How to know if a Chinese lady likes you?

Chinese bridesThe dynamics of dating are always interesting to watch, especially if you observe them in different cultures. How to tell if a Chinese woman likes you is never an easy thing since they don’t show too much emotions. Wooing a Chinese woman is more challenging. It takes more than time and patience. You also need to know how to tell if a Chinese woman likes you. Pick up the signals and hints, then you stand a solid chance of dating the Chinese girl who likes you.A contemporary Chinese lady isn’t all that well understood by the media. Chinese women are confident and practical like their western counterparts but also are traditional and reserved. Some may even perceive that local young Chinese girls prefer foreign men.

Dating is different in China, even though the basics are the same as in other countries. Serious dating among single Chinese women and men start after they have finished school and are ready to take on relationships. As dating is viewed as pragmatic by many, they look for more than just emotional attachment. The parent’s involvement in a Chinese girl’s romantic life is pretty high. They also approve the person she is dating as they expect it to lead to marriage.

These days young Chinese girls are also looking for love online. There are very many advantages to dating online as it allows you to have access to a larger potential dating pool. The app or site uses its own algorithms to match people up; hence one can expect some kind of similarity. There are also plenty of Chinese dating websites that make dating a little easier.

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If you are seeing a Chinese lady but aren’t sure if she is into you or not, then read the following. Below are the signs through which you can know if the woman likes you or not.

Effort – A Chinese woman will make an effort to look good for you. All women are pretty but if you see her looking prettier when you are together – hanging out or on a date, then you know she is interested and likes you. It is but natural for any woman to want to look good for a man she likes. When you see this, do compliment her.

Date – If you think a Chinese girl likes you, the best way to be sure is to ask her out. If she says yes, then you know you have a chance. You must be aware of how to date a Chinese girl. Plan your date and be a gentleman while you are out. You must be ready to pay for the date as it may be the case. Do all the right things like initiating conversations and being patient. See what she says at the end of the date, if she wants to see you again, then you know if she definitely likes you.

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Interest – If the girl you like shows her interest in you, then you will know she likes you. She would want to know about, ask you questions and be interested in listening to what you have to say. Be honest on your part so she gets to know you better and you can take the relationship to the next level.

Care – Another sign that girls and mature Chinese ladies show is if they care. She cares about your well-being and will be worried if you aren’t eating too well or something like that. She will be concerned if it is cold outside and you aren’t wearing enough layers, or she will care for you when you are sick. There will be small simple acts that she will undertake to show she cares and likes you.

Family – Family is very important in Asian and Chinese cultures. In fact, Chinese brides choose a partner only after the parents approve. So, if she is asking you to meet her family and parents then she is definitely into you and quite serious.

Jealous – Flashes of jealousy is an obvious pointer that the Chinese woman likes you. She will be naturally curious about your past dating life and friends. There may be questions about female friends and anyone whom you may have dated earlier. So, for example, if you have pictures with female friends, pictures of Chinese women and such then she will be inquisitive as to who they are. Be very patient during this phase and answer her. She is testing the waters and it is a good sign as she is interested in you. Don’t give a reason for her to doubt you and be as transparent as possible. Once the trust is built then you will see the advantages of dating a Chinese woman.

Talking about you – You can also tell that she likes you if she is talking to her friends about you. Women often talk to their friends about their love interest at length. From a woman’s perspective, it is quite normal to discuss the boy she likes with her friends. This means there is some genuine interest and she may want to know you better.

Culture – If she is introducing you to her culture, be it food or festivals, then you know there is an interest. A girl will only make the effort and time to do this if she knows she likes you and there is a chance for something special.

Chinese women are pretty direct and honest so you will know if she likes you sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, you can do your best to show how much you care and like her. For this, you can start by seeing her parents and working towards making a good relationship with them. When she sees that you are good with her parents, she will definitely respond positively to that. Be exclusive with her; help her out if she needs it. Helping a woman when she needs it most is a good step forward. Chinese ladies may be different from each and it would be wrong to club them all as being the same. But most traits are similar and you won’t find it difficult to tell if she likes you or not.

P.S. Not sure about Chinese women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other Asian countries. For example, a girl from Thailand or a woman from Vietnam or even Philippine.

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