Why November is the Best Time in Chinese Dating Sites

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For those who are well-experienced in Chinese dating sites, you probably know that November is the best month to start looking for a date. Before you go on to Chinese dating sites or any foreign matchmaking platforms, it’s important to understand the significance of bringing your ‘A-game’ in the dating scene in the month of November.

What to Expect in November in Chinese Dating Sites

If you are new dating scene, you might be wondering what makes November a great month to meet Chinese girls. November is a month between October, the month for Halloween, and December, the month of Christmas. Between the two contrasting themes, November seems to be the ‘lay low’ period or the transitional stage.

Therefore, gatherings, for whatever reason, are less occurring. There will be fewer opportunities to go out, meet and mingle. Thankfully, there is a certain event wherein numerous single individuals can capitalize on.

Aside from such a ‘blessed’ holiday, winter season is coming. For that reason, you need someone to cuddle with as the temperature will be getting colder. You might have met someone during the countless parties held in October like the October-fest and Halloween costume parties, but November is the month to settle for a partner that you wish to be in relationship with throughout the winter.

Here is reason why November is the best time to date.

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1. Cuffing Season

The term cuffing has been gaining recognition in pop culture. In this age of digital media where social media platforms are the sources for scouting singles and dating apps are relatively getting more accurate and reliable. The cuffing season is no surprise to many, and most singles are embracing the idea.

The idea behind it is that you must have a date by November to avoid being single in the romantic month of February in which Valentine’s Day takes place. Let’s say you score a date from a Chinese dating site or a social gathering during the Single’s Day event. At this point, you need to have someone to be with throughout the winter and therefore, you will refrain from flirting.

At that time of the year, who wants to go out flirting when the environment is so cold? Plus, biologically, people tend to look or crave for someone to cuddle with during colder season. Basically, you are expected to be in a relationship in this period until the ‘championship’ Valentines’ Day.

2. It’s the Holiday Season

Other than cuffing, November is also a good time to find someone potential because it is close to the holiday season. If you happen to be acquainted with Chinese single ladies, you’re in great luck. This is because there is an ‘unofficial holiday’ celebrated in Chinese culture known as ‘Single’s Day’.

In this period, single Chinese individuals are openly encouraged to look for suitable partners. Their parents may also be involved in creating opportunities for them. That event alone can be a sufficient reason to get back on the dating scene.

The magnitude of this event is so large that even Chinese women living in other countries are pressured by the question ‘Are you still single’. The number format of November 11 is ’11-11’, in which ‘1’ signifies being alone or single. It may start like a mockery but the huge market of single individuals in China, especially women, have turned the event into a seriously accepted ‘holiday’.   

Since no woman likes to be asked if they are still single, you may be in luck to find someone to spend your life with this season.  Although you are not expected to look for potential Chinese wives, at least you will have hope of securing a partner that you can share the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentines’ Day with.

If things get sour after that, then summertime would be a good time to meet other beautiful Chinese ladies. At that point, you will be ‘uncuffed’ and free to party.

3. Impact of COVID-19 in the Dating Scene

Unfortunately, social conduct in 2020 has taken a drastic change because of the emergence COVID-19 pandemic. Since social gatherings are discouraged or even subject to be penalized, the best way to date is through virtual means.

China dating sites are the norm to score a date during Single’s Day. Although ‘Cuffing season’ might be improvised since social distancing is strictly implemented, you can make up the physical absence through video calls and chats. You will be relatively safe since you’ll both be at home and you can have more time for self-improvement while staying in touch with each other.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a date, websites like the Chinese mail order brides would be a good place to start. Here, you will find beautiful and potential girls that you can start a relationship with.


While you may not have the chance to meet Chinese brides face to face, you can still advantage of the booming dating scene to find a date. Thanks to modern technology, virtual dating is very much possible in November that even introverts can have a boost in self-esteem.

 If you will get lucky on ‘Single’s Day’, you might be dating a Chinese girl for Thanksgiving Day, which happens to be at the last week of November. If things go great, you will have someone to celebrate the Yuletide season with.