Chinese Dating: How to Know If She is the One

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There is always a good thing about online Chinese dating, especially if you have a specific standard for the kind of woman that you have. There are a lot of people from different nationalities who are active on the Internet, but if you prefer Chinese brides, this is the right article for you!

Chinese dating is not that different from the typical kind of date because women, no matter what their citizenship is, also share the same emotional gauge and needs.

However, let’s jump to the Chinese girl that you have. Whether the relationship is online or in person, there are guidelines for you to observe to fully evaluate if she is the one for you. It is not going to be a rollercoaster ride. You just have to observe.

Here are the guidelines that can help you identify if she is the one.

The Relationship Constantly Goes Well

Dating Chinese women may be difficult in the beginning, especially if you have cultural and racial differences. The preference of what food to eat in the beginning may be different but in the long run, you can both try out each other’s favorite food. That’s what it is in a relationship.

The first thing that you will notice if the relationship is constantly going well is when your hands are not itching to go back to the dating site to check other hot Chinese girls because you feel so contented with her.

If the relationship is like a natural thing between the two of you without any toxicity, that is another sign that your relationship is healthy.

She Knows How to Reach Out to Your Loved Ones


Chinese girls grew up having a bond in their family – from their siblings to their other relatives. Your Chinese girlfriend is the one for you if you can observe that she can get along well with your friends, family members, and other relatives when you’re all together.

It may be true that at the end of the day, it is your decision to keep her that prevails above anything else, but let’s face it – you also want the girl you can bring with you when you are hanging out with friends when you are invited to a wedding or having dinner with your family.

If you are confident enough that your family and friends are comfortable with her, this is another plus point as verification that she is the one!

She Doesn’t Need to Change Anything


We’re just men who do not have the power to read the personalities of beautiful Chinese women. However, if you already found your Chinese girlfriend through an online dating app, you might also consider taking note of her behavior and personality.

Here are simple questions for you to help you identify how she reacts to certain issues such as:

  • When you are stressed over something, you should observe what she would do. Will she comfort you?
  • When you are short of money, will she consider treating you to lunch?
  • When you meet a friend of yours who is a girl, will she get jealous?

If you love her reactions and attitude that she does not need to change a thing about her character, then it means that she is worth having in your relationship.

 She’s More Than Just a Girlfriendin Chinese Dating

Being attracted to her physically may be an important aspect of your relationship, but the truth is the foundation of it is through your bond together. If you both act like you are best friends, then it can help in making your relationship more natural.

Just imagine when thirty years will pass and when you are already saddled, wrinkled, and softened, all that there is in the relationship is the friendship that you both have.

It is really good to be romantic with her, but sharing your humorous personalities also helps build your relationship. When you’re all gray and old, you no longer have that much strength to do the same stuff you both enjoy doing intimately, but rather the laughter you will share is the one that will hold your relationship.

Do you feel like you can easily tell her things that only the two of you can keep? If it is yes, then she is worth keeping!

Wife Materialfor Chinese dating

You do not have to jump into marriage. All of those girls that you can see in online dating apps will become Chinese brides someday, but there is no need to rush. You also need the time to observe if she is going to become a great partner in the future. Here are some points to consider if she is a wife material who values life itself than her desires:

  • Knows her priorities
  • Knows when and when not to spend money
  • Knows how to act when the relationship goes dull, rather than acting like a kid
  • Knows how to reach out to your family with class during gatherings

It takes time to identify a woman with class, and you cannot just easily find her through Chinese mail order brides. You may even ask yourself, “What if she becomes my wife?”

Does it scare you? If not, then there is nothing you have to worry about, but do not just suddenly jump out carrying a ring and propose to her. You’ll know when it is the right time. For now, just enjoy your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Even if there are Chinese women dating other guys, you should not feel crestfallen when you haven’t found yours yet. There are a bunch of Chinese girls out there, and you will come across one, so keep on looking for her in your dating app!

Once you already have your pretty hot Chinese girlfriend, this guide that you just read can help you evaluate if you landed the right woman.