A Chinese Girl’s Guide for A Perfect Valentine’s Day

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Surprising your Chinese girl for Valentine’s day this year can be slightly different than any other year. We encourage everyone to stay safe in 2021 just as much as we did in 2020. If you are a responsible person that cares for people in your surroundings and yourself, you should respect social distancing until the COVID-19 crisis is over. Until then, we all need to adapt to the new situation and get the best out of it. For Valentine’s day 2021, we share the best virtual date ideas that you can use.

Camera Date with Your Chinese Girl

The closest thing to the real date is a date on the camera. You can have fun and enjoy the time on camera the same way you would do in person. Schedule an exact time for the date, dress up and prepare your room for it. Treat this date seriously and be romantic! Chinese dating sites like AsiaMe.com, DateChineseLady.com offer on-site camera service. Therefore, you can have a date on the platform without using any other apps. It’s always the best option to have one site with all the services you need. That way, you won’t need to create social media accounts or share your number. You can do everything right from the site where you meet your Chinese bride. When you are in a video call, be completely natural and relaxed. A good atmosphere will bring you close so try to keep it positive and fun.

Virtual Concert

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Virtual concerts became very popular during 2020 because of the quarantine and social distancing measures. Famous singers and bands are regularly organizing virtual concerts and one of them can be a perfect date for Valentine’s day! Check the lists of concerts and find the one that your partner may like. Dating a Chinese girl is very fun so she will surely like this idea. When you decide which concert you should attend, buy tickets for you and your date and surprise her! Preferably, it should be a virtual concert of her favorite band/singer. The fact that you can’t go to a “real” concert right now but you still make it possible for her to enjoy this event will make your girl very happy. When the time of the concert approaches, stream it together and have fun with some drinks and food! Create an environment close to real concerts and call your girl on camera. This will be an unforgettable experience that symbolizes romantic dates during the Coronavirus time.

Movie Night asiame.com

Movie nights are suitable for couples on every occasion. If you cannot meet in person right now, watching one or a few movies together will be a perfect date! Chinese wives are romantic. They like to watch meaningful movies, especially if it’s with their loved ones. Choose a mixture of funny, happy, and emotional films and prepare them for your night together. A movie marathon makes you go through all the feelings from those movies together. You laugh, smile or even cry together! Spending a quiet Valentine’s day with your woman is very valuable. Enjoying each other’s company will make you grow even closer. While preparing for the movie night, try to discover what kind of movies she likes; if there is one that she loves to rewatch, and who is her favorite actor/actress. That way you can find the best films to watch. Moreover, you could find good Chinese movies! Watching them together will make her feel very special.

Play Games with Your Chinese Girl

Games about Chinese Dating can make your Valentine’s day very interesting and help you get to know each other better. These games could consist of questions, dares, and just anything that can interest you. If you play a question game, you can find out what to expect from the Chinese marriage. For example, you can ask about her expectations from you, your relationship; ask about her life and everything else you would like to know. Truth games are very captivating, especially for the first phases of the relationship. While you are having fun, you are also learning more about your partner. Also, you can play other games or even download games on your phones and play them together. Whatever you do during the date night will be special. The more interesting you make it, the better!

Share Virtual Gifts

Even if you aren’t physically together, you can still gift your lady. There are amazing gifts that you can send her on Valentine’s day. If you are using AsiaMe.com, you don’t have to look for gifts anywhere else. You can find everything on the website. There are special presents that you can easily share with your loved one. A wife in Chinese culture is always respected and treated right. You should do the same! Go through the list of gifts and choose those that will make your woman happy. With only a few clicks, you can send virtual gifts as signs of attention for Valentine’s day. Also, you can prepare gifts beforehand and send them to her home address. If you really want her to receive something from you and you are too late to ship a package, contact local stores from her city and get them to deliver a gift to your girl.