Meet Hot Viet Girl – the Sexiest Influencers to Follow in Vietnam

Plenty of new things have emerged over the years because of the Internet and the continuous advancement of other forms of technology. One of these news trends is hot Viet girl influencers. Over the years, many bloggers, vloggers, and influencers have started their careers on social media platforms.

Plenty of new things have emerged over the years because of the Internet and the continuous advancement of other forms of technology. One of these news trends is hot Viet girl influencers. Over the years, many bloggers, vloggers, and influencers have started their careers on social media platforms.

People welcomed them with open arms not only for their looks but also for what they represent. They shed light on a number of various topics, which is also part of the reason they catch the attention of the public. Some of them are about beauty, but most are dealing with fitness and lifestyles. Almost all countries have their own set of influencers, and that includes Vietnam, the country of beautiful Vietnamese babes.

Vietnam has had its own fair share of beauty over the years. Now, it is coming out of its shell more and more, and that can be seen through its amazing influencers. Below are some of the most influential Vietnamese women the country has.

  • 10. Tracy Trang

tracy trang

The first on the list is Tracy Trang. Looking at her social media accounts, one will know that she is not about to give tips on how to tell if a Vietnamese girl likes you, but on fitness instead. She cares about fitness quite seriously. This may very well be the reason for her more than 300 thousand followers on Instagram. It can be inferred that most of these followers are into fitness as well, or at the very least, looking for some inspiration – something that they can surely get from Tracy Trang.

Tracy Trang may be one of the best-looking Vietnamese babes in the country. Aside from her beautiful face, she also has a very fit and healthy body. Just look at her photos on her social media accounts. To further drive the point, she has a few recognitions under her belt. She is a very good mentor at California Fitness & Yoga Centers Vietnam. Moreover, she is an instructor or a trainer at Renaissance Vietnam, Inc. Topping both is her being a fitness influencer and blogger, content creator, brand ambassador, and owner of Euro Fitness Nutrition Vietnam. This lady sure is a good influencer of healthy living and fitness.

  • 9. Elly Tran Ha

Elly Tran Ha

Elly Tran Ha is not short of recognition. She is a Vietnamese-American model, Instagram influencer, and actress. She was born in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, but she grew up in America.  Elly Tran Ha began her career as a model at quite a young age. A singer, Thuy Top, discovered her, seeing how her face is one of those special ones among Vietnamese girls. Her photos have since been uploaded on different platforms, then she received the opportunity to work for and be signed by a modeling agency. She is an amazing model. Proving that is her good career track. She has worked with the best magazines in the world, including Foreign Magazine. In 2013, she was deemed as the world’s hottest model.

As a career-oriented Vietnamese girl, She further advanced her career by launching an online game show in Indonesia – RAN Return.

  • 8. Mai Phương Thúy

Mai Phương Thúy

The next one on the list is a woman any man would want to be involved within Vietnamese dating – Mai Phương Thúy. She is a Vietnamese actress as well as a model and beauty pageant titleholder. She is actually the tenth Miss Vietnam. After that, she competed in Miss World in 2006. There, she made it to the top 17 and was the only contestant from East Asia. She only had the highest online votes in the zone of Asia-Pacific.

Her career did not end there. She started playing roles in movies. In 2007, she was given the lead role for the movie “Negative”.  It may be one of her most notable roles as the movie was a true-to-life story of Lam Uyen Nhi, a victim of HIV/AIDS.

  • 7. Thái Ngọc San

Thái Ngọc San

Thái Ngọc San is clearly one of the top influencers in Vietnam as well. Taking a peek at her social media accounts, such as Instagram, one will see that she has quite a number of followers. In fact, she is now followed by 20,835 people. That is a big number. Any man who sees her would dream of finding a Vietnamese wife. Both girls and boys follow her, and most of them do so because she inspires them with her lifestyle.

  • 6. Võ Thị Ngọc Ngân


Known as Ngan 98 on social media, or Võ Thị Ngọc Ngân in real life is famous for her beauty and alluring physique. She is also famously called the “hot chest girl” or “hot girl market”. This young and beautiful lady loves to show off her bold appearance despite a lot of criticisms thrown at her. She breaks the stereotype that people may have for Vietnamese girls by being bold and rebelling. If you hope to find Vietnamese brides, do remember these ladies appreciate men who respect women. Although she’s a bit straightforward when it comes to her words, this doesn’t stop her hundred thousand followers to continue supporting her. After all, she’s got the beauty and body that most girls would die for.

  • 5. TRANG LÊ


This next influencer gives us a glimpse of her working routine. She’s no other than TRANG LÊ. This famous Vietnamese fitness coach and influencer spends most of her time in the gym. Her fans are not only following her fitness plans but also the active lifestyle she leads.



Nguyễn Cao Kỳ Duyên is one of the biggest fashionistas in Vietnam. She got well known when she was crowned Miss Vietnam 2014. Kỳ Duyên’s exotic charm was noted ever since. She also shows great talent in fashion. Her career as a fashionista started to take off. Her knack for the most recent trend keeps her relevant in Vietnam’s high society and the unique sense of fashion.

  • 3. Hana Dinh (Vietnamese name: Đinh Ngọc Thùy Dung)

hana bunny

Hana Dinh, as a popular cosplayer is known as Hana Bunny. She’s based in California, and she often appears in cosplay conventions.

As a very popular girl in the cosplay world, Hana Bunny is not afraid to show off her assets which attracts many people to follow her. If you think this is all about being sexy and attractive you are totally wrong. Cosplay is Hana’s biggest passion. Luckily she has done very well in the world of Cosplay so that it becomes her career.

  • 2. LÊ THU HÀ


You may not find too much info when you Google her name. Lê Thu Hà is a Vietnamese Law student whose photos accidentally went viral on social media because of her natural Vietnamese beauty. If you have plans in dating a Vietnamese girl, you are more likely to date a natural Vietnamese beauty. Not like in America and South Korea, plastic surgery is not that popular in Vietnamese, girls appreciate the naturally beautiful way they are. I bet you can’t take eyes off the natural, cute Vietnamese girls’ photos.

She does part-time photo shooting as a model afterward. Hopefully in the future when she graduated from law school we will see a Vietnamese version of “Legally Blonde”.

  • 1. Jennifer Pham


Another beauty pageant title-holder in the list is Jennifer Pham. In 2004, she won the Miss Vietnam USA runner-up title. Then in 2005, she was the Vietnamese American Top Model. She was also Miss Vietnam Southern California in 2006. Also in the same year, she won Miss Asia USA.


Why don’t you take a look at one or two of these influencers’ accounts? You can pick up a few tips on things such as how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you or how to catch someone’s attention with a few poses on a camera. Really, who knows what helpful life lesson, tip, or inspiration you’ll discover!