Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Chinese Girlfriend

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Valentine’s day is fast approaching. It is the perfect time to wow your Chinese date with beautiful gifts to make her feel cherished and loved. Although nothing really beats the classic gifts like chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and a DIY valentine’s Day cards, it is also nice to try something out of the box to professed your undying love to your beautiful Chinese woman. Here are some of the gifts that could make beautiful Chinese women sweep off their feet.

1.True Lover’s Knot

This knot is made out of brocade or silk that symbolizes the yearning or longing of a lover to the valentine. The colorful strings will connect two hearts and keep them together with love. This is a perfect gift for Chinese women, whether modern or traditional, as this symbolizes a love that will last for a lifetime. Chinese ladies also prefer a personal touch to gifts; thus, a hand-made true lover’s knot will definitely work to your advantage. For sure, the Chinese girl you are dating will surely appreciate the effort that comes along with it.

2. Jade

Jade is considered China’s most precious material that can be comparable to the precious diamonds and gold in the Western world. It is believed to protect and heal the body and spirit of the owner from wicked spirits. Also, jade is a sign of wealth. Thus, giving jade to single Chinese women could indicate your intention to love and protect her at all costs. Should you choose to give a jade bracelet to your Chinese lady, then you should visit an expert Chinese jeweler, as this is supposed to be a tight yet comfortable fit that it won’t easily get in the way.

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3. Bracelet

If you have been contemplating the best gift to give your girl, then try a precious bracelet like gold, silver, and the like. Bracelets bear more meanings than just being precious. In ancient China, it indicates that the woman wearing the bracelet has already handed her heart to someone. Thus, giving her a precious bracelet would mean that she is precious to you, and she wearing it would imply that she also feels the same love for you.

4. Comb

In ancient Chinese culture, giving comb to someone means that you are emotionally involved. Thus, if you want to stick to culture, giving her a lovely comb could mean that your feelings for her are something deep and true.

A comb that can be used to smooth someone’s hair could also convey a smooth life to the receiver. So, don’t underestimate the simplicity of the comb for it is a good gift to give even to young Chinese girls.

5. Hairpin

An intricately designed hairpin could be the best gift to give to your beautiful Chinese girlfriend you met through Chinese dating sites. Hairpins have been traditionally worn by early Chinese women. The early Chinese hairpin usually comprises of two parts. Mature Chinese women would give keep one part and give the other part to their lover. When the couple needs to be apart, the parts of the hairpin will be kept by the couple separately. Thus, giving a traditional yet complexly designed hairpin to your Chinese girl will make her see your true intentions to your relationship. She will also come to appreciate the efforts you do to look for a well-designed hairpin that could be traced back to her roots.

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6. Sachet

Sachet is a favored choice to give to mature Chinese ladies. Aside from the fact that it traces back to the ancient Chinese culture, it is also light and quite handy to carry along. The modern take of this traditional sachets are now infused with perfumes or nice scent that will remind your Chinese lady of your endless devotion from time to time. According to Chinese traditions, sachets symbolize intimacy. Therefore, if you want to show her your intimate love, you should try the modern take of the sachets.

7. Hair clasp

The hair clasp was an essential accessory for women to keep their long hair that dates back to the ancient Chinese civilization. It is one of the most common gifts men would give to their Chinese ladies during valentines in ancient China. If you choose to give a hair clasp for your lovely Chinese girlfriend, look for a colorful and beautifully designed hair clasp that would accentuate her long, shiny hair. For sure, your lady will like your gift.

8. Red Beans

It is also commonly called as the love bean in China. It may seem impractical and ordinary to give red beans to your Chinese girl, but it may be the best gift you could give to her. These red beans would symbolize yearning and lovesickness that have started during the ancient Chinese culture. Thus, this would make her feel your genuine love and yearning to be together. If you choose to give red beans to your girl, try to make it as a bracelet, necklace, or something that she could wear so that she will remember you all the time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are just some of the modern take of the traditional gifts you could give to your Chinese girlfriend. It may seem out of the ordinary, but for sure, your Chinese lady love would appreciate all the efforts you do just to make her feel loved and valued. You could still use the classic gifts like chocolate, flowers if it’s the first time you meet Chinese girls. However, giving gifts that could trace back to her roots will make her feel all the more special.