited another country.

Although it takes years to master a language, women can still be impressed when they see how hard you’re trying to learn a new language. After all, it shows your dedication, willingness, and openness towards other cultures.

There are even numerous language learning apps you can download to help you with this. You can also ask your date to help you out by speaking with her in her native language.

Having Manners in Vietnamese Dating

There is a big difference between superficial and genuine manners. Unfortunately, many men are unaware of this difference, so genuine manners tend to be rarer these days.

With that said, superficial manners are the behavior men show only when they want to impress women. On the other hand, genuinely well-mannered men display good behavior, no matter who they’re talking to or whatever situation they’re in.

Vietnamese girls will quickly notice if you’re only displaying superficial manners, so it would be best to be genuine at all times if you want to impress them.

Having a sense of humor

A man who has a good sense of humor is always fascinating to women. Not only for your Vietnamese girlfriend, but even your non-female friends will enjoy your company when you give them a good laugh. In fact, well-known comedians always receive warm welcomes wherever they go.

So, even though you are not the comedic type, you can still try learning a few good jokes. For example, how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you? Making her laugh is a good indicator.   

Learning to Dance

Women love men enthusiastic about showcasing their moves on the dance floor and dancing the night away. Of course, many women might join, but they will enjoy your confidence to dance even if they feel shy to do it.

However, this skill can also be challenging to gain or show off because many men tend to worry about how others will judge their moves. If so, here are some simple dance moves you can do:

  • Learning basic dance steps that you can do when stuck
  • Feeling the rhythm of the music and letting yourself loose
  • Making eye contact with your dance partner

While you can’t expect them to clear the dance floor and make way so you can show your moves, you can still impress women because you are someone who knows how to party and have fun.


While most think that cooking instant noodles are already considered cooking, this is not the case. However, this also doesn’t mean you need to prepare gourmet meals.

Instead, you can find many easy and affordable meals you can whip up for a date night. This will impress your date since virtually all women are impressed by those who know how to move around the kitchen. Vietnamese mail order brides admire men who don’t depend on women to take care of everything in the house.

If you’re not too confident yet, you can start by trying to cook meals for yourself and see what you can work on. For example, you can try making dishes such as steak and pasta.

When you’re confident enough about your skills, you can invite your date to taste your cooking. However, don’t forget to ask if your date has allergies and other restrictions while preparing. After all, you wouldn’t want to run to the emergency room during date night, do you?


Finally, you know the various skills you can focus on to impress women. However, you have to remember that you don’t really need to do something that makes you unhappy just to impress a woman.

After all, every woman is different, so the skills they find attractive vary from person to person.