Getting a Philippina Wife: How to Talk to Philippine Girls on Dating Site

Philippina Wife

In an era where most people spend a lot of time on the phones, datinga Philippina Wife is slowly shifting to the online scene. If you are a man looking for a Philippina wife, you will be surprised to know how many attractive, single ladies are on dating sites hoping to find a man of their dreams.

With numerous online platforms, it is pretty convenient to find someone that you will have a long-term relationship with. However, we must admit that talking to a woman that you like online is not that easy. Since you will be competing with other men for the attention of a sexy Filipina, it is important to know how to start up a conversation that will set you apart.

Below are effective tips that can help you strike a conversation with a Philippina woman of your dreams.

Make the Conversation Engaging

If you are really looking to get a girl’s interest in dating sites, then you should always hold engaging conversations that will spike her interest. Be bubbly and tell her more about yourself, including your hobbies, beliefs, values, goals in life, and more.

Philippine ladies love charming guys that know how to ignite a conversation. Don’t be generic like other guys. Instead, be more creative, funny, and engaging to get her attention. Use the information to also keep the conversation going.


For instance, if she has indicated her interests, inquire more about them to start a conversation. Not only will she appreciate that you know more about her, but she may also be glad to talk about herself.

Give Compliments to a Philippina Wife

You will not go wrong when you give compliment a beautiful Philippine woman. While you may not know that well at first, complimenting them will steer a conversation into a relationship. A good trick is to give a sincere and specific compliment based on something that you like from their profile.

You may also want to turn a compliment into a question to keep the conversation more engaging. For instance, you could say, “Have I ever told you that you are amazing?” or “You have a beautiful smile, you know that?”

However, if you can’t give a meaningful compliment, it is best to wait until you get into conversation with your date. Although Filipino women love being showered with compliments, they prefer when a man truly means it.

Be Clear About Your Intentions

Dating sites are a great place for casual hangouts and they are also beneficial for those looking for meaningful relationships. Therefore, if you are after dating a Filipina woman for a serious relationship, it is best to be straightforward about your intentions with the girl you are eyeing.

By setting your expectations straight, it will be easier to identify someone that has the same goal and with who you can have a relationship. This will also build a foundation for your conversations going forward. 

Ask About Her Intentions

In the same way, you want to find out why the woman you are interested in is on the dating site. Are they just looking for a casual relationship or do they want a serious relationship?

This information will help you narrow down your list so you can find someone that wants the same thing as you. It is also recommendable to inquire about their intentions early in the conversation to save yourself time and emotional investment if they are not what you are looking for.

Don’t Be Too Cocky with Philippina Women

Although showing confidence is a good way to get a girl’s attention, you don’t want to appear too cocky. Just like other women, Philippine brides don’t like a man that is arrogant and tries to be too cool.

Try to be confident in your conversations without appearing too shy or too harsh. These characters are a great turn-off and it can ruin your chances of going on a real date with the woman you like.

Be Truthful

As you get to know the lady that you are interested in, make sure that you remain honest about yourself. Telling an outright lie about yourself or your intentions will only create problems for you later in the relationship.

Let her know things that are important to you, especially if you would like to take the conversation in the direction of a relationship. For instance, open up about your beliefs and religion, your family status, and any other issue you deem crucial.

Respond in Good Time

Similar to the real world, the Philippines mail order brides like men that communicate consistently on dating sites. Waiting for too long before replying to messages will make you come across as rude and uninterested. Plus, it only opens up doors for her to consider other matches.

As soon as you hit up the conversation during Philippines dating, learn to be consistent and respond in good time. Also, don’t hesitate to apologize when you were unable to reply in good time because of your busy schedule.

Plan a Meet-Up with Your Philippina Wife

Once you have gotten to know your chosen girl, don’t take too long to meet them in person. While you don’t want to push it too early, you don’t want to wait too long before you ask for her number and ask her out. After all, the end goal is to meet face-to-face and have real conversations with them.

A Filipina wife shared that keeping the conversation going online for a long time is likely to get boring and you may never meet your date in real life. If you have the intention of connecting in the real world, ask her out and propose a concise plan for your meet-up after COVID-19.


By being honest and applying the right manners, talking to girls on a Filipino dating site doesn’t have to be that hard anymore. Ultimately, you want to keep the conversation fun and engaging and you will get their attention in no time.