Dating Profile of a Potential Philippina Wife Tells You a Lot About Her

Philippines online dating

The chances of finding a Philippina wife online are notably high since these pretty ladies have a strong presence on dating sites. Interracial marriages are becoming very common because of the ease to find partners overseas. If you are planning to have a serious relationship that may even turn into marriage eventually, you cannot date just anyone. You need someone that you will truly connect with. To know whether the person you are talking to is “the one”, you need some time to get to know her.

Online dating profiles say something about people even before talking to them. If you learn to read profiles on dating sites, you will have a higher success rate because you will shortlist girls that interest you, rather than texting everyone you see.

How to Recognize a Potential Philippina Wife?

The first thing you will need to do is register to a dating site of your preference. If you are looking for a Filipina, we recommend you finding a platform that specifically connects ladies from this country with foreigners, rather than signing up to any international website. You have a wide choice of Philippines online dating. After that, create a profile and start searching for the perfect match! You will come across many girls with different profile types, here are some of them:


Recognizing a traveler is easy. She will have many travel photos – from the beach, mountain, river, lake, fancy restaurants, under the Hollywood sign, near the Eiffel Tower, and other famous structures around the world. The profiles of Philippine girls that love to travel are also full of “travel, freedom, adventure” and similar keywords. If you are a person that also enjoys traveling, you should definitely talk to a girl with this type of profile. If she is on a dating site, she probably wants a travel partner so you could have a great time together. Use this topic to start the first conversation as well – ask her about the places she visited or wants to visit. Also, if you want to flirt right away, you can ask her how to bring a wife to the USA from the Philippines. That question will be charming and indicate that you are interested in a serious relationship.  



Filipina girls typically have a nice sense of humor. They like to laugh and make others laugh, especially their partners. A “humorist” woman will make your life better in every way! You will recognize her by “live – laugh – love” keywords or some joke in her description. She will write that she loves to have a good time and appreciates people with a good sense of humor. Now, you cannot know if you have the same sense of humor but you don’t lose anything if you talk to her and see if you will make each other laugh.

Fitness Fanatic

Fitness fanatic is also extremely easy to spot. This girl will have photos of her in the gym, wearing leggings and showing off her body all the time. Her profile will be filled with confident and motivational quotes and she will promote a healthy lifestyle. If you also like fitness, you will have many topics in common with fitness enthusiasts. Also, if you are trying to motivate yourself to train and eat healthily but you always end up postponing it, this girl might inspire you to stay true to your plans! In the future, if she becomes your Filipina wife, you will enjoy healthy meals, long walks, exercise, and everything that will make your body feel and look good.


Filipino brides register to dating sites because they hope to meet someone to share their lives with. The “straightforward” type of girl will not hide anything. In her profile, you will find a very realistic description; telling you exactly what she thinks and why she is there. She will say what she is looking for in a man, list her virtues and also her flaws. Even from reading her profile, you will already know what she likes and dislikes and what you are signing up for. For example, she won’t have a problem writing “I am very hard to deal with”. If you don’t like to lose time trying to figure out what your girl wants, this type of woman is ideal for you. She will tell you everything directly, whether you like it or not.

Hopeless Romantic

Philipines mail order brides dream of finding princes that will twist their lives around completely. A hopeless romantic is a person that strongly believes in romantic love and everything that comes with it. Thus, she loves flowers, romantic gestures, love expressions, affection, and so on. In her profile, you will find many love quotes, heart and rose emojis, photos, and videos from romantic movies. She is looking for someone to have a real love with and she won’t be satisfied with anything less! For this lady, a Filipina dating foreigner is an amazing love story. Even the distance will be signficiant for her. She will find it very interesting that you met although you live miles away and she will see it as fate. When a hopeless romantic girl falls in love with you, you will truly feel loved and taken care of at all times. Your woman will be completely dedicated and committed to you. Of course, you should be the same in return.