How to Tell If a Vietnamese Woman Likes You

Knowing how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you is important. These positive signs that some women give can be some sort of encouragement for you to push through to the dating stage.

These are gestures or signs that are sometimes thought of as “normal”, so to help you spot them better and eventually point you to the right path, here’s a list of positive signs from Vietnamese women you should look for.

Vietnam dating

  • A vietnamese woman rests her head on your shoulder.

This sign might not show in the early part of your first date because ideally, you two would be having a meal whilst sitting opposite each other rather than side by side. However, later on, there is a high possibility of experiencing this, especially when your date likes to sit on park benches. If you’re talking about things whilst sitting side by side, and a Vietnamese woman who likes you often rests her head on your shoulder, it’s a sign to help how to tell if a Vietnamese woman  likes you and is getting comfortable with you.

  • She rests her legs on your lap.

Not a lot of people will feel comfortable and confident enough to rest their legs on their date’s lap, but Vietnamese babes do. In fact, they do this to show to their date that they really like them and that things are going well. To encourage her, you can massage her legs while they are on your lap, sending her the message that you got her message.

  • She holds your arm.

When you’re talking and she starts to hold your arm, take it as a good sign. The gesture can mean many things, but in Vietnam dating, it can mean that she’s feeling more secure about you and spending time with you, and so she starts holding on to you both literally and figuratively.

When she does this, it might be a good idea to place your hand over her hand that’s on your arm to pass on to her some of your warmth.

  • A Vietnamese woman bites her lip.

Beautiful Vietnamese women know how to be obvious with their wants as well, and one of the most obvious signs they give their dates is biting their lips. This sign is actually internationally known to be a positive sign in dating so it’s quite easy to spot it.

Some women may do this boldly, giving their clear intentions, while others may do it unconsciously. Either way, this is a good sign for you.

  • She bats her eyelashes.

Another well-known sign of a date going well is when the woman bats her eyelashes at you. Vietnamese ladies are not very different in this aspect. If at any point in your date or your video chat in a Vietnamese dating website, while looking at her lovely face, you notice her batting her eyelashes at your, give yourself a little pat at the back – it’s good news.

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  • She has her hand on her thigh.

Some might see this as a sign of nervousness, but first, if it really is a sign of nervousness, that does not necessarily mean it’s bad news for you. She can just be nervous for many reasons. Second, if she is nervous, this can just mean that she is equally excited as you.

One thing is quite sure, though, and it’s that this is one of the ways on how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you. What you can do here is reach for her hand and put it on your lap. This would convey a positive message between the two of you.

Beautiful Vietnamese women

  • She brushes her hand against yours.

Some women prefer to show their signs in a really subtle way. Maybe they’re nervous or maybe they’re shy but whatever the reason is, it’s good to watch out for these signs if only to encourage the growing connection between you two.

One of these is her brushing her hand against yours. It may seem accidental, but you’ll more likely feel a fluttering in your stomach once it happens.

  • She cuddles up to you.

Bolder and more expressive women sometimes do not bother with subtleties. Their actions are so obvious it will not leave room for any doubt.

Just like how Vietnamese women cuddle up to the person they like. When you’re dating a Vietnamese woman and she seems to like cuddling with you, it can mean that she really likes you.

  • She touches your face.

Touching one’s face is a very intimate act. So much so that when she does this to you, it’s almost a complete affirmation that she really likes you. She can do this at any point.

She can do this while you’re saying something, when she’s cooking, when you’re cleaning, or even when you’re just having coffee. To make the gesture more tender and the moment sweeter, touch her hand that’s on your face.

  • She smiles at you often.

The last but not the least in the list is the good old-fashioned smile. You can never go wrong with a good smile as a woman rarely smiles a lot if she doesn’t like the man she’s with. So, if she gives you that genuine precious smile often, know that you’re doing something right.


Most of the ways on how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you include physical contact so they shouldn’t be easy to miss. Take these hints to heart before you go on your date so you can look for them should you feel the need for some kind of encouragement. Good luck!

P.S In order to make the most of your Vietnam trip, learn more about Vietnamese women before going.