The Best Questions to Ask a Girl If You’re Shy

hot chinese girls You matched with someone pretty on an online dating site, and you started chatting. However, you do not know what right questions to ask a girl. You may have tried listing down possible topics or questions to talk about, but you are not very confident asking them.

Good news! You are in the right place. You can learn how to start a conversation here if you feel shy. Some of the questions are great when you just started chatting through online dating sites, and some are great once you have conversed longer and decide to go out. Just make sure not to feel like she is under investigation when you deliver these questions in an online chat or person.

Here are some of the best questions to ask a girl if you are shy:

Do you have a secret skill?

Aside from looking good, most hot Chinese girls enjoy talking about themselves. Therefore, when you ask this, it will be a chance for them to showcase their talent—no need to feel uncomfortable asking this because it is a good question for your girl to answer.

What was the best present you have given?

If you want to keep up the conversation, you should know how to make your chat interesting. This question is not something you should miss to ask. This is another chance for your online match to share about herself and how considerate she is to others. According to her answer, you can also find her preference for gifts so that you may come up with great gift ideas someday in the future.

What is your dream destination? sign up now

Talking about the trip of her dreams can be your go-to topic when you feel confused or too nervous. You can ask her a lot of extra questions and find out if your interests are the same. You can also make her feel impressed because she will think that you want to travel with her somewhere in the future.

What childhood toy was your favorite?

She may find this question funny, but do not be taken aback. She will probably not answer right away. With enough playful prodding, you will both have a good laugh. It might not seem like it, but hot Chinese girls appreciate this kind of question because you can see their gentle and soft side, which is always worthy of attention.

If you had to listen to only one song for one year, what song would it be?

This is an improved version of asking, “What is your favorite song?” Her kind of music can reflect her personality . Also, you can give more engaging responses from asking it. When chatting online, you can ask her to send you a link to the song if you do not know it.

What is your most embarrassing moment in school?

If you worry about making her feel uncomfortable with this question, you can ask about a memorable, funny incident in school. Then, you can ask this question from there. She will realize that you are interested to learn more about her. Also, this lightens up the mood of your conversation.

If your house were on fire, what things would you save?

You can somehow understand what her priorities in life are when you ask this question. She probably has a material possession that means a lot to her, so you can show you are interested in asking why it holds much value to her. You could find yourself liking her more from her explanation.

What is the most helpful advice you have ever received? sexy chinese girls

Whether you are still getting to know each other or going on casual dating, this is an excellent question. She can show you how proud she was when she received, accepted, and put the advice in action. As a result, you will learn what life aspects mean a lot to her. However, if you see that she looked uncomfortable, the advice might be about men in general. In case it happens, do not feel shy. Instead, you can say that it is okay not to answer and move on to another topic.

How do you deal with people who try to annoy you for no particular reason?

Girls, especially sexy Chinese girls, probably encounter a lot of annoying men. If she told you that she considers them gone forever, you could get an idea of what can happen between the two of you in the future. It could reflect on herself at how extreme she is when it comes to making decisions.

What job experience did you not like?

You can hear amusing stories from her about her worst boss or colleagues. If you experienced the same, this is one of the good questions to ask a girl you like because you can make a connection effortlessly. For basic questions like, “What is your job?” she might find them not interesting.

What lesson did you learn from your past relationships?

This is an excellent question to ask if you have chatted with your girl for quite some time. You want to know the respect she has with her past partners and relationships. If a girl tells you about her personal life, including her exes, it means she is comfortable telling you how significant these recent events are to her.

Final Word


Finally, by asking these questions, you might end up with the girl of your dreams from an online dating site. The answers from the items given show signs a girl likes you. Therefore, do not be shy and register on an online dating site if you have not joined yet. Trust us; it will be worth your time.