Korean Brides: What to expect from beautiful Korean women? Do they make good wives?

A good marriage is most often one of the goals that people around the world try to achieve. People look everywhere just to find that one person who will be the best companion for them in this life. Both parties in a marriage have their own roles to fill, and that simply means that a good wife is as important as a good husband. While good wives are found throughout the world, the focus here is on Korean wives.

After reading this article, you will be more acquainted with how Korean brides are, their traditions and customs, and everything and anything that can help you have a good relationship, and hopefully marriage, with a Korean in the future.


Why a Korean Wife Is a Good Wife

First, let’s discuss in detail why marrying a Korean woman is a good thing.

  • She puts family first

Korean women are known to be really family-oriented, and that is important when you are building a family. They always put the needs of the family first, oftentimes, even before their own.

  • She tends to children so well

It’s already been established that Korean women put family first, but to be more illustrative, they tend to their children so well. They are on top of everything to make sure that they produce the best Korean singles and then spouses in the future.

  • She changes for the better

Hot Korean girls can be intimidating. They seem to be the princesses of their world, but it is not a reason to fear of having a marriage with them because they always change for the better once they get married.

  • Divorce is the last resort

Korea is quite a conservative country, and so, divorce, while not a bad thing, is still not an immediate option. This means that Korean women will always find a way to fix the problem first before calling it quits.

Online Dating as a Way to Meet Future Korean Brides

Now, you might be thinking that the next predicament is meeting them since they are on another side of the world. Well, the good thing is that technology is so wonderful that it has enabled people all over the world to communicate with another, e.g. western men and Korean babes.

While some people may feel a bit hesitant about meeting their potential bride in a Korean dating site, here are some reasons why you should still try:

  • It gives busy people the chance to date

People are very busy nowadays. Particularly in first-world countries like Korea where almost everyone is hustling, finding time to meet someone can be challenging. This is a problem that online dating can solve. It gives extremely busy people the chance to meet someone despite their busy schedules.

  • The people you meet there are already ready for a potential relationship

One of the hard things about liking someone is when someone is not yet ready for a relationship. If you sign up to meet Korean singles, you can expect that the people you meet there are as ready for a relationship as you are.

  • It gives people from far places a chance to meet new people

This especially applies to people who are interested in meeting people from another country. For example, a western man looking to meet sexy Korean women. The one for you may be from the other side of the world, but thanks to online dating, you have better chances of finding her.


Common Traits of a Hot Korean Girl

Here are some of the most common traits that you will find in most Korean women. It’s quite important to be familiar with them to know what to expect when you want to have a Korean girlfriend.

  • They maintain a good look

Koreans are big when it comes to their image. It’s not being fake, but it has something to do with their culture still being a bit conservative. They also make it a point to look presentable when going out, so prepare for such beauty when dating a Korean girl.

  • They can be emotional

When dating Korean women, you will find that they can be really emotional; they can really feel. This applies to almost all women in the world, though.

  • They aim to succeed

Dating in Korea has changed, mainly because single women are more determined to succeed in their chosen field. They strive to develop themselves more and more to get that success, so be ready to have a determined woman by your side.

Qualities Korean Singles Look for in A Man

  • Financial or job stability

Stable finances or job is one of the important things in Korean marriage for Korean women. This is not because they plan to completely depend on the guy for finances, but it is a factor in securing the family’s welfare.

  • Good health

Koreans love a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a healthy man with healthy habits is one of the things Korean girls look in Korean dating.

  • Good personality

This is a no brainer, but it is imperative to say it. Dating a Korean girl would require a man with a good personality. The type of personality each Korean lady likes is relative, but a good-natured one is a must.

Traditions and Customs to Know Before Dating Cute Korean Girls

  • They respect seniority

It doesn’t matter who that person is, if he or she is a senior, respect is mandatory.

  • They take their shoes off before entering a house

In most houses, they take their shoes off before entering. Therefore, it is a sign of respect to remove your footwear before going into someone else’s house.

  • They watch the sunrise in Lunar New Year’s Day

Koreans have Lunar New Year, but they do something on January 1: they watch the sunrise. This tradition is a good one when dating in Korea as it can be quite romantic to do it with a date.


What to Do When Dating a beautiful Korean Girl

  1. Pay for the meal on your date as men are expected to pay for most of the dates while women can treat them coffee and such.
  2. Always communicate with her, whether it be by text or call.
  3. Prepare for anniversaries as these are important for Korean women.

What to Avoid Doing When Dating Korean Women

  1. Avoid showing too much affection in public as there are still a number of conservative eyes in their society.
  2. Avoid waiting too long to contact them again after a date as this is seen as a sign of disinterest. If you are into her, 3 days is the longest you can go without any messages.

What is a Korean Mail Order Bride?

Now, if you are really ready for marriage and you want to skip the whole dating process, you can have a Korean mail order bride. These are brides that sign up on websites catering to people looking for marriage. Just sign up yourself and find a wife.

Places to Take Your Korean Girlfriend To

One of the things you should know on how to date a Korean girl is to learn about the best places to take them to. Here is a list of places in Korea ideal for a date:

  1. Sky Rose Garden
  2. Namsangol Traditional Folk Village
  3. Everland
  4. Jeju Island
  5. Times Square Korea

Final Words

Dating a Korean girl might be a bit unfamiliar to you, but now, you are more prepared to meet Korean girls and get yourself a Korean bride.

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