Interpret the Body Language of Asian Brides

pics of China girls

Body language speaks all the things Asian brides try to hide, at least at the beginning. To decode women, you need to look into more than just their words. Their bodies will show comfort, discomfort, happiness, boredom, and everything else… you just need to understand the body language. Once you do, it will be easier to interpret women and how they feel around you.

Positive Body Language

You can notice positive body language even on the pics of China girls. If they seem approachable and kind, then you will be encouraged to approach them.

Examples of positive body language:

  • Enthusiastic facial expressions
  • Arms unfolded
  • Keeping the eye contact
  • Upright posture
  • Genuine smile
  • Head tilt

In person, eye contact is crucial. When you meet a lady from China, she will show her confidence with a firm handshake and eye contact, followed by a kind smile. During the conversation, her body movements will be relaxed and she will show engagement with energetic expressions. Also, nodding in agreement and looking at your eyes while you are talking will show a positive attitude towards you.

Negative Body Language


China online dating sites advise people to post enthusiastic photos that will make them look approachable. However, there are still users that cannot control the negative body language so they post pictures that chase site visitors away.

Examples of negative body language:

  • Avoidance of eye contact
  • Crossed arms
  • Excessive use of hands
  • Looking at the phone, watch or elsewhere constantly
  • Frowning
  • Sweating
  • Clenched fists
  • Touching her hair
  • Biting fingernails
  • Fidgeting

Women with negative body language are either insecure, uncomfortable or defensive.  They need more time to open up and you must be patient and wait for her to get comfortable around you. When that happens, her negative body language will turn into positive.

Flirting Body Language

Sexy Asian women reveal their affection towards people with their body language. By staying close to you, she is also showing her engagement. If your lady is not turning away from you, looking around, and being too far apart, then she is interested in you. She wants to hear what you’re saying and she feels good in your presence.

Examples of flirting body language:

  • Leaning in
  • Touching your arm or other parts of your body occasionally
  • Staying close to you
  • Smiling and laughing even when you didn’t say anything funny
  • Touching her lips
  • Exposing (or touching) her neck playfully
  • Feet turned in your direction

Although touching you nonchalantly is a sign that she is flirting with you most of the time, it doesn’t always have to be. Pay attention to the way the girl you like is acting with other people. If she is touching them the way she touches you then you are no different, it’s just her way of behaving. Dating Chinese women is very special because they usually don’t like to be too physical with other people, apart from their partners. Therefore, they usually don’t touch anyone apart from their loved ones. In any case, it’s better to double-check! If you notice that she’s acting that way only with you then you can be sure she likes you. It’s her way of flirting with you and showing you that she cares.

Changes in Body Language

Changes in body language are also very important. In fact, they can tell you a lot more than Chinese women pretty photos. For example, your (future) girl could be portraying herself as a self-assured person by posting confident-looking photos or acting that way in your presence. However, if you pay attention to the changes in her behavior, you will figure out that she’s not like that. You could be talking for some time and she will suddenly “freeze”. That is, if she is having a drink and she stops in the second you say something… it could mean that you did or said something that affected her. She will focus on what you said and stop doing whatever she was doing before.

Face Expressions

Changes in facial expressions say a lot about women. Look at her facial expressions while you are talking. If she feels good about what you are saying, she will blush, look down, smile uncontrollably, and have a sparkle in her eyes. On the other hand, if you see expressions of discomfort, a frown, rolling eyes, or a “bored” face, you will know she doesn’t feel good about the topic. In that case, don’t keep going. Change the subject or do something else so you can get rid of the awkwardness.

Importance of Body Language

Body language is the universal language that we all can all learn easily. It makes people understand each other even without talking and that’s very important for international relationships. The way your bodies express your thoughts and feelings will connect you and your partner from the very start. When you register to dating sites for serious relationships, analyze the profile photos of all the girls you talk to. Furthermore, when you talk on camera, you will get a closer look at her body language, which will help you interpret her better. Lastly, meeting her in person will resolve all your doubts. You will see if her words, feelings, and body language are in sync and that’s when you can make plans for the future. By understanding each other without saying too much, you will have a safe passage to the successful relationship.