Survival Tips for Long-Distance Relationships in Chinese Dating

chinese women Being in a relationship with someone who is far away is not fun at all. Chinese dating, in particular, is not that easy.

You see lovers walking, holding hands, you envy them because your sweetheart is far away. You just miss them. Moments that remind you of their absence become a part of your life. Their love burns in your heart.

Long-distance relationships can be very hard to maintain. But when your woman is Chinese, the distance becomes less of an issue because you know that when a Chinese lady chooses a man to start a relationship with, her goal is to eventually get married and start a family. Most of them are not interested in casual romantic relationships. Which makes it easy for serious men to find Chinese women for marriage. They don’t play games.

So if a Chinese girl falls in love with you and chooses you, you won’t have to worry about her getting bored and leaving you easily.  Having a long-distance relationship with a Chinese lady doesn’t often end with broken hearts. But you still have to fight the distance and work on strengthening your bond.

Here are some survival tips that can help you to know how to date a Chinese woman and keep your love alive and strong:

1.Showing interest in each other’s daily lives

Communication is very important when far apart. Sharing what you did during the day with her and asking her to tell you about her day brings you closer. This would make her feel as though you are not even far apart because even if you were not, you would still ask each other about your days. Telling her the details would make her feel like she knows about what’s happening in your life. And thus, she would naturally feel closer to you.

2.Set your boundaries  

beautiful chinese ladies Jealousy and lack of trust are two elements that often lead to the end of long-distance relationships. And cute Chinese women might attract the attention of any man. But you do not have to feel jealous or have trust issues. You only need to have a sincere conversation with your other half. You wouldn’t appreciate if she went out with her boy-friends to a night club? Tell her. You don’t like when she spends time with her ex-boyfriend? Tell her. Every single Chinese girl who cares about her partner would respect the boundaries. Tell her about the things that you accept and the things that bother you. Tell her about what you expect from her. Don’t just keep it to yourself and expect her to know. Women are not mind-readers.

And be a good listener. You have to respect her boundaries as well. Don’t tell her how other women hit on you, how your coworker shows interest in you. Do not look at other Chinese women photos with admiration. Make her feel like she is the only woman who has a special place in your life; the one and only.


Communication is very important when you’re far apart. Don’t hesitate to send her voice and text messages to wish her a good day. This tells her that you are present in her life and that you care about her. Send her videos of you from time to time to make her day. Let her see you! And ask her to send you a video of her as well. Your sexy Chinese girl video would make you miss her even more. This connection creates passion.  You tried a new recipe? Share it with her; send her a picture. Make her feel like a priority in your life.

But be careful! Make sure not to overdo it otherwise it would have the opposite effect. Some experts even say that you shouldn’t get in touch every single day. Sharing every single detail of your life all the time can be harmful. “Keep some mystery alive”, Davis says.

If you go a few days (let’s say two or three) days without talking, you will have much more interesting things to say to each other. It would make your conversation fresh, fun, and not boring! It might be hard to do so, but it is worth it. And it wouldn’t weaken your bond. On the contrary, it would make it stronger.

4.Focus on the Positive Aspects

Being far away from the person with whom you are madly in love does not seem like a positive thing. But if circumstances cannot be changed whenever we want, attitudes can. Don’t focus on the sad reality of being apart and constantly surround yourself with negativity. Most Chinese women are sensitive; and you displaying negative emotions doesn’t help. You have to be supportive. Make her feel that everything is going to be okay. Chinese beauties photos can tell us how delicate these women are. So, make sure to bring more positive energy into her life.

Embrace the distance and see it as a positive thing. It is frustrating, no doubt, but it can be beneficial. I asked an American friend of mine who has fallen head over heels in love with a Chinese girl, who is now back to China, about his experience with his 8-month long-distance relationship, and he was unexpectedly very positive. His answer was “I know this sounds crazy, but I love the distance. It allows me to focus on classes and allows her to focus on her work, friends, and family. And when it’s time for us to talk, she gets my whole attention and I get hers. That’s working well for us”.

Be optimistic and look on the bright side.

P.S. Not sure about Chinese women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other Asian countries. For example, a girl from Thailand or a woman from Vietnam or even Philippine.