Secrets You Can Keep From Vietnamese Brides

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Men likely have secrets they have not told anyone including their Vietnamese brides. That is because they have promised themselves not to tell anyone.

Marrying a Vietnamese girl, it is natural for you not to tell everything to her. All people have the right to have privacy in their brain such as feelings, memories, and fantasies that they do not see the need to share with their partners. Continue reading to know some secrets you can keep from your girl.

Not Liking A Character That Vietnamese Brides Cannot Change

It is difficult to deal with a characteristic your partner has that you do not like. This is especially true if something that she cannot change. If this character concerns you, you can positively encourage her to try to change it.

Disliking Any Members Of Her Family

If you want to find Vietnamese wife, you need to get to know her family. It is natural to think your family is better than her family. Since you are not part of their family, they might have attitudes that annoy or bother you. You can be seen as disrespectful if you mention this. Therefore, instead of being expressive that you do not like her family, you find a way to get along with them.

Vietnamese Brides Spending Money

Depending on the arrangement, handling money can differ to men who have Vietnamese mail brides. Nevertheless, there is no need to explain in detail how you spend your money in an entire day. Doing this can add pressure and anxiety to your relationship. If you are in debt, you should inform her about it.

Sharing What You Like Better With Your Ex Than Her

There are preferred qualities that your ex has but your current partner does not have. You should keep in mind that each person is different. There are reasons you fell for your girl during Vietnamese dating. Nevertheless, you do not need to tell her what qualities you miss from your ex. Comparing her in any way to your ex will hurt her feelings.

Telling Her That Other Vietnamese Brides Are Attractive

In Vietnamese girls dating, you can expect them to have beautiful friends. However, there is no need to tell your girl that her friends are gorgeous. You or your partner has nothing to gain in sharing this, so there is no need to bring it up.

Losing Weight

As a man, you naturally want your partner to have a sexy and flat tummy. However nobody is entitled to body shame others. If you want to know how to date a Vietnamese girl properly, this is something you do not want to share. As mentioned, you like her for being her. If a man is very concerned about a woman’s body, his girlfriend likely needs to look for someone else because women do not deserve men like this.

Not Being Attracted To Her At First

Getting attracted to someone does not happen instantly. It takes some time to develop. It is normal if it took some time before you found your girl attractive. Nevertheless, you do not need to mention this to her during Vietnam dating.

Sharing The Bad Things Your Family and Friends Say About Vietnamese Brides

If you share with her the negative thing her family or friend told you about her, she might not want to go with you if you invite her to meet them. Negative comments and reactions can be offensive or upsetting. Since it can be difficult for her to recover from that, she might distance herself from your loved ones.

Having A Little Crush On Other Vietnamese Brides

Although you are in an exclusive relationship, it is inevitable to find yourself having a crush on your cute neighbor who passes by every morning in front of your house. These little desires happen to all people. These are harmless except when your crush affects the way you think or feel or lets you question your faith in your girl. Put simply, having a crush is perfectly okay as long as you do not feel tempted to take action on it.

Your Friends’ Secrets

Most people assume that if your friends told you a secret, it is perfectly fine to tell your partner about it. However, you and your partner are not an entity. Therefore, it is best to keep your friends’ secrets from your girl unless they specifically tell you that it is okay to share with her.

Embarrassing Moment That Happened A Long Time Ago

How to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you? That is if she appreciates your openness. However, it is best to keep an embarrassing moment to yourself if it did not cause you any trauma. It is okay not to share this memory if you can recover from this embarrassing moment.

Sneaking Off From Vietnamese Brides

There are times that people just want to be alone and not to answer to other people. As long as you do not need to lie where you are when she is expecting you or hiding, you can inform her that you need time to be on your own without giving a lot of explanations.


Finally, you understand some of the things that are best not to share with Vietnamese brides as your partner. Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind not to keep things that can hurt your relationship if they are out in the open. There is a difference between being private and secretive. Therefore, you should not keep or do anything that can cause trust issues if she finds out about it.