Manila Dating: Meet Beautiful Women In Manila

Manila dating is one of the highly recommended experiences you should have in your life. It’s been said that Filipinas are some of the most beautiful women in the world, and that can be proven just by looking at them. However, it’s not just the physical appearance of a Manila girl that makes Manila dating recommendable; it’s their traits, the traditions and customs, and even some of the most beautiful places in the area that make the whole experience worthwhile.

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Why You Should Date A Manila Girl

  • She is sweet and thoughtful.

Manila girls are very sweet and thoughtful. When they’re dating someone, they make sure that they show their affection to that person.

  • She will take care of you.

When you date, you want somebody to really take care of you. That’s how Manila girls are. It’s not just the cuddling and good time; when the situation demands it, you can count on them to take care of you. For example, when you get sick, you can expect them by your doorstep as soon as they can.

  • She will keep you.

Dating in Manila is not something that the women take lightly. You can expect Manila girls to keep you and fight for you once they choose you.

  • She does not give up easily.

Manila girls are in it to win it when it comes to relationships. There will be fights, probably even some small breakups, but you can expect her to give up last. She will fight for you, and she will fight for what you have.

  • She will feed you.

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, if you think so, a Manila girl is the one for you. She will feed you until you can’t anymore, making sure there’s no chance for you to get hungry when you’re at school or work.

Common Traits of Manila Girls

  • They are street smart.

Manila girls experience a lot in their life. It doesn’t matter where they came from, rich or poor – they are street smart. All the lessons they learned while growing up contribute to their ability to make wise decisions in life.

  • They are emotionally strong.

This does not mean that they do not show emotions. In fact, it’s the contrary. Many Manila girls cry over the simplest things like commercials on TV. However, the amount of tears they can shed is also the amount of emotional strength they have inside.

  • They are independent.

They have their own thing. They have their dreams. They pave their own path in life. You can expect to meet Philippines girls that are absolutely okay with doing things on their own.

  • They are feisty.

Manila girls are not the type to just stay quiet, especially when discrimination or oppression is happening. You can expect them to speak up snd stand up to what is right not just for themselves, but also for other people.

  • They are modern but still traditional.

They go with the modernization of a lot of things such as fashion and technology. However, they still hold on to the traditions and customs they were raised with.

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Traditions and Customs You Should Know About

  • The “Mano”

The “mano” is a sign of respect for elders. It’s done by getting the elder’s hand and putting it on your forehead.  You can do the “mano” to almost any elder in the whole country, so be prepared to do it when you meet your Manila girl’s parents.

  • “Harana”

“Harana” is a traditional courtship style done in Manila and everywhere else in the country. The boy plays a song in front of the girl’s house, while she looks out the window. This may not be as popular as it once been, but doing this will surely get you plus points.

  • Courtship At Home

In Philippines dating, you will find that courtship is done at home. While many Filipinos have adopted some modern ways, there are still some traditions and customs that remain, and this is one of them. The suitor, basically, goes to the girl’s house and properly introduces himself to the parents, not once but a few times. This is to respect the girl’s family and appease them about his good intentions to their daughter.

  • Eating with Hands (Kamayan)

Eating with only their hands is a very Filipino way to enjoy the meal. In more traditional cases, they use banana leaf as a plate and eat from there with their hands.

Places/Ways to Meet Manila Girls

  • At A Party

Meeting at a party is one of the most common ways to meet Manila girls. Many couples met their significant other at a common friend’s party. They see each other, they talk, then they hit it off.

  • In Bars

Bars are also a good place to meet Manila girls. Your chances here might be higher because some girls who go to bars are also women looking men in Manila, meaning they are already open to the idea of meeting someone.

  • In Colleges

If you are in Manila to study, do not be bummed out by the fact that you most likely do not have the time to party outside and meet women. There are plenty of great Manila girls who are still studying in the city.

  • In Malls

Going to malls has been part of the Filipino culture since malls emerged and became popular in the country. This is why when you go to one, chances are, you will see at least one Manila girl of your type.

  • In Dating Apps/Sites

If you want, Manila dating sites or apps can also serve as your gateway to meet Manila ladies. Social media is very popular in the country, and so, many singles are most likely in dating apps, open to meet someone.

What Manila Girls Usually Like in A Man

  • A Gentleman

Female Manileñas are big when it comes to gender equality, but they also believe in chivalry. No matter how modern the times reach, gentlemen will always be a classic to these Filipino women.

  • Humorous

A sense of humor is one of the most common qualities Manila girls look for in a man. A sense of humor comes with wit, and it also means that no matter how hard the situation is, they can always rely on the guy to make them smile.

  • Religious

Manila girls are really religious, and while religion is a personal choice, it’s still a good thing if the guy they’re dating shares the same faith.

  • Thoughtful

Manila women are known to be thoughtful themselves, and so it’s not really a surprise if they want a man who is thoughtful himself.

  • Committed

Most Filipinas plan to be Filipina brides, which is why dating a man who is committed to their relationship is a must.

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The Do’s When Dating A Manila Girl

  1. Do Give Flowers and Chocolates

Make your date swoon by giving her flowers and chocolates often. They don’t have to be expensive; it’s the gesture that counts.

  1. Do Take Her on Dates

Again, the dates don’t have to be expensive. It’s about spending time with each other. Most Filipinas are down to walking along the streets of Manila, taking in the sight, and eating street food.

  1. Do Court Her At Home

As you already know, courtship at home is a big deal to Filipinos. So, do your part and court her in her house.

  1. Do Treat Her As An Equal

Gone are the days when Filipina women come second. Do right by treating her as an equal, not only because the society demands it, but also because she really is your equal.

  1. Do Know Her Traditions and Customs

This especially applies if you are not from the Philippines. Knowing the most important traditions and customs of Filipinos shows how serious you are about her.

  1. Do Go to Mass With Her

Manila girls are religious, so she will appreciate it if you go to masses with her.

  1. Do Be Hygienic

Taking a shower every day, keeping yourself clean and neat, and smelling good is always a turn on for Filipinas.

  1. Do Be Generous

Filipina women are independent emotionally and financially, but being stingy on and to date is a minus point. You can be a wise spender, but not stingy.

  1. Do Respect Her Family

Filipinos are extremely family-oriented. For all their families’ faults, no one has the right to say anything bad about them. So, when she rants about her family, just listen to her and empathize with her, but don’t add fuel to the fire. They are, after all, still her family.

  1. Do Be Honest and Patient

Manila girls are the perfect mix of liberated and conservative. This means that getting their yes can be challenging. If you’re really into her, work for it. Keep being honest and patient. It will be all worth it.

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Great Dating Spots and Ideas In And Near Manila

Manila is full of historical and beautiful places to spend time with your date in. Below are only some of the best places to take her to:

  • Intramuros
  • Manila Ocean Park
  • Rizal Park
  • Bambike Ecotours
  • Malate


Now that you are more acquainted with Manila girls and Manila itself, you can make the most out of your Manila dating. So, go out there, and have fun with your date!

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