Shanghai Brides: Why Are the Best Wives In Shanghai?What You Need to Know to Get One?

Shanghai women are known to be really ahead of their time, even when most of the women throughout the rest of China were still house-bound. It’s for this reason why they managed to capture the attention of not just men but women as well. Apart from that, a lot of foreign men have always been vying for the attention of a Shanghainese woman, and if you’re one of these gentlemen, then this article will surely help you.

Dating Shanghai women can be described as the most unique Chinese dating experience you could ever get. It’s partly due to their certain characteristics that differ from that of the traits you can find in other Chinese women. According to the book, Translocal China: Linkages, Identities and the Reimagining of Space, the characteristics of most Shanghainese women are tied closely to the city’s character itself.

But what exactly are these traits you want to know before you date a woman from Shanghai?

Characteristics of Shanghai Women

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1. Good-Looking and Stylish

While this might really not sound unique at all, the thing with women from Shanghai is that they have that kind of unique appearance compared to other women, mostly from mainland China. This is partly due to the fact that Shanghai is a very modern city that is home to tons of fashion brands. Therefore, you can expect most Shanghainese women to be accustomed to the fashion industry.

Also, as the center of fashion in the country, Shanghai girls flooded with fashionable clothes and style even at an early age. However, while not all girls from Shanghai care about fashion and style, you can still expect them to have that beautiful and lovely natural Asian doll face.

2. Physically Alluring

Shanghainese ladies are some of the most physically attractive women that you can find. They have delicate and fair skin that you can’t help but want to caress their soft and slender bodies. Aside from that, their body figure is to die for. Shanghainese, like any other Asians, are generally slim and petite. However, they do have some curves, so there’s an element of surprise there, especially at night when you’re alone in bed. Their silky and black long hair makes you want to run your fingers in them. But most of all, you can’t help but be captivated with their China doll eyes. Almond-shaped and dark, their enchanting stares will never disappoint you, making cuddly moments much more intense and intimate. There is something mysterious about dark Asian eyes as this can turn these women into an adorable lady to a sexy fox at the same time. If you’re interested in dating a Shanghainese woman, you’ve definitely made the right choice.

3. Highly Sophisticated

Shanghai singles, and all women in Shanghai in general, are known to be highly sophisticated but also more than that. If there’s one word that we can go to generalize all Shanghainese women, it would be a Chinese word “dia”. Dia is actually a Chinese word that perfectly fits the characteristics of a Shanghai woman. In general, it refers to the unique tenderness and adorableness of a Shanghai lady when it comes naturally to her actions and speech.

Sophistication is in the gene of Shanghainese women, and some people even pointed out that they remain to be the most elite cosmopolitans among the other women from various cities throughout China. As such, it only means that dating a girl in Shanghai can be a really amazing experience, especially if you have sophisticated tastes.

4. Highly-Educated and Independent

Most Shanghainese women are fairly well-educated. This has something to do with the availability of an advanced education source in the city. Moreover, those who performed particularly well in school are often sent abroad in order to receive even further education. And as such, you can expect women from this city to be really educated thanks to the opportunities offered in Shanghai.

Apart from that, most of the women who are Shanghai singles grew up during the one-child era. Due to how well-enforced this policy is in Shanghai, these girls are the only daughter of their family and are thus treated by parents as the apple of their eye, thereby receiving a proper education throughout the childhood to young adulthood. On one hand, most Shanghainese families are fairly rich, so they can afford to send their daughters into institutions to receive a better education.

When it comes to finances, you can also expect Shanghainese women to be financially independent. Then again, this has to do with the fact that they receive a good quality of education early on that they can have a promising and well-paying career.

5. A fascination for the Western Culture and Lifestyle

This doesn’t just apply to Shanghai but to the rest of China as well. As Chinese society starts to become more open to other cultures, particularly Western culture, the fascination that Shanghainese ladies have for the western lifestyle and western men start growing as well.

One of the reasons for this is that most Shanghainese women love to know more about a new culture and lifestyle, not to mention they want to experience a new perspective on the world. If you’re an American man or British or from any western country who plans on dating a Chinese girl, then you’d be glad to know that she will most likely be fascinated with your culture and lifestyle. Introducing her more to your own culture would be a welcome gesture.

Where to Meet Potential Shanghai Brides

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Now that you’ve known the characteristics that most Shanghainese women have, it’s about time to step up your dating game. There are actually several ways you can use to look for a potential Shanghai girlfriend, but the most effective among them are as follows:

1. Online Dating Sites

Quite possibly the best avenue to look for single Shanghai women for foreign men. Online dating sites are your best friend if you want to look for a potential date and build a meaningful, long-lasting connection. This is especially true if you don’t know your way around the city yet. With online dating, you’ll be able to find matches that align with your interests, hobbies, and life goals.

Also, as Shanghainese ladies are very open-minded about the concept of online dating, a lot of Shanghai dating sites have become available, thus increasing the chances of finding your girl of dreams online. Since everything is done online, you can even look for a potential match even if you’re currently not in Shanghai.

On the other hand, if you’re really serious about marrying a woman from Shanghai, then there are also matchmaking agencies that will help you find a potential from among their Chinese mail order brides. Compared to dating sites, these matchmaking agencies will do most of the work for you, matching you with other singles who are also serious in getting married.

2. Public Places

If you want a more hands-on approach in Shanghai dating, then going out to public places and events is your best option. One of the best spots in Shanghai where you can meet potential Shanghainese dates is the People’s Square located in the very center of the city.

Every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the place holds an event called the Shanghai Marriage Market were a lot of singles go there in the hopes of meeting their potential match. If that sounds good enough for you, then this is definitely an activity you want to try out.

Another public place you can go to in order to meet a potential partner is Xintiandi. The place is located at the heart of the city and is filled with tons of establishments, including bars and restaurants. Since it’s frequented by a lot of people, you will have a higher chance of meeting a potential date here.

3. English Schools

While it might not sound typical at all, going to English schools is actually one of the most effective ways you can meet Shanghai singles you can date. This is due to the fact that a lot of Shanghainese women are looking to improve their English-speaking skills. If you’re a westerner, this can be a really great opportunity for you since they can improve their skill even further by having someone they can practice English with.

It’s a win-win situation really, especially since some of them will even strike a conversation with you first due to their eagerness to learn. It might be a bit awkward at first, but once you start getting along with a Shanghai girl or two from the class, it will be pretty smooth afterward.

Dating Shanghai Women in a Nutshell

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Dating a Shanghai girl or looking for Shanghai brides might sound complicated at first. But once you learn more about the traits of a Shanghainese woman, as well as how to find a potential date, the entire dating process will become a lot easier and even more enjoyable.

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