If You Want a Japanese Wife, Answer to These Six Questions First

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Online dating apps became extremely effective in connecting people over the years. If you want to have a Japanese wife without traveling to Asia, online dating sites can help you. With the development of technology, long-distance relationships are not so hard to maintain anymore. All you need is the internet and you can hear and see your loved one even if she lives across the world.

Since online dating websites are easy to access, you might register to one of them without preparing yourself properly. You could be bored and just want to try your luck but that could get much more serious than you imagine. When you sign up for a dating app, you will certainly meet gorgeous girls. Now, the question is what are you going to do when you meet someone you like. To avoid any confusion, you should ask yourself a few questions before you meet Japanese women.

1. Am I Ready to Find a Japanese Wife?

You might get into Japanese dating without actually being ready for it. You cannot control what happens with your feelings once you click the “Register” button. However, you can control your actions all along. On a dating app, you will find many ladies looking for serious relationships. That’s why you should be ready before approaching them. Take into account everything that dating includes: time, effort, the possibility of heartbreak, money to travel potentially and so on.

2. Did I Get Over My Ex?


Frequently, people look for a rebound online after getting hurt by someone in real life. Meeting a cute Japanese girl that will comfort you and make your time go faster. You may not find anything wrong in finding consolation in someone and trying to get over your ex. The truth is, you will unconsciously hurt the girl you met because you won’t be able to give her everything that she is expecting from you. If you are not over your past relationship then it’s better to take time to get over it. When you feel that nothing from the past is standing in your way to a new relationship, give it another try.

3. What Am I Looking For in a Japanese Wife?

Sure, you are looking for beautiful Japanese women but that does not answer what EXACTLY you are looking for. What are your plans with a pretty Japanese girl? If you are on a dating app just to have some fun or kill the boredom, that’s okay. However, you should tell the girls you meet that directly. Don’t tell them that you are ready for commitment if you are not. On the other hand, you could be looking for someone to marry. That’s great because dating sites are full of potential Japanese wives. In that case, you should also be honest with the women that you talk to. Tell them that you are looking for something serious and see if you are on the same page.

4. Do I Have Time to Date Now?

Dating takes time and effort. If you want to strengthen a relationship, you will need to learn more than just how to get a Japanese girlfriend. If you date, you will have less time for the things that you usually do. In case you are currently too busy with work or anything else then it’s best to postpone your online dating journey until you have enough time for it. Otherwise, you will just start talking to many girls but you won’t build a strong bond with any.

5. Do I Want a Japanese Wife?

By signing up to a website that can easily connect you to a Japanese mail order bride, you are indirectly saying that you are ready to get married. Women on dating apps are mostly waiting for marriage proposals from the men they date. When you join a dating platform, you will inevitably meet ladies that you will like, a lot. However, do you really want to get married? – If the answer is “yes”, then you will have a great time online but you still shouldn’t rush. Since you are looking for someone to share your life with, it should be a woman that shares your vision of the future and that you connect amazingly with. There are many pretty girls but not all of them are meant for you. Take your time and choose wisely.

6. What Do I Bring to The Table?

All the previous questions were about your feelings related to relationships and hot Japanese girls. Now that you know what you want (or don’t want), it’s time to ask yourself what do you offer. Surely, the members you meet are all humans that also have their requirements and necessities. To find someone valuable, you also need to bring something valuable to the table. Take a moment to think if you are a good partner and what will your potential wife get by marrying you. Are you compassionate, understanding, caring, open-minded, fun-loving, and last but surely not least… are you wealthy enough to propose marriage to someone? Those are all important questions that you need to answer so you can be confident enough when you approach girls.

If you know that you are a good person that will make someone happy then you will be sure that whoever is in a relationship with you will benefit from it. Thus, you can be positive and relaxed. Even if one member doesn’t like you, someone else will and they will be lucky to date you. Don’t be too self-critical, though. Everyone has flaws. As long as your intentions are pure and you can make the life of your girl better, you should be self-confident.