Signs Your Chinese Date Is Losing Interest In The Long Distance Relationship

Long distance with a Chinese date is difficult. In fact, if you are the type that always wants some form of physical stimulation, you will find it more difficult being in long-distance relationships. Unlike close relationships where you can easily tell if she is losing interest simply by reading her body language of monitoring her mood, the distance barrier does not give you that kind of luxury. However, that does not mean that there are no successful long-distance relationships.

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Every relationship at some point has to deal with distance barrier. If you meet Chinese girls who are willing to invest their time and energy into the relationship, there is a huge chance it will become a success. However, there are times when the relationship starts out strong; the energy and communication are high. However, along the line, things begin to change. From talking almost every hour to a few times in a week.

When this happens, it is likely because she is beginning to lose interest in the relationship. Chinese women can get carried away in the midst of daily activities and they quickly forget there is someone on the other side of the globe that is missing them. Apart from drop in communication, there are other signs that can tell you she is losing interest in the long distance relationship.

Sign #1. Sudden cancellation of meeting plans

When beautiful Chinese women are into you, you will frequently hear her talk about the future. She will almost paint a vivid picture of the kind of life she wants for both of you. Part of that future will have to deal with setting goals. A popular goal long distance couples must set is that of seeing each other. Perhaps, you guys have been planning to meet for the last one year. However, as time draws agonizingly near, she decides to cancel the plan. This should be a great source of worry for you. It is usually one of two things; either she has lost interest in the relationship or someone else has taken your place.

Sign #2. She suddenly becomes busy

Mature Chinese women are very sensitive and may not want to hurt your feelings by calling things off all too sudden—especially if both of you have been dating for a fairly long time. One of the common ways they deal with this sensitivity is by letting the relationship drift naturally away. For this reason, she will begin to cut down on the length of your conversation. Your chats will now take longer than normal before she replies them. You have every reason to be worried when this sign starts to creep out.

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Sign #3. Dip in energy and affection

When young Chinese girls are enthusiastic about their relationship, you will know it. She wants you all the time, want you to send your pictures, eager to know about your schedules and how your day really went. Likewise, when the energy or affection drops, you will also know. She will show less interest in your work. One really important thing to note is that it is difficult for a woman to say ‘I love you’ and sound convincing if it is not coming from her heart. Also, if she begins to lose interest, she will stop saying affectionate words like ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you’.

Sign #4. She stops being jealous

Jealousy is not a trait that is common with only close relationships. Long distance relationships also have their jealous moments—and it is totally normal. Imagine what the reaction of mature Chinese ladies would look like when she is into you, and you tell her there is an employee that is hitting on you. She will definitely feel jealous and probably increase her frequency of calls or messages just to be sure she quells the competition. On the other hand, if she is losing interest in the relationship already and you make such a joke, she will likely not care.

How to bring back the spark in your relationship

Lucky enough, there are Chinese dating sites that have tools like sending gifts or pre-composed love messages that can help you to get the spark back in your relationship. Boldness and self-confidence are some of the traits that can help you to win back single Chinese women who are already slipping out of interest. Women love men that are powerful or bold and this can work in your favor.

Another thing you can do is to show off your success. Human beings are wired to crave for success. If there is a contract you just nailed or your article just got published, show them off. It is not boasting, it’s a trait that is common to every human being. Most importantly, switch up the communication.

P.S. Not sure about Chinese women? It doesn’t matter. You can meet people from other Asian countries. For example, a girl from Thailand or a woman from Vietnam or even Philippine

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