Vietnamese Wife: The Pros and Cons

vietnamese wife

Are you looking for a Vietnamese wife that is beautiful, loyal, family-oriented, and conservative? Of all Southeast Asian ladies, Vietnamese women are considered the most traditional, conservative, and family-oriented.

These Vietnamese ladies have many advantages over their Western counterparts and are quickly winning the hearts of men. If you want to try your luck finding a Vietnamese wife, you are on the right page. Here, you will learn about the pros and cons of dating a Vietnamese woman.

The Pros of Having a Vietnamese Wife

Here are the top advantages of dating Vietnamese women:

Vietnamese Girls Have Stunning Visuals

Ideally, Vietnamese brides are considered some of the most beautiful ladies in South East Asia. They are distinguished by their beautiful oval faces, massive eyes, and slim waste-lines. The majority of these women value their femininity and love to maintain their natural beauty, something that is rare with their western counterparts.

Vietnamese Ladies are Family Oriented

When you date a Vietnamese woman, you will notice that she is fully devoted to her family and loved ones. They have a strong sense of family, and this makes them loving wives and great mothers. A Vietnamese wife is who you are looking for if you are ready to settle down.

Since they strongly believe in families, finding a potential partner who wants to build a family is crucial. A Vietnamese woman will evaluate you to determine if what you want is a one-night stand or a long-term relationship where you can build a family together.

Vietnamese Wife is Loyal and Devoted 

In a traditional setting, Vietnamese women are truly devoted and loyal to their partners. Therefore, you will be disappointed if you are only dating a Vietnamese girl for short-term instant gratification.

They believe in long-term relationships that lead to lasting marriages and are unlikely to cheat or give up in the relationship. Consequently, the rate of divorce in Vietnam is extremely low as compared to other countries.

Vietnamese Women are Hardworking and Independent

Generally, Vietnamese women are encouraged to work hard from an early age. Hence, they are very hardworking and business-minded to make a living. These girls are also very independent and don’t rely on what you have got to live a good life.

Vietnamese Brides are Less Materialistic

Vietnamese culture puts more emphasis on family values than other cultures. For this reason, Vietnamese babes are less materialistic. However, this does not mean that they don’t need or worry about money.

Just like everyone else, they require money and would prefer a financially stable partner. However, unlike western and other Asian brides, they will not emphasize your monetary worth.

They Rarely Drink or Smoke

Another trait of Vietnamese women that attracts most men is their lack of overindulgence in alcohol and smoking. They have great self-control and do not drink or smoke too much.

Vietnamese Ladies are Humble

Humility is a trait that is often overlooked in Western cultures. By contrast, humility is crucial in Vietnam, which is evident in how Vietnamese girls treat their partners. Many pretty Vietnamese women genuinely care and worry for others, and most people consider them too traditional. Unlike what you may experience back home, they will treat you like a king and be submissive once they trust in you.

Vietnamese Wives are Great Cooks

If you love good food, then you will be pleased to know that women from Vietnam can cook wonderful homemade food. A Vietnamese cook can prepare healthy meals that include vegetables, herbs, fruits, meat, and spices.

Other than cooking delicious meals, Vietnamese ladies are also taught to perform housework from an early age. They have great skills and make diligent homemakers.

The Cons of Dating Vietnamese Women


Truthfully, there is so much to love about Vietnamese women. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to Vietnamese dating. If you are considering dating a girl from Vietnam, here are some cons that you should keep in mind before making a final decision:

You Marry Her Entire Household 

Marrying a Vietnamese woman means marrying into her family. Since her family is very important to her, she will probably anticipate you helping them out as well. This could mean extra responsibility and accountability.

Poor Communication

A drawback of dating a hot Vietnamese girl is that she may not talk about her emotions often. This is especially true if she feels that she can’t trust or believe you yet. Hence, you need to be patient and sensitive enough with her.

If you intend to take things further, then you may need to learn Vietnamese culture and study the language. Luckily most young generation of Vietnamese are highly educated and can speak some English.

Too Clingy Sometimes

As mentioned before, Vietnamese ladies can be extremely caring. However, some tend to be very needy and clingy and may demand attention 24/7. They expect their foreign man to call, text, and video chat with them every day.

While this may seem okay for some men, some find it an invasion of their personal space. Nevertheless, Vietnamese ladies do this to show that they care.

Serious aboutCommitment 

Foreign men interested in finding a Vietnamese wife are the perfect match. However those only for fun may want to look elsewhere. Women from Vietnam do not appreciate casual dating and only do it intending to get married. Therefore, they tend to push for a commitment from their partners sooner.


A Vietnamese wife has so much to offer when they find the right man. Consider signing up with a reputable Vietnam dating site when you are ready to find a beautiful Vietnamese woman to build a solid relationship with. Here, you will meet different women with varying personalities to choose from.